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Oblivion Mods

Is Oblivion the best Elder Scrolls game at any point made? I would prefer not to begin a fan war. Read about Oblivion Mods.


Is Oblivion the best Elder Scrolls game at any point made? Indeed. That is to say, likely. I would prefer not to begin a fan war. Visit Job Search in the UK if you need job in any field. 

Yet, could the game be better? Obviously!

The first occasion when I attempted to play Oblivion with mods was back in 2008. Furthermore, from that point forward, I haven’t had the option to play any of my number one single-player games without mods once more.

Obscurity changed my impression of mods and why they can be incredible augmentations to a game. What’s more, in this post I’m quick to share my picks for the best Oblivion mods with all you TES fans!

Before I start, let me simply call attention to that there are numerous Oblivion mods that change certain specialized parts of the game. I’ve just added a modest bunch of those, as I truly needed to zero in on different kinds of mods like interactivity changes, new options, stuff that way.

To get going the rundown, however, I’ve added three mods in my initial spots that are really appraised extremely high by the local area.

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I’m simply positioning them lower on my rundown to raise your consideration towards them first – they’ll truly help you make different mods on this rundown work much better.

Informal Oblivion Patch

See, we all adoration Oblivion.

Notwithstanding, rejecting that the game was cart as hellfire would resemble attempting to cover the sun with your thumb.

This mod was made by the local area to help fix Oblivion overall. It’s protected to say that the task was finished as appropriately as anyone might imagine, as this mod as of now “fixes more than 2,500 bugs and 70,000 article position blunders”, as its portrayal peruses. One of the best Oblivion Mods on the list.

That is a lotta stuff.

An absolute necessity have mod in the event that you intend to play the game during the 2020s and past – regardless of whether you would prefer not to introduce some other mods on your game.

Blankness Mod Manager

As the name recommends, Oblivion Mod Manager permits you to appropriately sort mods and see them more obviously than you can with the first Oblivion launcher.

It truly has an effect when you have many mods introduced.

In case you’re anticipating downloading in excess of a small bunch of mods to change the state of your game, you’ll need to have Oblivion Mod Manager introduced first. It’s a hotshot saver.

Blankness Script Extender

This other must-have mod on my rundown is OBSE, a unique mod that guarantees the game stretches out its scripting abilities to permit more intricate mods to work.

This is another that you’ll have to introduce in the event that you plan on improving mods recorded here.

Essayist’s note: Starting from the 37th spot and downwards, the entirety of the mods that you’ll discover will be positioned unsurprisingly on my rundowns. I simply needed to acquaint you with these three mods first so you can download them before the rest!


I believe it’s to the astonishment of nobody that the inaccessible perspectives in Oblivion were awful.

It’s reasonable, however, as the game was delivered for PS3 and Xbox. What’s more, even PC capacities weren’t actually extraordinary, thinking back to the 2000s.

Regardless, this astounding mod means to totally rebuild the manner in which we see stuff somewhere far off when playing Oblivion.

It improves surfaces just as inaccessible delivering, which makes those mountains a couple of kilometers away, just as towns and urban communities, look far superior and considerably more “characterized”.

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Dynamic Map

This is the best guide mod that you can download – easily.

It fundamentally changes the guide to show whichever new things you may have added to it.

In the event that you’ve introduced mods that add new towns to Oblivion, for instance, they will show on your guide in the event that you have this mod introduced. Slick!

It additionally adds tone to the guide which coordinates the real territory of Oblivion.

Regardless of whether you haven’t introduced any mods that change the landscape or anything new, this current one’s as yet awesome.

Insensibility XP

Man, as somebody who never truly preferred the way one step up in Oblivion, this mod was a flat out godsent some time ago.

I can’t really accept that it’s been over a long time since I attempted it!

Essentially this mod changes the manner in which the XP framework works in the game.

You will not just get XP for playing out specific activities, for what it’s worth in the vanilla game. Rather you’ll additionally get insight for investigating new regions or doing trifling things like taking care of off cadavers as a vampire.

It gets insane.

