GBA emulator iOS for Revisit Your Childhood with Classic GBA Games

GBA emulator iOS is an application available for iPhones and iPads to play classic Game Boy Advance games. Most of the tools available for playing classic GBA games are free to use. We are going to talk about GBA emulators, alternative tools, and features in this blog post.

Let us talk about the GBA emulator iOS today

Do you remember the days when you carried around your Game Boy Advance console and played your favorite games? Are you willing to have that experience again? Then you are in the right place today and we are going to discuss GBA emulator iOS.  

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll explore how you can play GBA games on your iPhone using a GBA emulator. We’ll also talk about what Game Boy Advance emulators offer, and alternatives you can try. We place a guide on how to set them up and answer some common questions about Game Boy emulators.  

Make sure to read the entire article for better understanding.  

What is a GBA emulator iOS?  

An iOS emulator is a tool that imitates the functionalities of a gaming console on your iPhone or iPad. GBA emulator is an application developed for iOS devices to play classic Game Boy Advance games on iPhones and iPads.   

This application allows iOS users to play classic GBA games without an original console. Even it gives extraordinary gameplay with higher-quality graphics than the original GBA console.  

What’s So Great About GBA Emulators on iPhone?  

A Huge Game Collection  

GBA emulators on iPhone come with a large library of GBA games. That means you can play classics like Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda whenever you like.  

Super Easy to Use  

These emulators are designed to be used with simple steps. You don’t have to have prior knowledge to enjoy your favorite games.  

Save Your Progress  

You can save your game at any point with a GBA emulator iOS. If life interrupts your gaming session, you can pick up right where you left off without any worries.  

Use a Controller  

If you miss those physical buttons there are options available on GBA emulator iOS. Many GBA emulators for iPhone support external controllers. You can connect to a controller via Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.  

Customize Your Experience  

Most GBA emulators allow you to adjust the screen size, use cheat codes, and set up your buttons just how you like them.  

What if You Want Alternatives?  

Now let us see the available alternative for GBA emulator iOS. If you are going to select one of the tools that we placed below, make sure to do your research before using the tools.  

Delta Emulator  

Delta It’s known for being stable and fast. Plus, it can handle more than just GBA consoles such as NES, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis. Delta GBA emulator iOS is free to install without jailbreaking your iOS device. It also has a feature called an in-built game library which helps to find Game Boy Advance games inside the app itself.   


This emulator is easy to use and has a wide selection of games. It even has a built-in web browser for downloading games directly to your iPhone.  


If you’re a fan of multiple retro consoles including GBA, Provenance is a great choice. It supports GBA as well as Sega Genesis and PlayStation games. Provenance is also updated regularly to stay compatible with the latest iPhone software.  

How to install an iOS emulator for Game Boy Advance?  

  1. Installing a GBA emulator on an iPhone or iPad may vary on the tool that you are going to select. It is good to select an iOS emulator that is not required for jailbreaking your device.  
  2. Also, most of the GBA emulators are free to use. There are some paid tools available too. It is your choice to select a device  
  3. When you finalize selecting an iOS emulator, the next step is to install it. According to some of the restrictions imposed by Apple, most of the GBA emulators are not available in the Apple store.   
  4. So you must find alternative methods for installing them. Make sure to visit trusted sources to get third-party tools if required for the installation process. 
  5. Once you install a GBA emulator on your iOS device, you can open, play, add, and edit games using your iPhone or iPad.   

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is it legal to use GBA emulators in iOS?  

Yes, using emulators is legal. However, downloading games you don’t own may not be. Make sure to only download games you legally own.  

Can I use an external controller with these emulators?  

Yes, most of the GBA emulators for iOS support external controllers. You can connect popular controllers via Bluetooth for a more traditional gaming experience.  

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use these emulators?  

Some of the leading GBA emulators can be installed on non-jailbroken iPhones. A few GBA emulators are required for jailbreaking your device before installing emulators. Make sure to jailbreak your iOS devices at your own risk.  

It is better to use a non-jailbreaking method for installing an iOS emulator on your device.   


GBA emulators for iPhone are a fantastic way to revisit your favorite childhood games. They offer a vast game library, are easy to use, and can be customized to your preferences. Playing classic games is enjoyable and a new world to experience for those who are not familiar with it.