How To Hire A Mobile App Development Company In Dubai?

Planning to start an app-based business in Dubai? 

Hiring an app development company in the same location as yours can help. but before you can rest assured, you’d have to do the tough part of shortlisting and then sealing the deal with an app developer who will turn your ideas into a successful digital reality. 

To help you with your first milestone, here is a quick guide from the digital experts. 

Where to search for a Dubai app development company? 

While 90% of all searches start from Google, we recommend appreneurs or startups to look for an app developer on independent review websites like Clutch and GoodFirms. No matter you can find thousands of development companies who are ready to take your side, searching on the afore-mentioned platforms helps because these websites have their specific, strict benchmarks, standards and codes of service against which they assess and then rank several companies. 

All you need to do is type mobile app development company in Dubai and you’ll see a detailed list with technical expertise, platforms, magnitude of their projects, average prices of their projects, innovation strategies and their client testimonials. 

After you have a list, it is time to check them thoroughly. Here are 4 tips to help you with the process:

  1. Check business hours 

When you hire a company that operates in the same location and time zone, your project management gets easier and convenient. It is quick to explain technical specifications and improvement comments can be communicated in real-time.  

  1. Review social proof

After matching business hours, it is time to assess the social proof of an app development company. Check their testimonials on company website, social media handles like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn endorsements and community groups like Reddit and Quora. 

  1. Check technical expertise 

If you are up for Android app, you’ll need someone well-versed in Java, Kotlin or Android frameworks like React Native and Flutter. 

For iOS, you can choose an RN or Flutter developer but if you need a native app, you’ll have to find someone with knowledge of Objective-C and Swift. 

  1. Check portfolio 

It is ideal to check an app development company’s portfolio before you get into a contract. check the user interface and user experience, reviews and ratings of the apps they have created. 

  1. Discuss payment structure 

Some app development companies in Dubai ask for upfront payments, while others, especially with full-cycle developers allow for down payments and flexible installments.  

  1. Talk about monetization

It is ideal to discuss monetization model for your app beforehand with your developer. If you go for a free app, you’ll have to integrate advertisements or marketplace features to earn from commissions. If you go for a premium app, you’ll have to chalk out economic packages. 

  1. Advance feature integration

To survive the competition in the app stores, your app will need an advanced feature or two for example blockchain strings, crypto wallets, VR environments, omni-channel payments, digital wallets, smart systems or AI and ML.