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When you send a file to another person it loses its format; this is the reason people use pdf formats for file sharing as it maintains the format of pdf files. However, a file will be too big to share with someone via email or any other sharing platform if the file has some graphics. In this case, you will require a pdf size reducer to reduce pdf size for easy sharing. It is easy to compress pdf by Furthermore, you can compress pdf manually based on the particular dimensions you prioritize.

Duplichecker’s PDF Compressor

Reducing the size of PDFs becomes easy to perform tasks with the assistance of an online PDF compressor. The facility offered by is a remarkable tool that provides you with the safest and fastest option to compress unlimited PDF files. The PDF compressor is completely free to use and provides you with the flawless compression of PDFs. The quality of the PDF won’t get compromised, and the formatting of the file will remain intact. The best part is that you don’t need to install or download any device on your computer or smartphone for using this free PDF compressor. Moreover, the PDF files you upload to this facility for compression will erase from its servers within a few minutes. So, you don’t have to worry about the secrecy of your confidential PDFs while using this online facility at all.

Compress your PDF Document to the Required Size Utilizing Smallpdf’s PDF Size Reducer

Smallpdf, for PDF documents, is the most popular online pdf compressor. So many demands are there for it so you are offered two different compression powers to assist you to reduce pdf size.

Compressing a PDF Document to a Needed Size

1-  Move to the online Compress PDF tool.

2- Drag and drop your PDF file into the tool by selecting it.

3- Select either ‘Strong Compression’ or ‘Basic Compression’. 

4- To compress your pdf file click ‘Choose an option’.

5- Download your compressed pdf document from a reliable pdf size reducer.

Online PDF Compressor

You can reduce pdf size by using an online pdf compressor for free without any loss of quality to your pdf documents. The online PDF Compressor is a superior choice for its ease of utilization. The pdf size reducer is the best pdf compressor because of the suite of useful tools to compress your pdf files with ease and for fast pdf compression.

All the data will be permanently deleted after using a free pdf compressor with no copies retained, letting you download your compressed pdf file with ample time before it is no longer approachable through any servers. Reduce PDF Size Manually

The best way to reduce pdf file size is to do it manually. Online converters are the best online pdf compressor, you can utilize them to reduce pdf file and image size manually before the pdf is generated. Two options are there:

Compress all the images before transforming it into pdf, if it is converted from any other form and are not the original file. Right-click on any graphic within the Microsoft Office file. Tap or click the compress picture button on the image format tab. Based on the parameters you explained the image will be automatically compressed. 

Convert your pdf to jpg if your file is not original. You can utilize to do this job. Multiple pages, if your pdf included will be transformed as an individual jpg and then compress the jpg using a free online pdf size reducer and then transform the converted jpg into a pdf again for desired results.

Compressing with is not a challenging task now, it quickly compresses pdf files and takes less than a minute to accomplish the task.

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