Different Types of Astrology Readings You Never Knew About

Types of Astrology

Astrological reading is essential for life. They are the source of human existence. There are different types of astrology readings you never knew. We can get to know about the same in detail.

Astrology readings are an essential part of human life. Based on our astrology birth charts, astrologers reveal the layers of astrological energies and bring out the essence of life.


The astrological readings are calculated based on your date of birth, year, time, and location. When the Top Astrologer in Kolkata, Astroyogi, gets your horoscope, the first thing that they notice is your layers of astrological energies and weave them into the story of your life. Apart from these, a famous Astrologer in Kolkata also reveals who you are and guides you to nurture your mind and spirit. 

Now that we have learned what astrological reading is all about, let’s focus on the types of astrological readings you probably never knew.

Natal Astrology ( Jatak shastra) reading

The Natal astrology reading is based on your natal chart that shows the position of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth time and place. According to the top astrologer in Kolkata, Natal astrology also reveals your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Astroyogi, the best astrologer in Kolkata, suggests that it is essential to go for natal astrology reading to ensure that your horoscope doesn’t have any hidden weaknesses that you are unaware of. 

Horary Astrology (Prashna) reading

Another most critical reading is the Horary astrology or the prashna. It is the type of astrology reading based on the time we ask the question. Furthermore, as famous astrologers in Kolkata suggest that the time of question plays a crucial. It can either be answered or kept as a secret. So make sure you choose the right time for asking the prashna. 

Electional(Muhurut) Astrology reading 

It is essential for all to know which is the auspicious time, to begin with, an event. Electional astrology or Muhurut reading can help you with the same. When you select the right time for commencing an event, the result will be fruitful. Before beginning any even, you have to keep a particular muhurut. 

Phonetic Astrology reading (Swar shastra)

The Swar Shastra or Phonetic astrology is the most popular type of reading which most people go for. The reading is based on the name of a person and its sounds. It is said that each character has different unique sounds, and from each sound, astrologers could identify the same. 

Medical astrology

The medical astrology reading is another essential part of astrology that plays a crucial role in determining your health prognosis. When you or your family member is going through a tough time healthwise, make sure you go for a proper astrologer who can help you determine the cause and remedy for the same. They will let you know the issues with your planetary motion, and you can follow the necessary rituals and overcome the problem. 


The numerology reading is the prediction based on the numbers. The numerology reading is the essence of one’s life. Knowing your numerological number helps you unravel the truth of who you are and what you can expect in the year ahead. The reading of numerology also allows you to understand the numerical meaning behind your name, word, or idea.

Annual Horoscope reading

The annual horoscope reading is based on the yearly solar return in your horoscope. Going for an annual horoscope gives you an idea about the expectation of a year and changes you can find in your life. Famous astrologers suggest that you opt for Varshphal or annual horoscope reading to know about the surprises you can expect in a year. 

Mundane astrology reading

A mundane astrology reading is one of the most popular readings based on events related to the country. Vaastu shastra comes under this category. Even though mundane astrology is considered less critical, Vaastu Shastra has become the most preferred while constructing houses and business establishments. 

Relationship astrology reading 

The relationship astrology is considered part of natal astrology. However, the best astrologers believe in separate reading about relationships. This will give you an idea about the compatibility between two people and what they can expect this year. 


Overall, astrology readings are one of the essential parts of our lives. They help in knowing the future and unravel the essence of the past. And finally, make sure you visit an authentic Astrologer in Kolkata at the right time as time is crucial in life.

By Michael Caine

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