Battlefront 2 Mods

Battlefront 2 Mods

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) is a sequel to Electronic Arts’ effort at remaking the precious Star Wars Battlefront games from over a decade prior. The game was questionable for numerous reasons, and players had numerous problems concerning just how the video game turned out. The good news is for computer players, they have the means to rectify several attributes that they really felt were either missing or misshaped in this Star Wars shooter.

That stated, PC players are prone to modding the games they like also, and a number of the mods for Battlefront II are a labor of love. Below are 10 of the best Celebrity Battles: Battlefront II mods available on popular modding hub, Nexus Mods.


No Holograms

This is a relatively minor modification that is nevertheless preferred among gamers as well as modders alike. It changes the default spawn screen from Battlefront II, which uses holograms to stand for the character the gamer is mosting likely to spawn as, with a high-fidelity depiction of the same personality as they will show up on the combat zone.

There are a number of variations of this mod on Nexus, but this particular version was produced as well as submitted by user derwangler.


Deggial’s Jango Fett 2020

This mod efficiently introduces the famous fugitive hunter Jango Fett to Battlefront II by including him as an alternate skin for the pre-existing Boba Fett model of the game. A lot of job was put into this one. Modder Deggial Nox also reached altering computer animations for Jango as well as adding his trademark blaster handgun right into the game to replace Boba’s rifle.

The screenshots of this one look downright sensational as well as reveal a devotion to recreating the worldwide of the newest Battlefront II. Significantly, Jango Fett was a playable personality in Battlefront II, however also that game changed Jango’s gun guns with a various tool.


Ortho’s 4k Duplicate Legions And Also Clone Commandos

These are really 2 mods for Battlefront II concentrating on updating as well as changing the appearances of the Duplicate Cannon fodder models. The first, “4K Clone Myriads” is the base mod developed by Nexus customers Orthohex as well as Slypear. It improves the Duplicate Cannon fodder shield look and also structure as well as including skins for popular Duplicate personalities from the motion pictures as well as shows such as Commander Cody, Gree, Bly, Captain Rex, Fives, as well as others. The one caveat is that Nexus gives this mod the “adult content” tag for nakedness, however it’s uncertain why this holds true.

The “4K Duplicate Task forces” mod requires the “4K Duplicate Legions” mod to work and builds on it with distinctive Clone Commando skins based upon popular Commandos from Star Wars, notably Manager, Sev, Fixer, as well as Blister from the Star Wars: Republic Commando video game and books.


Sly’s Cinematic Lights Overhaul And Also Cinematic Firefights III

This is an additional set of visual upgrades coming from Nexus individual Slyspear. The “Cinematic Lights Overhaul” bumps up the illumination on all maps to much better match the films, considerably enhancing the visual high quality of each place and making each fight really feel just a little larger for the gamer.

The “Motion Picture Firefights III” mod improves the shade and size of the gun bolts fired from each character’s tool in the game. It likewise gives most of the blaster bolts an unique shape depending on the weapon that terminated them. This doesn’t call for the lights overhaul mod to utilize, yet it is advised by Slyspear to combine the two.


BetterSabers X

This is one more appearance upgrade that boosts the visuals of the lightsabers in Battlefront II. It boosts the illumination as well as trigger impacts while reducing on the motion path left by the blades. It also pays special interest to boosting Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

This set comes from Nexus modder Dulana57


Darth Malgus

This is another Deggial Nox mod that brings the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Sith Lord known as Darth Malgus to the battlefront by changing Darth Vader’s skin with Malgus.

Special attention was paid to this mod too, making sure the cybernetic parts, towel appearances, and animations are suited to Darth Malgus rather than Vader.



The Mandalorian

This mod is a team cooperation in between Dulana57, AlexPo21, and a handful of other Nexus Mod customers that brings the notorious Mandalorian, Racket Djarin, to Star Wars: Battlefront II. This is an entirely one-of-a-kind personality with distinctive capabilities setting him apart from other heroes in the video game. This mod replaces the slot formerly used up by Han Solo in the video game.

Djarin’s powers consist of making use of his Beskar spear, weapon, Whistling Birds, and also his pulse rifle. On top of that, the pulse rifle is likewise a power that can be geared up by assault-class personalities in the game.


AI Arcade Overhaul

This is a comprehensive enhancement to the video game’s AI characters that create even more gameplay modification as well as smarter opponents. Amongst the renovations consist of running for the AI enemies, much better accident avoidance in dogfights, and the capacity for AI to furnish any of the starcard upgrades.

It additionally introduces a 25 vs 25 mode for gallery setting and permits gamers to personalize the complete loadout for both gamers as well as AI personalities. This excellent and also thorough game upgrade involves us from Nexus user krazivan777.



This mod is as simple as its name suggests; it reestablishes split-screen setting to the computer version of Battlefront II. Regardless of being a feature in the console ports of the game, it’s not really an option in the computer iteration of the title. However, Nexus mod individuals Otherbenji as well as CadeVsGaming have fixed this omission.

Playing split-screen with your friends was a beloved attribute of the original Battlefront launches, and many players naturally desire it back with the more recent video games. Thanks to these 2 modders, you can have splitscreen once more.


Instantaneous Activity Improvements

Ultimately, we have the Instantaneous Action Improvements mod, which is a large and also extensive upgrade to the Instantaneous Activity system in Star Wars: Battlefront II from customers Mophead as well as Cade in addition to a variety of other modders.

This is an enormous mod job that tackles whatever from visuals to skins gameplay auto mechanics to menu reordering to also added classes functional in the game. This is a monster of a mod that exceptionally supes up your Battlefront II experience and reveals an impressive quantity of enthusiasm as well as effort from the advancement team.

By Michael Caine

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