How Does CBD Oil Differ from Flower?

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As CBD’s popularity increases, users are increasingly inventing other ways to consume it. The change has also led to the invention of different CBD products such as oils, flowers, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. Due to the variety of options to select from, many people wonder which form is the most potent. One of the best products if you use CBD is edible candy, too many people love it and it’s better compared to all other similar products in the market for everyone.

The effects that you feel after using CBD will be similar regardless of the form or the method of consumption. However, knowing the difference between certain forms, mainly oils and flowers, can help you make certain decisions. Here are some differences between CBD oil and CBD flowers.

What is CBD Flower?

These are buds obtained from hemp flowers and plants. They are almost identical to marijuana flowers but vary due to the CBD and THC levels. You can grow and modify the buds to gain the desired effects.

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What is CBD oil?

You can obtain high-quality CBD oil through an extraction process that involves extracting CBD from the hemp plant. After the extraction process, it undergoes further refining to remove THC traces, meaning the oil can be 100% THC-free.

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The Differences Between CBD Oils and CBD Flowers

1.      Mode of consumption

You can take CBD oil orally by dropping a few drops on your tongue and then ingesting the drops. The oil can also be an ingredient for your foods and drinks. Additionally, you can use it to make shakes and other treats. You can also use the oil to make CBD tinctures or vape CBD juices using CBD vape pens. 

CBD oil can also be used as a topical. It can be an ingredient in body lotions that deal with various skin conditions. You can also apply it directly to the skin to deal with conditions such as skin rashes.

In contrast, you can only CBD flowers by smoking or adding dried parts to your food.

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2.      The Impact and Effects

The oil and flower take different duration before you begin feeling the impact. If you vape or smoke, you will likely feel the effect after a shorter period than taking drops on your tongue or the tinctures. The CBD flowers are likely to act faster since you smoke or vape them. Once in the lung, the CBD infuses directly into the bloodstream. In contrast, the oil drops may take a while since they must go through digestion before diffusing into the blood.

When you take CBD oil orally, not all CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream; hence the effects can last up to 8 hours compared to smoking and vaping a CBD flower which can last up to three hours at most. If you vaporize the oil, you will likely feel the effects faster; however, they will wear out more quickly. Using the oils orally may take a while before the effects kick in, and the effects may last longer.

The oil has a clean effect than flowers. When you take the drops or the tinctures, you are less likely to have side effects associated with other additives in cannabis. The CBD oil extraction and purification process removes certain products from the CBD that can reduce its potency.

In contrast, when you take CBD flowers, you will likely feel the effects of other CBD compounds such as CBN, CBC, and CBG. These multiple compounds work together to produce the desired effects.

The additional ingredients in CBD oil can also boost its effects on the body. Moreover, you can add other ingredients such as olive and coconut oils to address other conditions and boost CBD potency. The effects of CBD oil are high when accompanied by certain products such as terpenes that increase CBD potency. Taking CBD oils can be the best option if you are dealing with persistent pains or insomnia.

3.      The Ease of Dosing

CBD comes in a package with instructions on how to use it. You also need to take it based on experience, desired benefit, and potency. It is much easier determining the levels of drops you need than determining what quantity to vape or smoke to feel the desired effects. The dosage for CBD oils will also depend on the ingredients used or added to the oil. For CBD flowers, the ingredient ratio is not well defined, and you have to balance all that on your own.

4.      The Manufacturing Process

The CBD oil extraction process involves extracting the oil from the hemp plant. On the other hand, the flower is obtained from the bud and then dried before selling. The oil can have additional ingredients such as terpenes and flavors to boost the potency and taste. The oil can also contain other oils such as coconut and olive oil to transport the CBD throughout the body.

5.      The CBD and THC Levels

Due to the extraction process, the oils have a higher CBD concentration than THC. Most contain 60 to 80% of CBD. Due to the lack of purification, the flowers may contain slightly higher THC than the oils. However, both have limited to no psychoactive effects due to their THC levels. The effects of the oil can be higher and long-term due to CBD concentrations.


The main differences between the CBD oil and flower are the mode of consumption, the ingredients, and the mode of extraction and manufacturing. Otherwise, the two have the same effects on the body. They can help you deal with short and long-term conditions.