4 FAQs on Sunless Tanning Answered by Salon Experts

Sunless tanning is increasingly getting popular due to its convenience and perfection. However, people have a few questions regarding sunless tanning and the tanning solutions used by experts. Tanning salon experts answer your questions.

1. My hands and feet get tanned darker than the rest of the body. How do I avoid this?

Hands and feet may have rough areas that act like sponges. They soak up more tanning solutions than required. This may lead to patches of darker tan, which may look unsightly.

You can avoid this by asking your technician to go a little away from your hands and feet while he/she sprays the solution. Also, tell them to be quick in spraying so that only a light mist of solution reaches your hands and feet.

Be generous in applying moisturizer to these areas so that they absorb less of the tan. Use barrier cream on the palms.

Remember, as you stand, the tanning solution may gather at the soles of your feet. Apply a barrier cream here too. Also, ask the technician to apply the tan on the feet as the last step so that you don’t have to stand with the tanning solution trickling down your soles. You can stand on a towel to let the solution get absorbed in the fabric rather than your soles.

Make sure you have a skilled technician from a high-quality tanning salon in Boca Raton. They are pros in giving people a perfect tan. Search for “best tanning salon near me.”

2. Do I still need to use sunscreen after getting a tan?

Yes! This is sunless tanning, darling. Melanin is the pigment that gets active when you tan under ultraviolet rays. Melanin saves you from skin cancer.

However, in the case of sunless tanning, no melanin is produced. Instead, DHA reacts with amino acids of your skin to produce melanoidins, which give you a darker color. So, you are not protected. And tanning solutions hardly contain sun protection factors.

Slather your sunscreen before you rush out to show off your beautiful golden color.

3. Can tan hide my freckles?

Yes, it can. Tanning solutions like the one used in East Boca Raton can often conceal skin imperfections. However, it also depends on the severity of the imperfection. So, the result is different for different people.

If you have light freckles, the solution can hide them to the point that they are hardly visible. If you have darker freckles, they may not vanish, but still become less prominent, which is also a good thing.

4. What if the tanning solution gets into my hair; will my hair get tanned too?

Yes, it is possible. The solution may stain your hair shaft, but that’s not a disaster. It will wash off when you shower. Yet, why let the tanning solution reach your hair? Wear a hair cap.

A hair cap also prevents strands of hair from touching your face and hampering your tanning process.

Don’t let anything come between you and the tan!