10 best Christmas presents

Christmas soon! Not many individuals have asked us what were the things which we tracked down helpful this year. What’s more, since we are happing you are asking, we will be glad to impart our plans to you!

1. Picture Tank

For the greater ones: No need to convey your PC with you: you take out the memory card from your camera, put it into the tank and push the botton. So natural that not just Tom is making it happen 😉 It’s quick and enormous. You can undoubtedly do a world excursion with it despite everything have sufficient room for your photos! We actually have the more seasoned NEXTO ND2730, yet presently you get in the shops just the Nexto ND2901 with USB 3.0. Such a gadget is duplicating 32GB in a short time. Assuming that you find anything quicker, let us know! The gadget takes any 2,5″ HDD (assuming that you have a lot of cash, get a SSD – it takes less energy and is a lot quicker) up to 2TB. That will endure forever!

2. Lounger

For everyone: It’s fun not just on the excursions or in the recreation area yet in addition… at home! Since we have this one, our Hanna needs to rest just in it, consistently. Our home-made jungle gym: young ladies are sitting, hopping, hanging and swinging each evening. What’s more, my place of perusing. From Maya individuals in Mexico we additionally brought this „Hammock Sutra” book, yet some way or another I can’t track down it 😉

3. Book

For the little ones: „O Grzesiu, chłopczyku, który nie przestawał zadawać pytań”. This was a book of our Pacific outing: many pages and, surprisingly, more inquiries. Great, since you can examine with your children for our own about each and every page. „Why do kids battle?”, „Why are we mischievous?”, „What is the demise?”, „Why we are not something very similar?” and numerous some more. No thought why I didn’t put it on the rundown of books, I was suggesting a few months prior.

4. Game UNO

For everyone: Saved us in such countless spots! Downpour, looong plane-train-transport visit, individuals in the other corner of the world, not communicating in a similar language: UNO game generally makes a difference! Under various names, this game is known in each country. Likewise an incredible method for learning tones, numbers and fixation. Mila, before her third birthday celebration, was at that point winning with us.

5. Book once more!

For the greater ones: „Poza Utartym Szlakiem”. This is an assortment of movement reportague stories, various and not straightforward. What’s more, one section is mine! 😉 But not as a result of this I’m prescribing it to you. Truly this December all cash from the book will go to the children in Tibet, funding their school training.

6. Schedule

For the greater ones: a holy&funny schedule for 2015. I have quite recently brought it from the roads of Vatican and everyone is enamored with it: every one of the young ladies, every one of the gays and, surprisingly, my grandma! How pleasant clerics are in this world 😉 You can watch them every one of the 2015 extended!

7. Ukulele

For everyone: Probably compelling reason need to make sense of why having a little ukulele is cool, well? It’s simple, little and helpful, in any event, for little hands. We are going on it with us on each outing (on the grounds that the guitar is too huge) and can mess around with it in a little island of Vanuatu as much as at night at home. Furthermore, beginning figuring out how to play is rarely past the point of no return! Have you seen anything better than daddy playing melodies with his children?

8. Doll

For the little ones: an exceptionally unique doll. I saw it a few days prior on the blog Zabawkator.pl and I love it! A little doll, which you can spruce up and play with. However, you can give her braces, put the glasses on her nose, she could break her leg and have the cast, or sit on the wheelchair. Life! We actually don’t have it however I will get one.

9. Something individual

For everyone: something individual, with recollections, hand-made! Nothing better than an exceptionally customized present from someone you love, no? Could bring back certain recollections from an earlier time, from normal minutes. Not costly yet imaginative. This on the image is a skirt, I have gotten in Vanuatu from a spouse of the supervisor of the town. Tom transformed it into the light and presently it’s hanging over our bed.

10. Tickets

To wrap things up! tickets!!! Since nothing give us more joy than voyaging – each plane, train or transport ticket, or a coupon for a stay in some visitor house or a lodging, any voucher for some movement associated fun we give and we get since years. On the off chance that you actually pack it along with a movement guide or a guide or even a basic flyer about the district – this will rouse your darling ones to truly move her/his us from the sofa and find a greater amount of the world.