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Absolutely nothing beats Elite: Dangerous’s unfathomable range. However you can make it much better, by setting up these mods, tweaks as well as applications. They will certainly all significantly alter the way you play Elite, as well as right.

There might not be a lot of them right now, yet the ones that do exist have a profound affect on your end experience; you’ll never ever recall.

Voice Attack

You’ve seen it before haven’t you? The scene in both great sci-fi games and also movies where the ship commander will utter a few guidelines to the ships computer system, who will quickly execute them. They might even talk back too– AI in the future is great stuff.

Voice Attack places that functionality into Elite: Hazardous (as well as various other video games). Making use of the program, you’ll have the ability to utter customized commands into your microphone, which will then be equated to both a collection of mouse/key commands, as well as a voiced response if you ‘d like it. Right here’s some examples from my arrangement:

” Release hardpoints” will ready my tools for fight.

” Request docking” will certainly locate the nearby terminal and also ask consent for entry.

” All power to shields” will certainly divert all my power to strengthen my guards.

Allows take it an action further. Voice Strike will certainly additionally enable you to set a personalized command to be talked upon listening to any of these orders, which will certainly be executed by your Windows speech-to-voice program. It’s not required, but it actually helps submerse you in Elite’s world. It can be as simple as simply re-confirming the provided order, or as advanced as establishing complete exchange with an AI program. As an instance, whenever I state “Amy”– the name provided to my ships voiced AI– it will respond “Yes leader?”.

It’s the little things.

To acquire Voice Strike, you’ll require to spend a little bit of money. You can examine the program out by means of their complimentary trial initially, yet it’s well worth the measly $8. And remember it can be utilized in other games also. You will also want to take a look at the Elite: Dangerous Voice Load — it’ll give you will certainly some more range than your typical Windows text-to-speech programs (that are a little lifeless sometimes), in addition to pre-defined accounts for commands and vital inputs if you’re feeling lazy. Lastly, if you begin to utilize Voice Attack, as well as expensive shelling out for the best of the best in text-to-speech programs, IVONA’s costly, yet uncanny voice loads offer the most effective experience about.

HUD Recolour

This set is a little adjustment, yet since your existence in Elite: Hazardous (at the very least for now) is locked exclusively within your cockpit, its impacts are quite extensive. Elite’s common HUD colours are based on their signature “celebrity” orange color, with varying tones to recognize in between different sections.

Now, as long as I such as the colour orange, I would certainly much like a various collection of bling in my cabin. The issue is nevertheless is that there’s no other way to change this within the video game. That’s not an issue though, as the response, like many, lies within the games ini documents.

Before you start quivering in your boots regarding breaking the video game as you dabble with its guts, don’t worry. A wonderful leader by the name of Arkku has actually made a wonderful little page which not just allows you dabble with recolouring the HUD ahead of time, yet clarifies just what you require to do. Just discover the HUD colours that you like, then duplicate the text in the left hand box right into the specified area within the xml file. Work done.


Much Like Voice Attack, TrackIR isn’t a sensation that’s only bound to Elite: Dangerous, yet it is utilized to greatly enhance your immersion. TrackIR will certainly track the setting of your head and its rotation, to match that within the video game, hence allowing you to openly check out your atmosphere with just your head. Look left, up, down or right, as well as your pilot will certainly do the very same.

TrackIR comes in all shapes, sizes as well as flavours. The very best experience is perhaps with an infrared tool that hooks onto your headphones/hat, yet those will certainly set you back a pretty penny. There are nonetheless cost-free alternatives that do an excellent work at recreating the very same thing, with shocking effectiveness.

FaceTrackNoIR is exactly what it says on the tin: face tracking without any use of infrared modern technology. Instead, it utilizes your webcam to track your face. And the most effective part? It’s definitely free. Just remember that the webcam will be utilized specifically for this objective, as well as won’t have the ability to be utilized for regular procedure until you stop using FaceTrackNoIR.

Roccat Power-Grid

Ultimately, we involve a mobile app that I’ve only discovered recently, but has had me pleasantly shocked. Roccat Power-Grid is offered on Android as well as iphone devices, as well as functions as a remote control for your computer. Its use is near infinite; its most preferred being media controls and PC performance/temperature data.

However, it’s totally customisable, and also eventually, grids for the most preferred PC games appeared; including Elite: Dangerous. The app will allow you to set a grid of touch activated panels which will certainly after that carry out a mouse/keyboard command on your computer. Just Like Voice Assault, it acts as another way to perform the many elaborate jobs a leader has at their disposal, simply this time from a flashy touch display panel aka Star Trip design.

Now, there’s already a good selection of user produced grids on the shop page, and most of them are complimentary. If you’re technology savvy, you can attempt developing your own, or simply play with the existing ones to fit your requirements.

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