Custom Machined Awards—What Are They and How Can You Use Them?

Machined sculptures are a great way to create beautiful and functional awards. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the various types of awards that can be created for clients and show examples of these.

What are Custom Machined Awards?

Unlike cast sculptures, which are usually made from liquid materials, custom trophies made with machines are created from solid blocks or sheets of metal. These are then hand-assembled. Unlike traditional methods, the creative process starts with the creation of custom shapes using solid materials such as aluminum and acrylic.

Most of the time, the design of custom awards requires extremely precise measurements. This process is carried out using computer-aided design software, which is commonly used for creating 3D models. Once the files are prepared, the machines are then programmed to generate the sculptures.

The extensive experience in fine art and technological capabilities allows custom machined awards to be created that are both technically advanced and unique. Skilled designers and account supervisors are responsible for the design and creation of award sculptures. These designs are completed using waterjets, lasers, CNC-controlled machines centers, milling machines and machine tools.

Advantages of Custom Awards Made With Machines

Due to the varying requirements of different projects, machined awards can be created as part of the creative design process. Designers will work with you to come up with a solution that fits your requirements. The various factors that affect the design and creation of a custom award can be influenced by the type of project that you’re working on.

1. Modern Aesthetics

A well-designed custom award can make a strong statement about your organization. It can help strengthen the brand’s communication efforts and increase the impact of your products and services. Machined awards are capable of being both modern and unique, making them an ideal choice for any awards program.

2. Precise Measurements

If you need awards that are extremely precise in terms of details or dimensions, then metal sculptures are the best choice. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more artistic, casting awards can be used. Compared to the use of machine tools and software, sculptures made using a casting process have more variability.

3. Unique Coatings and Paints

Unlike cast sculptures, machined awards can also be used for powder coating and paint finishes. They can support different colors and shades.

4. Streamlined Production Process

A machined award can be delivered within a short time frame, which eliminates the need for a mold and model.

Popular Award Finishes For Custom Machined Award Trophies

The following list represents the finishes that are commonly used for machined awards. Designers work with clients to come up with the ideal fit and finish for each project.

1. Bead-Blasted, High Polished or Brushed

Three different finishes can be used for machined awards. These include a high polish, which adds a mirror-like appearance to the finished product. Another popular option is to use beads to create a dull surface. Companies can also create various finishes for machined awards, such as a scored or a custom grind. These can be used to achieve the look that you’re after.

2. Anodized

While anodic oxide is commonly used for adding vibrant color to an award, it does not compromise the raw materials’ properties. Anodizing is a process that involves converting the metal surface into a durable and corrosion-resistant finish.

The quality of the finish depends on the type of metal used. High-polished and brushed metals have a glossy appearance, while those with a dull or flat surface will have a more traditional look.

3. Powder-Coated

Unlike traditional paints, powder-coated awards can be used to cover various areas of the product. This type of coating does not require a liquid-like paint to achieve its desired effect.

One of the most common types of powder-coated awards is for covering large areas. Since it has a limited palette, matching a custom color can be challenging. However, with hundreds of colors to choose from, it’s not difficult to create a unique look.

An award is an excellent way to recognize and reward employees for their achievements and hard work. It can help boost employee morale and improve job satisfaction. The cost of purchasing an award can be easily balanced by the various benefits it will provide your company.