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Video marketing has been popular for a while now. While at first, only large businesses resorted to video marketing, even small businesses hopped onto the bandwagon gradually . Nowadays, you don’t need to spend big to immerse yourself into the world of video marketing. Today, you can make and edit professional marketing videos without causing a hole in your pocket.

Online video editors have revolutionised the world of video marketing. Not only have these editors simplified the procedure, but they have also reduced the costs manifold. Not familiar with the concept of online video editors? You can visit this Wikipedia page for more information about the same: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_video_platform. If you are not a techno-savvy person nor have the resources to hire an expansive marketing team, an easy online video editor is your safest bet. Through this article, we present to you an all-encompassing list of the best tools to make and edit your videos with utmost ease.

1.      InVideo

InVideo is one of the best video creation and editing online tools out there. InVideo has received massive popularity in recent times, owing to its ease of use. They make several tutorials available to their users to understand the functioning of the app even better. This video editor provides its users with 5000+ pre-made templates. No matter what the genre of your video may be, InVideo has a template for it. You can customise the template to suit your needs. Apart from numerous template options, InVideo also has an extensive music library. You can make your videos appealing and even more relevant by adding suitable music in the background.

InVideo provides you with three choices to start your video. If you want a particular video, you can start with a blank canvas. If you want to convert your written content into video content, you can make use of their text-to-video option. The third option involves choosing from a wide range of available templates. Don’t have space on your PC to download massive editing software? InVideo has got you covered. You can simply access the tool through Chrome or Safari. With its reasonable pricing policy, InVideo is a great and easy online video editor to begin your video marketing journey with!

Standout features: AI that helps convert text to video, more than 500 tutorials to understand the functionality behind the app, numerous filters, and transitions, etc.

Pricing: You can create and download about 60 videos per month for free, or choose from two different plans that are priced at $15 per month and $30 per month, respectively.

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KINEMASTER is a popular name in the video creation arena. It is especially popular with beginners. You can compile multiple videos using KINEMASTER. Not just videos, you can also juxtapose pictures and videos using KINEMASTER. You can get experimental with video making using its awesome assets such as applying incredible filters and stickers, adding music in the background, fancy fonts, etc. Not only does KINEMASTER assist you in creating high-resolution 4K videos, but also in backing them up. Therefore, you can successfully save and export professional-looking videos with KINEMASTER.

Standout features: The provision to make layered videos, Chroma Key to fine-tune your video project, and the reverse tool.

Pricing: You can either opt for KINEMASTER’s free plan that gives you access to certain limited features or buy its paid plan priced at $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year.

3.      Apple iMovie 

Even though only available for iOS users, iMovie is an easy online video editor that helps one create cinematic videos. Accessible on practically all Apple gadgets, iMovie provides its users with numerous soundtracks. You can create high-resolution videos that closely resemble movie trailers. The best part about using iMovie is that you can create professional-looking videos without being a pro editor. You can simply trim clips by a few gestures, make seamless transitions, and add extra effects. You can even add colours, textures, and logos to your videos to give them a more personal touch.

Standout features: Green-screen effects, features like picture-in-picture and split-screen, 4k-resolution, among many other features.

Pricing: Free with certain Apple gadgets.

4.      Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is for those who like everything done to perfection. Adobe has established itself as a leading editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro equips its users with smart tools that facilitate better storytelling. Whether you need to make full-fledged movies or create short social media videos, Adobe Premiere Pro has got your back.

Standout features: Speech-to-text option for creating captions effortlessly, automatic reformatting of videos, easily adjustable colours, etc.

Pricing: $19.99 per month

5.      Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe has a wide range of options for all its consumers. If you are just starting and do not want to spend a bomb on video editing apps, Adobe Premiere Elements is a great option for you. Apart from being easy to use, it provides its consumers with the option of 3D editing, tutorials on how to make and edit videos, and clip organisation.

Standout features: User-friendly interface and multi-camera

Pricing: $79.99 (One-time payment)

6.      Corel Videostudio Ultimate

Looking for an intuitive video editing app? Your search ends at the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate. You can easily crop, resize, trim, and rotate videos using Corel. Corel also provides its users the option to choose from ready-made templates, and even title-presets. You do not have to settle for dull and monotonous videos as Corel also has numerous filters for the clients to use.

Standout features: AR stickers, ready-made templates, imperfection corrector, and more.

Pricing: One-time payment of $61

7.      Filmora

Filmora is one of the most comprehensive video editing apps. Apart from being simple to use, it provides its users with a multiplicity of features such as 4K resolution, the option of adding GIFs to videos, noise removal, colour tuning, and so on. If you are a beginner and yet do not want to compromise on features, Filmora is your right fit.

Standout features: Social import, title tool, speed control, and more.

Pricing: $39.99 per year


With up-gradation in technology, video editing tools are abundant out there. One must choose the tool that best suits their purpose and budget.

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