How Startups Are Tapping Tiktok To Build Buzz And Drive Sales

TikTok is a social networking platform unlike any other that has ever existed. Compared to Instagram, Facebook, and newer platforms like Clubhouse, the video-sharing software focuses less on personal branding, networking, and messaging. Instead, it’s all about genuinely showcasing oneself or one’s business and capturing creative moments in the here and now.

The reason why TikTok is so popular is due in significant part to its randomness

While you may follow your favorite accounts on TikTok, most users spend their time on the app’s “For You” stream instead. This feed utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to present each viewer with a custom selection of video content. By encouraging users to “duet” or create their content in response to any given video, the platform’s cyclical design supports a never-ending feedback cycle of memes and viral trends.

Brands and artists may use several unique tools like TinkWs and capabilities to connect with their fans on TikTok, which is a sound on the first encounter. In-feed advertisements, sponsored hashtag challenges, and powerful video editing tools are just some features available. For TikTok to work, you’ll need to crank the sound up. 

Even though the app is most closely identified with members of Generation Z, who currently use it in more significant numbers than Instagram’s user base, it has increased in popularity across all age groups. Because consumers spent more time at home last year searching for new content to watch or creating their films, this year has seen a decrease in the amount of time people spend on social media.

The Right Categories

TikTok’s different specialised categories present a terrific opportunity for developing companies to create a presence online and attract new consumers as long as they don’t overwhelm the site with promotional material. Sixty percent of TikTok’s users claimed they felt a feeling of camaraderie when using the app, according to a Nielsen poll commissioned by TikTok. Furthermore, TikTok’s sponsored content is more likely to be seen as legitimate and trustworthy than the material on other social media sites. TikTok’s cutting-edge AI makes it seem less like an advertisement and more like a piece of original content that piques your interest. 

According, more than five hundred percent growth has been reported in TikTok’s advertising business in the United States during the past year. Because of the epidemic, many individuals are rediscovering local businesses and shopping for handmade or independently produced things online, which has benefited small businesses in particular. Over 24 billion people have seen the hashtag “small business” on Twitter as of April 2021.

In the wake of TikTok’s rapid growth, the narrative has shifted to concentrate on the slow process of gaining customers and the potential to give a more holistic audience experience across campaigns. Ads that are competitive with those on competitor platforms are being introduced on TikTok, and the platform is expected to provide more complex and dynamic products shortly. 

The new product discovery platform

Since the likes and shares that are created by product-focused videos published by businesses may be turned into sales on TikTok, marketers do not necessarily need to rely on influencers or sponsored posts to entice buyers.