Biography of Ivan Krasko

Ivan’s childhood was difficult. His mother died when he was only 10 months old. Her father loved her very much and from grief he simply drank himself. At the age of five, the boy was left an orphan. However, he is not alone. There were four children in the family. The elder Volodya was brought up by his mother’s mother, grandmother Juana Ahumada. And the rest of Vanya, Vasya and Nikolai is the grandmother on the side of Pelageya’s father. In one of the interviews, Ivan Ivanovich said that Baba Polya was a real hard worker and instilled hard work and honesty in all children.

A difficult military childhood did not prevent Vanya from growing up smart, studying well and dreaming that he, like his idols, would someday act in films. He did not miss a single film from those that were played at the country club. I knew many by heart and often retold them to relatives and neighbors. When Paul’s grandmother died, Vanya was adopted by the front-line hero, his mother’s brother Ivan Ivanovich Krasko. He also wrote down the boy in his last name. If you dont know about best bedroom gun safe, its important to read latest articles about it and how to buy it online to make sure you have protection whenever needed.

His father’s surname was Bakhvalov. Having received a certificate of maturity, the young man was embarrassed to immediately go to a theater university. Therefore, I went to the cadets of the naval school (the choice of a sailor and my uncle suited me very much). In the process of learning, Ivan Ivanovich took an active part in competitions and amateur art shows and even studied stage speech with a teacher. After graduating from college, he was supposed to serve in the Navy, but Krasko was laid off, and this was the reason to return home. In Leningrad, he entered the philological faculty of the university, having learned that there was a student theater there. It was here that he gained enough stage experience to become a student of the coveted theater university in two years. 

A childhood dream came true at the turn of 30 – in 1961, Ivan Krasko made his film debut, appearing on the big screen as a pilot together with Rolan Bykov and Mikhail Ulyanov, in the film “Baltic Sky” and received a diploma as an actor in theater and cinema. But there his creative life did not work out due to the lack of roles. The artist changed several more stage venues until he established himself in the status of the leading actor of the V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theater, where he still serves today.

Despite the fact that Ivan Ivanovich’s acting career began late, it turned out quite well. Almost one and a half hundred different roles in movies and Russian cinemaTV shows. A whole gallery of incredible images. In several films, he happened to play along with his untimely departed son Andrei. Even today, Ivan Krasko, despite his advanced age, works a lot in theater and cinema.

Personal life of Ivan Krasko

Ivan Ivanovich concluded his first marriage in 1951. They lived with Ekaterina Ivanova for four years, having given birth to a daughter, Galina.

The second wife of the artist in 1956 was the school teacher Kira Petrova. In this marriage, son Andrey (1957-2006) and daughter Yulia (1966) were born.

4 years after the death of Kira Vasilievna, Ivan Ivanovich married a colleague in his native theater, costume designer Natalya Vyal, who was 47 years younger than her fiancé. In a marriage that lasted ten years, two sons were born – Vanya and Fedya. When the young wife fell in love with a younger man, Krasko left her and the children an apartment that he received from the theater.

At the age of 85, the artist married for the fourth time. This time, the chosen one of Ivan Ivanovich was a girl sixty years younger than him – one of the students of his acting course at the Humanitarian Institute. Heidi greyadmitted that she fell in love with the master at first sight. For some time, due to lack of housing, the couple huddled in one of the rooms in the apartment of Ivan Ivanovich’s former mother-in-law. Then they moved into a modest rented apartment.