8 Hacks for Decorating a Nursery for First-Time Parents

Decorating a Nursery

Becoming a parent can be exciting, overwhelming and daunting. The feelings you conjure up are completely normal- as your life is about to change in various ways. For what may be the biggest change of your life, it’s crucial that you are prepared in all areas, from pregnancy plans to delivery and preparing to bring your new arrival home. 

Bringing your newborn baby home is one of the most exciting moments in life, and it’s important that you have created a space in which your baby can feel comfortable. Nurseries need to be an environment in which your baby can sleep, eat, play and be changed comfortably- and for parents too. There are important things to consider like placement, lighting, flooring, colour and baby furniture. Here at We Buy Any House have come up with our top 8 hacks for decorating a nursery for first-time parents.

Hack #1- Minimal Wall Décor:

To make your nursery feel spacious instead of a claustrophobic space, consider a minimalist theme for wall decorations. Including too many pictures, murals and wall ornaments can make the room feel even smaller than normal. Playing with patterned wallpaper or a themed nursery is a good idea but ensure it will not feel outdated any time soon as it only creates more work for first-time parents.

Hack #2- Low Furniture:

Thinking futuristically, it’s a good idea to place furniture at a child-friendly height. Even if your baby is too small to engage with toys and books now, it doesn’t mean that later down the line that they won’t. Installing furniture such as shelves and dressers at a reasonable height will enable your child to pick out toys and books by themselves.

Hack #3- Blackout Blinds:

Adding a blackout blind is a nursery hack that you’ll thank us for. Being able to control the amount of light in your baby’s room will encourage a sleep schedule that will make the notion of being a first-time parent a lot easier. There are so many designs and colours to choose from, so you will find something to suit your style and personality.

Hack #4- Multipurpose Furniture:

Save room in your nursery by investing in multi-functional room furniture. To avoid clutter, look for items that can double up as different things. For example, a dresser can be converted into a changing table, which allows you to have everything you need at hand whilst changing your baby- alongside creating more room.

Hack #5- Create a Safe Zone:

It’s important that your furniture in your baby room meets safety standards. As your baby begins to grow it’ll become increasingly curious- and this is when injuries occur. Ensuring that safety measures have been undertaken, such as positioning cots away from heaters, lamps and windows, in addition to putting protection on sharp corners are little things to do to create a safe nursery.

Hack #6- Think Like a Kid:

Your baby probably has a long time before it appreciates the artwork in the nursery, but it’s worth thinking of things like this in advance. Sometimes nurseries lack the fun factor, so perhaps think about ways to make it more fun. To do this, cast your mind back to your loves as a child- whether that was Disney or superheros, and decorate your nursery accordingly.

Hack #7- Stimulate Your Baby:

It’s a good idea to add soothing and stimulating features to your nursery. Including pictures for visual stimulation, textures for feel stimulation and a hanging mobile to encourage familiarity with sound are all great ways to improve your baby’s motor and cognitive development.

Hack #8- Add a Peg Rail:

Adding a peg rail will act as a life saver in your nursery. Any new parent can tell you that getting your little one ready for a day out can be chaotic to say the least. By installing a peg rail near the dressing/changing table will be much more efficient, as you can hang outfits in advance and simply change your baby with ease.

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By Michael Caine

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