On the off chance that you’ve played exemplary RPGs before you’re presumably acquainted with this kind of level-up framework.


Tamriel is a spot loaded with life, animals, sorcery, and excellence.

Be that as it may, the submerged locales of Cyrodiil are pretty much as dead as a cadaver.

This current mod’s point is to add new things and animals to be found under the waves. So you really have a reason to go there other than to locate the possible depressed chest.

You’ll presumably require an elixir of water-breathing or two once you have this mod introduced. That is in case you’re not an Argonian, obviously!

CandidENB Reborn

In case you’re searching for an ENB to improve your game’s illustrations by tweaking post-handling impacts, this is the mod to download.

If it’s not too much trouble, make certain to peruse the portrayal and introduce it appropriately – it’ll cause your game to feel like something removed from a film.

Dazzling perspectives anticipate the individuals who utilize this RNB preset.

Frostmourne and Lich King Armor

Indeed, this mod doesn’t actually suit the legend of the game, however screw it.

I totally LOVED playing with it some time ago.

Truth be told, I recall that my old PC couldn’t actually deal with the surfaces of the Lich King covering and it made my game laggy as damnation.

In any case, as the Warcraft fanboy that I was 10 years prior, this one was an absolute necessity have.

As the name recommends, it adds Arthas’ Frostmourne and the Lich King Armor to the game.

Better Dungeons

Fella, talk about difficult work put into a mod.

Better Dungeons changes each and every collapse Oblivion into something that looks much better, while likewise adding a couple of additional moving perspectives and highlights to every prison.

An awesome mod inside and out, in spite of the fact that you may possibly need to introduce it in the event that you’ve effectively completed the game once. Just to not lose the quintessence of the exemplary Oblivion caverns.

Appealing Potion Bottle

In case you’re troubled by easily overlooked details like the moon not having sufficient goal, the grass not being adequately tall, or all jugs being essentially the equivalent… at that point you may have gentle OCD.

In any case, you’ll additionally need to look at this mod.

It changes each and every standard jug in the game for significantly more appealing variants of themselves.

The mod adds a stunning 108 containers altogether, changing the manner in which elixirs and drinks search to improve things.

Book Jackets

Another awesome mod that you’ll cherish on the off chance that you like the keep going one on this rundown.

This progressions the fronts of each book in the game to make them significantly more exceptional.

It may sound straightforward, however it really adds a great deal of character to Oblivion.

Insensibility Grass Overhaul

I realize this probably won’t be the main thing that you consider improving in Oblivion, however stand by until you add this mod and perceive what nature looks like subsequently.

It adds a huge number of new surfaces to cause the grass to feel considerably more invigorated and practical.

By a long shot one of my number one mods – even with the amount of a little change it appears to make.

Reap Flora

Reap Flora is a mod centered around improving plant conduct also showing up after you’ve collected them.

It looks bad for plants to continue as before after you’ve taken blossoms, natural products, or anything from them, isn’t that so?

This mod will change that. What’s more, it looks amazing.

Introduce this with the Oblivion Grass Overhaul to completely fulfill your longings for sensible nature in the game.

HUD Status Bar

This mod will totally upset the manner in which your HUD looks by adding numerous new bars and highlights to it, all of which you can change to suit your requirements.

You’ll improve handle of your character’s requirements and the general climate of the game on the off chance that you introduce this terrible kid.

Add new bars and eliminate others that you needn’t bother with. Hello, it’s your game, you do you.

Hints of Cyrodiil

I realize this isn’t one of those mods that you may think you need. Yet, kindly, give it a possibility.

The maker of this mod made a point to add a large number of sound emanation focuses to the game, just as a sum of 250 new audio cues.

All to cause each climate in Oblivion to feel significantly more invigorated and vivid.

The point of this mod is to rejuvenate Oblivion using new audio cues.

I feel that it’s protected to say the maker worked really hard with it. You’ll never trust a portion of the subtleties you can see.


COBL fundamentally functions as an across the board that improves Oblivion and how it manages mods.

It permits different mods of a similar sort (like hair mods or eye mods) to work impeccably with one another, liberated from any bugs.

