Physicians Disability Insurance

Physicians Disability Insurance

Being a physician is a highly skilled profession. But have you thought if you are not able to practice medicine or couldn’t treat patients or earn income for a month, year or even a decade then what?

INSTANT DISABILITY offers best physician disability insurance to medical practitioners for their well-being and financial security in life.

Disability is a risk for every working individual but the vulnerability for physicians’ increases because of their working responsibilities, stress and workload involved in their profession because of which they are exposed to different illnesses.

INSTANT DISABILITY provides the most generous offers to provide income security packages through the physician disability insurance. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the insurance policy to create your income secured future.

Benefits of Physician Disability Insurance 

  • Each and every physician is eligible to get physician disability insurance irrespective of the trade they are in.
  • Most fraction of your lost income will be covered under this insurance policy.
  • It is the most affordable insurance policy which also has a high premium so that almost all your expenses are covered through the disability claim.
  • Get an insurance policy according to your need, physical health, and vulnerabilities to diseases or illnesses.
  • Physician disability insurance can also be divided into king term disable insure and short term disable insurance as per your requirements and health status. Short term disable insurance is generally for around a year or so while the long term disable insurance is provided till the individual is not recovered from disability or he/she haven’t started working again.
  • Under INSTANT DISABILITY physician disability insurance covers all kinds of disabilities and a broader definition of disability is mentioned so that physicians could easily relate to it and all specialty physicians get included in the insurance policy.
  • Get physician disability insurance in your healthier times and not when you get a disability.
  • Age of the physician when the policy is issued also plays an important role in determining the premium amount .so, the older the insurance policy becomes, the more premium will be covered in the insurance policy.
  • Physician disability insurance can be further provided for an individual or for a group of physicians.
  • INSTANT DISABILITY provides best assistance for our customers so that they can choose a right combination of insurance coverage and reap the best benefits out of it .
  • Even after being in disability the insurance policy makes sure that current standards of living are maintained.
  • Getting the claim of insurance is also very easy and least but genuine paperwork can prove to be satisfactory for the insurance company as the purpose of the company is well defined to provide timely assistance to the insurance holder.

Physician’s day in and day out work to improve the life of their patients but what about their own life? INSTANT DISABILITY Insurance policy provides best affordable, trusted and suitable offers for physicians so that not only they can take care of their patient’s life but their life should also become meaningful.

By Michael Caine

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