5 Best Biteable Alternatives for Easy Video Creation

Best Biteable Alternatives

As per studies, 79% of the individuals say that brand videos have convinced them to purchase products. WordStream survey puts down that marketers using videos in their promotional campaigns increase revenues 49% faster than those who do not use them.

Social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined, while 43% of individuals want to see more videos from brands in the future. This clearly means you must create videos to stay competitive in the market.

Thankfully, you can use free online video-making tools like Biteable to create engaging and relevant content. There are tons of such tools available out there, and while you might be a little biassed to think Biteable is the best, there are good alternatives to it.

Let’s have a look at the five best Biteable alternatives :

1. Visme

This is known for its huge collection of extensively customizable templates. You can use it for making wonderful video advertisements, presentations, social media videos, video infographics, and marketing videos.

The huge Visme library containing free graphic assets like animated backgrounds, stock videos, special effects, illustrations, and animated icons will help you create different types of dynamic videos.

You can customize the graphic elements easily and use them to create the perfect video structure. Using a code snippet, the tool lets you embed videos in your assignment from Loom, Wistia, YouTube, and Vidyard. You can even upload your videos and assets easily from Dropbox or GoogleDrive. 

With features such as brand management, online sharing, and collaboration, Visme is perfect for both small and large business teams. Human resources, sales, and marketing teams can also use it for internal and external communications.

Trainers, educators, and non-profit organizations looking to create bite-sized, professional videos for social media, reports, and presentations can also use Visme.

Biteable is a good tool for making short videos. On the other hand, Visme, the design powerhouse, helps you create cinematic and animated visuals and lets you add these videos to other assignments.

2. Animaker

Animaker works more like an animation software offering features such as pre-animated characters and illustrations and an extensive library of templates. Other vital features include frame editing, test to audio narration lip-sync, millions of pictures, and several free sounds and music tracks.

With Animaker, you get several templates in varied categories like video presentations, GIF templates, and explainer videos. Different templates open up this tool differently depending on the features involved. While explainer videos are divided into scenes, presentations are split up into slides.

Big businesses and even small brands use animation videos and tools like Animaker to describe their products and services. You can look at Slack Technologies, an America-based software company that uses animation to showcase its product value. Videos from this brand generate over 1 million views.

Businesses favor the use of Animaker for its easy user interface. With Animaker coming in handy, you do not require a degree in video making and editing.

Both Animaker and Biteable are great video-making tools, but Animaker is a better choice for making animated videos.

3. InVideo

Perfect for marketers and beginners into producing videos, InVideo helps you create wonderful marketing videos in just a few minutes. If you are unaware of the fine details of producing professional and perfectly edited videos, it is the right Biteable alternative.

With this tool, you get access to more than 3500 templates that will streamline your video-making procedure. You can even export videos in High Definition and use URL-to-video and text-to-speech features for transforming blogs and other textual content into engaging videos. Users also get access to features like masks, stickers, and vector shapes to make their videos interesting.

InVideo comes with an 8M+ iStock library, 3M+ standard media library, and 1M+ premium media library. Users are allowed to export more than 60 videos per month at 720p resolution.

Biteable is perfect for making simple videos, while InVideo helps you make the most complicated videos using AI-generated recommendations from its IVA or Intelligent Video Assistant.

4. Vyond

If you want to make fun animated promotional videos, Vyond will be the suitable alternative to Biteable. You can use it to make different promotional videos like tutorials, explainers, and how-tos.

Its video templates help you create videos in no time, and the realistic lip-syncing feature makes videos look more professional. Moreover, with Vyond, you can extensively make videos in 720p resolution using color-changeable props.

Vyond is an easy-to-use video-making tool and thus the perfect choice for people who do not have any experience in object and character animation. This super intuitive platform even has an intro to its interface layout, making things easier for the users.

It is a robust animation video-making tool with advanced features like character rearview, masking, action vs. motion path editing, and multiple expressions.

Both Biteable and Vyond are great video-making tools but cater to varied requirements. Biteable is perfect for content creators, businesses, and marketers to create videos in varied sizes. Conversely, Vyond is the right tool for professional communicators who need to make informational content using characters and animation.

5. Promo.com

As is evident from its name, Promo.com is ideal for making promotional videos. But the options are not limited to just creating promotional videos. You can do much more than that. It offers customizable templates, video clips, and royalty-free music for creating stunning marketing videos.

You can use Promo for creating banner videos and vertical square and horizontal videos that make perfect social media content. Its top-quality media library consists of over 100M clips and music tracks.

Promo.com offers advanced video editing options along with fun extras. Using this video maker, you can easily resize images to fit various social networking sites.

While Biteable is perfect for creating explainer and animated videos, Promo.com offers extensive video-making features. The deal-breaker here is Promo.com features a mobile app for iOS and Android, while Biteable is only available on the browser.

Final Verdict

The five Biteable alternatives detailed above boast wonderful features and functionalities. If you are already using Biteable and thinking of making a change, consider your requirements and choose the most suitable one.

By Michael Caine

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