Olight Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable Latest Torch

The Olight Baton 3 pro rechargeable EDC flashlight is a latest version of the famous S2R Baton II with amazing design accents and better grip texture. The Baton 3 pro has a highest 1500 lumen with a choice of neutral white or cool white LED to match your preference and needs. The perfect TIR optic lens gives a soft, even flood beam that can reach up to 175 meters. When gathered with its five brightness modes and strobe, this pocket light covers all your lighting requirements. The Baton 3 pro with pocket size so it fits comfortably in any bag or pocket. Use the dual-direction pocket clip to safe the light during travel or hands-free options.

The flashlight comes with everything you need for the next great EDC torch. It gives up to 120 days of runtime on a one charge. If the light runs out of juice, just snap the charging pad of the added MCC3 magnetic. USB charging cable to the bottom of the torch, it lets you charge with any accessible USB power source. Additionally, the L shaped stand provides you a perfect way to save the Baton 3 pro. You will forever know when it is time to charge thanks to a tri-colored batty life pointer built into the enlarged side switch.


1500 lumen EDC flashlight

The Baton 3 pro has a 1500 lumen highest that emits up to 175 meters of beam throw. The TIR lens gives an even flood beam.

Magnetic USB charging – A perfect magnetic charging lets you charge with any USB power source. Tri-color battery life pointer reminds you to recharge.

Best for EDC – At just 3.99” long and 3.63 oz the Baton 3 pro is designed for regular carry. A dual-direction, removable clip keeps the torch secure in your pocket while improved grip texture gives simple handling.

Reasons why you should buy EDC flashlight

A longer life expectancy

EDC flashlights are made from high standard materials that withstand hard handling and extended use. It means your torch will last for years, even with regular use.

It’s instantaneous

EDC flashlights also provide a range of functions and features, including different brightness settings, modes like SOS or strobe, and even some that are waterproof and can be used underwater.

Batteries and performance

Many EDC torches also use rechargeable batteries, so you never have to hesitate about changing your batteries or running out in the middle of the day. It provides you the self-esteem that your torch will forever perform as guessed, no matter what you do.

Durable and sturdy

Another reason to purchase an EDC flashlight is that they are made from strong materials and can withstand even the hardest situations. Whether you are working in the great outdoors or need the best light source in any weather, an EDC torch will forever get the work done.

Affordable pricing

Finally, EDC torches are also extremely affordable and can be found for as little as $55 or less in many cases. It makes them a remarkable choice for any person on a budget or who wants the top standard without breaking the bank.