That is not all, however.

COBL additionally adds numerous new things to the game, including the capacity to sort your speculative chemistry things a lot simpler. Just as new kinds of brews, nourishments, compartments, and a lot more things.

It genuinely feels like a bundle of mods that works faultlessly. I truly suggest you look at it.

Vivid Interiors

Okay, I’m not going to reveal to you that this is my #1 mod on this rundown.

Yet, with regards to little increments that improve things significantly, this must be truly outstanding out there.

In the event that you play Oblivion, you know how the entirety of the designs feel as though they were independent from the external world, principally on the grounds that they are. One of the best Oblivion Mods on the list.

At whatever point you go into a house, things outside sort of quit occurring. With this mod you’ll have the option to be settling down anyplace inside a house and look outside the windows. Furthermore, you’re truly looking outside.!

You will not perceive any NPCs strolling around or anything… yet hello, it’s actually causes the game to feel significantly more invigorated.

Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul

Let’s be honest, folks: Oblivion was never an over the top troublesome game.

It didn’t considerably matter on the off chance that you set the trouble to the most elevated, the game actually didn’t feel as trying as other RPGs.

This expects to change that totally, and it works really hard at it. In the event that I may say so myself.

Gone are the times of beasts adjusting to your level or killing animals that you shouldn’t kill so from the get-go in the game.

In the event that you introduce this mod you must arrangement with a considerably more testing Oblivion experience.

It’s an incredible mod to introduce on the off chance that you’ve finished the game a couple of times as of now and you have the ability to beat most animals in the game.

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Put your battle abilities to test!

Improved Trees and Flora

Okay genuinely, if it’s not too much trouble, simply go introduce this mod with the grass upgrade that I referenced before.

You’ll get a totally new view of Cyrodiil and its regular undertakings in the event that you get both of these mods in your game simultaneously.

Add an ENB or some other graphical improvement to your rundown and you will be set for quite a while.

Indeed, whenever you’ve introduced both of these mods in addition to the ENB I referenced, set out on an experience through the woodlands and piles of the game.

Get another grip of how they feel and how invigorated the world looks. You will cherish it.

Capes and Cloaks

Is it true that you are prepared to overlook Edna’s recommendation and wear capes?

That is to say, what could really turn out badly in the event that you decide to do it? Dislike you can get your cape captured on a plane turbine or anything, isn’t that so?


Presently, go on and download this mod. I realize you need to wear a cape in the game however much I did!

Furthermore, I understand you’re’s opinion and the appropriate response is yes – your character looks very boss with a cape around his neck.

Improved Camera

In case you’re searching for submersion and the choice to play whole game in first individual, this is the mod you need to utilize.

It essentially powers the game to consistently be in first-individual, paying little mind to the circumstance.

That is not all, however. EC really causes first individual to feel significantly more practical by allowing you to peer down and see your own body.

I generally asked why games don’t make this a default look when in first individual. In any case, hello – don’t ponder any more, simply utilize this mod!


See, the default UI of the game is quite somber.

I think we’ve known this since the game initially delivered, as it generally appeared to be one of the fundamental objections that the local area had. One of the best Oblivion Mods on the list.

That is presumably why UI mods have consistently been so mainstream, and this must be one of my top picks.

The “red” UI has consistently been famous among Oblivion players. Also, I recall that this mod (or a comparative one, at any rate) was around when I played, thinking back to the 2000s.

Indeed, this one is by all accounts a particularly improved form of the one I utilized that it’s presumably a totally new one.

Regardless, check it our on the off chance that you need your game UI to look much better and offer more helpful choices in your menus.

Improved Water

With regards to mods that make water look better, this one takes the cake.

I’m not going to mislead anybody – there are many, numerous mods that plan to make the water reasonable.

Be that as it may, the greater part of them flop astoundingly.

Why, you may inquire? Basic: they make the water too precious stone understood, which makes it fundamentally a transparent surface.

That is quite unreasonable and really assists the game with losing submersion.

