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Battletech Mods

The BattleTech universe has been going for quite a long time thus includes a rich and different history. Read about the best Battletech Mods.


The BattleTech universe has been going for quite a long time thus includes a rich and different history that can be utilized to fuel any BattleTech mod scene. Indeed a large number of the most mainstream mods – including the ones recorded beneath – include setting changes as opposed to adding new mechanics. There’s likewise a lot of utility and personal satisfaction mods that can be utilized to improve the experience and iron out a portion of the fiddly edges.

As of this moment, there are three principle ‘upgrade’ mods that extraordinarily improve the base game in comparative yet unobtrusively various manners. This reddit string offers a decent breakdown regarding the key contrasts. Talking about monster robots, BattleTech is likewise one of our most loved mech games, however there are bounty more to look at.


A lot of games have a mod like this: basically, this is a trick all pack for local area made resources that aren’t explicit to any one mod, yet are utilized by a lot of mods from inside the mod scene.

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This can incorporate everything from surface upgrades, to vanilla picture documents, to new mechs or mech details, etc. A few mods may expect you to download this independently, while some may accompany these records pre-introduced at any rate. Check the mod directions first and when introducing this, note the particular establishment guidelines. Download here.


It’s not actually a mod scene without a mods chief, and there’s one here for anybody setting out to get productive with their adjustments and client content. Something like BattleTech has a ton of fine subtleties to it too, implying that while you like the stylish of one mod, you may wind up needing the detail changes of another which can prompt a ton of miniature modding.

Like Kerbal Space Program, there can be a great deal of minutia mods that you need to monitor, and this instrument can help you. Additionally works with ModTek stuff, despite the fact that those mods will in general have their own committed instruments now. Note that BattleTech has an authority Mod Manager of its own at this point. More on that beneath.


The administration layer of BattleTech has a lot of components that you might need to change – either to test something out or to keep a specific save from imploding into insensibility. This Save Editor may be the instrument to assist you with doing it. It’s a work-in-progress still, as the engineer hasn’t exactly had the option to parse the entirety of the data that is in a save, however right now you can adjust things like organization reserves, stock standing… even change what mechs you have in your mech coves.

Tentative arrangements include adding usefulness to straightforwardly alter mechs from the save supervisor, restore fallen pilots, or even replay Flashpoints.


This does precisely what it says on the tin – it presents to 25 distinct settings with which to change the trouble of your game. Incredible in the event that you need to change certain perspectives to make the game more agreeable generally speaking. This is a ModTek mod and will require the most recent form of ModTek to run.


This is one of the huge three Battletech mods, and is to a greater degree a ‘course of events’ or setting mod than it is whatever else. While it begins around the same time as the vanilla game (3025) it has legend fitting mechs, gear and other substance to see a player directly through to 3057, with a more fleshed out Inner Sphere guide and key occasions from the universe’s current account.

This mod targets protecting the equilibrium and interactivity of the base game, outlining itself as all the more a substance extension. This one requires the CAB, which you should introduce independently. It likewise requires ModTek, yet it accompanies it remembered for the records. Accessible here.


In the legend there is an occasion called the ‘FedCom’ Civil War that occurs in 3062, which is the focal point of this mod. This is a more clear setting upgrade and it totally replaces the entirety of the current substance with new stuff proper for the 3060’s. There are some minor acclimations to the methodology layer, with the a lot of the progressions taking a gander at upgrading strategic fights.

BTA charges itself as a ‘shelter’ between BattleTech Extended and RogueTech. This one requires the CAB, however introduces it for you and has some lovely explicit establishment directions.

Maverick TECH

The remainder of the ‘large three’, RogueTech is as of now the highest quality level in the BattleTech Mod scene with almost 300K downloads, as per Nexus’ own tracker. It begins with the occasions of the fourth Succession and the War of 3039 (in the event that you understand what that is) and has content that can see a player directly through to the far, far fate of 3130, with a lot of legend occasions covered through mechs, stuff and tech.

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This mod intends to transform the game more into a ‘roguelike’, with a trouble to coordinate. “It shouldn’t be simple” is the slogan and those hoping to look at this one ought to be mindful with regards to what they are getting themselves in for. This mod has exceptional establishment directions, and doesn’t utilize the Mods organizer presented as of Version 1.8. It even has its own launcher intended to stay up with the latest.

The most effective method to MOD BATTLETECH

BattleTech is one of only a handful few present day technique games to not have Steam Workshop mix, and as such you need to head on over to places like Nexus Mods for the entirety of your ‘official’ BattleTech moddings needs. There is additionally an unassuming reddit local area committed to this point. This implies there will be a ton of manual establishment things, so ensure you adhere to guidelines to maintain a strategic distance from specialized hiccups.

As referenced above, on account of Patch 1.8 there is a committed mod loader included as a component of the primary game that will help you empower and cripple mods, if it goes in the correct envelope. By and large, this is: C:\Users\user_name\MyDocuments\MyGames\BattleTech\mods

Ensure you’re taking unique note of download directions on the off chance that they vary from the standard. RogueTech above, for instance, utilizes its own launcher.

You may have seen references to something many refer to as ‘ModTek’, this is a dev apparatus that takes into account mods to be bundled in a manner that will not abrogate game-records (and subsequently break the vanilla game). A few mods require it, some have it included however others don’t so ensure you’re focusing.

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