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Monster Hunter World Mods

Some Monster Hunter World Mods improve the game’s presentation and look, while others add highlights you didn’t have any acquaintance with.


Beast Hunter: World’s PC discharge at last put the cherished activity RPG arrangement in the possession of modders. With such countless interconnected frameworks, Monster Hunter games are fruitful ground for mods, from custom missions to personal satisfaction check ups. So it’s nothing unexpected World’s scene is as of now rich with accommodating, convenient and outright cool mods.

Some Monster Hunter: World mods improve the game’s presentation and look, while others add highlights you didn’t have any acquaintance with you required as of recently.

Capcom’s position on modding World is still disappointingly unclear, yet it hasn’t effectively end the utilization of any mods for the PC adaptation of MHW. Thus, mod astutely and at your own danger.

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SmartHunter – Overlay

This superbly itemized, much of the time refreshed mod adds gadgets to your screen that you can resize and relocate however you would prefer, offering a wide range of subtleties to help you on the chase. The most fundamental information here is the amount HP a beast has and how much harm every individual in your chasing party has done. Yet, it goes above and beyond in showing you cooldowns for your buffs and mantles, and separating how much harm has been done to the beast’s head, wings, tail, and so on

Most awesome aspect all, it’ll show you how much harm you need to build for status impacts like mount, loss of motion, stagger, etc. It’s a great deal of data you wouldn’t ordinarily get, so if it’s an excessive amount of screen mess or you sense that you’re cheating, you can arrange the mod to just show certain highlights. Be a brilliant tracker and don’t venture out from home without it.

Kaldaien’s Special K Performance Pack

Kaldaien, who you may know as the modder who drove the charge on fixing Nier: Automata’s inadequate with regards to PC port through the FAR mod pack, put his focus on World’s eager for cpu motor soon after the game delivered. His Special K mod pack decreases CPU utilization, adds upgraded ReShade choices, fixes some fullscreen issues, and allows you to take HUD-less screen captures. It’s not, at this point indispensable gratitude to a few MHW patches from Capcom, yet offers some pleasant advantages.

ALL Items in Shop

OK, this one is fundamentally cheating, yet you know what: It’ll make your Monster Hunter life better. The vast majority of Monster Hunter is about that circle of slaughtering beasts, improving stuff, utilizing that better stuff to battle more beasts, etc for eternity.

In any case, a portion of the things you need to create protective layer or expand it with the appropriate capacities for a significant level chase have excessively low drop rates, and that is when things get baffling. I’ll battle similar beasts ordinarily, yet once in a while misfortune implies that is as yet insufficient.

This mod adds nearly (yet only one out of every odd, in spite of the name) making material and enrichment to the in-game shop, where you can purchase what you need as long as you have the cash. Getting that cash’s actually going to require a ton of chasing time, so utilize this mod as a last response when the RNG just will not swing your direction.

Clear Hunter Color and Texture Improvements

I’m happy I wasn’t the one in particular who thought Monster Hunter: World, while wonderful, glanced somewhat cleaned out. Creision’s Clear Hunter ReShade mod infuses some truly necessary tone into the new world, giving you redder Rathaloses, greener Rathians, and bluer Tzitzi-Ya-Kus. It likewise hones surfaces in all cases, particularly on protective layer.

Obscure Be-Gone

While you’re tidying things up, I’d likewise suggest Dirty Dan’s Blur Be Gone mod, which, as you may have speculated, impairs World’s movement obscure just as the vignetting impact brought about by its blundering profundity of field. This mod must be utilized related to Kaldaien’s Special K pack, however you ought to utilize that at any rate, so that is no issue.

Protective layer Transmog

Beast Hunter: Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch added the capacity to transmog your protective layer’s appearance simply like you may in World of Warcraft or Diablo 3. In any case, for reasons I can’t understand, World doesn’t have this component.

Thus, indeed, thank god for modders. You can change the presence of individual protection pieces or save custom loadouts. At long last, you can get the protective layer abilities you need without appearing as though you got wearing the dim.

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Thing Light Pillars

You just killed your seventh Deviljho of the day, you’re actually pursuing that pearl. The post-chase screen illuminates you that there’s an uncommon, glossy drop some place close by. It very well may be the jewel you long for. You should simply get it. There’s only one issue: you can’t locate the damn thing.

This situation is each tracker’s bad dream. Fortunately, 2hh8899 made a mod which connects an unmistakably noticeable mainstay of light to sparkling drops. Interestingly, all the mod really does is produce the light results seen on fishing spots and staple it to sparkling drops. By and by, it’s a blessing.

No Scout Flies

Frankly, I don’t despise the scout flies in Monster Hunter: World, however I do loathe the neck-snapping camera changes that accompany them. Regardless of what you’re doing, at whatever point these buggers lock onto something, your camera unexpectedly flies toward that path.

MHVuze’s mod cripples your scout flies’ sound and molecule impacts, just as that idiotic camera. You’ll actually have the option to follow beasts, you just will not need to tune in to that unremitting humming, battle to see through neon-lit mists each time you go to accumulate something, or pop your neck after each chase.

DualShock 4 Controller Prompts

The PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 regulator is as yet our best gamepad for PC gaming, so it’s consistently a touch of disillusioning when games just help Xbox button prompts naturally. Fortunately, MHVuze additionally streamlined this minor disturbance: their mod for DualShock 4 catch prompts works precisely as publicized and will save DualShock 4 clients a ton of cerebral pain.

Thomas the Elder Dragon

Beast Hunter’s large terrible Elder Dragon Nergigante is really frightening, yet he ain’t got crap on Thomas. Supplant him with the stunning dead-looked at tank motor to know genuine dread.

Meowscular Handler Face

I don’t have the foggiest idea what had UberGrainy to make a mod that trades the essence of your mission giving accomplice with the fuzzy look of Astora’s catlike gourmet specialist, however I’m not griping since this is probably the most interesting mod I’ve at any point seen.

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