However, the Enhanced Water mod transforms the water into a tone of blue that genuinely takes after genuine water, while it additionally improves the manner in which water looks when it “moves”.

In case you’re looking for mods that improve the game’s illustrations, this one is an unquestionable requirement need to add to your assortment.

Elven Map Redux

I’m adding another guide mod to my rundown, yet not on the grounds that I think this one is superior to the last one… yet rather on the grounds that I figure more individuals will actually want to get a decent use out of this mod.

Elven Map Redux is a shaded variant of the conventional Oblivion map.

It has a couple of charms that make it look better compared to the first one, as well.

Normal Faces

Despite the fact that this mod doesn’t upgrade any graphical parts of the game, it manages job incredibly well to tidy up the chaotic face surfaces that Oblivion has consistently been known for.

The game is really old, yet even some time ago when it was new, you could tell that something was a gnawed off with the character faces in the game.

Common Faces means to address those issues with shadings, and with specific surfaces feeling a yet excessively “extended”. Additionally for certain pieces of the lips not coordinating as expected with the talking livelinesss.

It’s a decent mod, and not as basic as it would appear from the start.

Climate – All Natural

This surprising climate mod is an assemblage of the best climate mods at any point delivered for Oblivion.

What’s more, it causes the game look quite a lot more practical that you to will not accept that you’re not playing a redo of TES IV.

Truth be told, this mod is another that you’ll need to introduce in case you’re after a more photorealistic variant of Oblivion.

Consolidate it with the illustrations mods that I’ve referenced on this rundown, yet particularly with the awesome ENB preset that I discussed.

CM Partners

Yahoo, cool partners in Oblivion!

In the event that there was one thing that was absent from TES IV and that TES V got very right, that must be the friend framework.

This mod permits you to have an appropriate buddy framework in Oblivion, which incorporates just about 100 NPCs to look over and to have as buddies pursuing you around the terrains of Cyrodiil… or into the profundities of Oblivion.

CM Partners likewise permits you to make your own allies as well, and have them be with you at whatever point you like.

That most likely improves it than the Skyrim friend framework overall. Which is saying something.


I realize that it is so excruciating to have many keys in your stock.

I sympathize with your agony, old buddy. Anyway there’s a useful arrangement that will eliminate that annoyingly terrible mess and transform it into a reasonable arrangement of things that you can rapidly look through.

This Keychain mod has an entirely precise name, as it gives you a virtual keychain thing where the entirety of your keys will be migrated to.

Open the keychain and select any key you need. Gone are the times of seeing those damn keys get stirred up with other valuable things while looking through the “All” part. One of the best Oblivion Mods on the list.

Blankness Reloaded

Searching for an across the board realistic mod that you will not need to introduce in parts?

Provided that this is true, you’ll need to look at the Oblivion Reloaded mod.

It was made by the very individuals that brought us Skyrim Reloaded just as New Vegas Reloaded, so they’re very acceptable at making graphical improvements for games.

In the event that you don’t trust me simply look at this one for yourself.

Insensibility Reloaded eliminates a large number of the graphical impediments that come installed into the Oblivion center.

It fundamentally sets free the post-handling part of Oblivion and adds a huge load of new changes to nature, environment, and animals. An unquestionable requirement have mod for the designs fan.

Kvatch Rebuilt

I imagine that one of the dreams that a significant number of us had when we played Oblivion interestingly was to revamp the once-powerful city of Kvatch.

This mod doesn’t in a flash modify it… however it allows you to leave on a mission, and at its end, you’ll have the option to completely revamped the city. What’s more, even become its new tally (or noblewoman)!

It genuinely transforms the dead city of Kvatch into probably the best spot you can visit in the game.

A great deal of work clearly went to this mod, as I recollect this was simply starting to be made when I played in the last part of the 2000s. Also, as of this composing the mod was last refreshed in 2019!

Vivid Weapons

Vivid Weapons isn’t your normal weapons mod.

It has figured out how to take probably the best right on the money my rundown since it adds handfuls, if not hundreds, of new weapons into the game.

The entirety of the weapons are completely coordinated into all frameworks of Oblivion, which implies the ones you’ll discover are leveled likewise.

This implies that the mod adds numerous new weapons however they don’t break the game by any stretch of the imagination. They fit impeccably into the universe of Cyrodiil!

The main thing about this mod is that it mixes it up, which is something that an old game like Oblivion is continually absent.

Special Landscapes Compilation

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to update the regular habitats of your game?

Well I believe there could be no more excellent route than introducing the Unique Landscapes Mod.

It fundamentally orders a large number of the scenes that have been made by modders during that time and it transforms everything into a solitary mod that causes your game to feel as invigorated as anyone might think possible.

New cascades, incredible new areas to investigate, and numerous new little increases that transform the grounds of Cyrodiil into a district that feels significantly more in-contact with nature overall.

Coronerras Maximum Compatiblity

This mod is the one to end any remaining skeleton mods in the game.

Before we continue, let me simply bring up that that “skeleton” alludes to the construction of characters in the game. It’s not about genuine skeletons by any means; but instead the models that characterize the physical science of each character.

This mod will do nothing without anyone else. Yet, you’ll notice the distinction in the event that you end up introducing mods that advertisement races that have wings, or stuff that way.

It essentially makes all pieces of the body fit for collaborating with others and moving. A phenomenal mod out and out with heaps of custom choices.

Rens Beauty Pack

I wasn’t actually quick to add magnificence mods to the rundown, albeit in fact this one adds an entirely different race.

So it merits a notice as I would see it.

The race accompanies variations and it additionally adds a lot of new haircuts for male characters and female characters as well.

That is to say, this one is nothing strange. However, the degree of detail that was placed into making it separates it from other excellence mods.

A cool one to add in the event that you need more customization choices.

Obscurity Graphics Extender

Regarding graphical improvements, this one takes the greatest cut of the cake.

There are numerous mods that make the game’s designs more wonderful, however I really accept this one to be the most amazing aspect the bundle.

Join this astonishing mod with the Landscapes mod that I just delineated for you, and toss in the verdure and grass upgrades, and you’ll be set to set out on quite possibly the most novel experiences of your virtual life.

The shaders do expect you to have a strong PC however. So make your designs card is satisfactory.

Elective Start

It’s not reasonable that you generally will be a criminal in Oblivion.

That is to say, regardless of whether you choose to carry on with the most perfect of lives after the instructional exercise of the game, you’ll generally have your standing polluted for having been the person who broke out of the Imperial Prison when the game began.

This mod permits you to choose how you start in Oblivion, as your character shows up by transport as opposed to breaking out of prison.

You can pick your race, your #1 credits, and you can even choose the sort of individual that you are (which characterizes how much cash you start with).

It’s even your decision to choose your abundance, which permits you to change the trouble considerably further. A truly fun mod with lods of replay esteem. One of the best Oblivion Mods on the list.

Better Cities

This is perhaps the most mainstream mods at any point made for Oblivion.

Truly, it’s really straightforward why subsequent to taking one look at what this has to bring to the table.

Fundamentally this mod adds many new structures and exercises to each and every city in the game, causing them to feel significantly more invigorated.

Gone are the times of urban areas being exhausting as all hellfire and feeling dead as a stone.

An absolute necessity have mod paying little heed to how often you’ve played the game, however particularly on the off chance that you’ve been playing it on and off since discharge.

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

I’m adding this one to the rundown since it was the principal mod that I at any point went for Oblivion.

I recall it was incredibly mainstream back in 2009, when it hadn’t been refreshed to its most recent adaptation.

Kid, has it gotten better compared to I anticipated!

The mod adds just about 300 new spells to the game, all of which you can figure out how to transform yourself into probably the mightiest wizard to at any point set foot on Cyrodiil. Mages celebrate!

Common habitat

Common habitats is the best characteristic mod for Oblivion.

It improves climate, nature, environment, and more by essentially adding repeating changes that vibe incredibly normal.

It’s an overly unpredictable mod that will cause your game to feel amazingly sensible. An absolute necessity have as I would like to think.


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