Top 20 Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods of all Time

Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

RE2R is a return to form for the series, with survival horror elements from the RE2 blending nicely. Read about Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods.


After the huge achievement of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, assumptions were high for the better than ever Resident Evil 2 Remake – and it conveyed.

RE2R is a re-visitation of structure for the arrangement, with conventional endurance awfulness components from the first RE2 mixing pleasantly with more present day increments to the Resident Evil equation, like the preposterous camera and the emphasis on serious activity.

It prevails with regards to catching the strained inclination from the first gratitude to scant assets, impressive adversaries, and a consistent feeling of approaching threat.

Leon and Claire’s exemplary experience has never looked – or played – this great. Yet, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

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On the off chance that you’ve effectively gone through the fundamental mission a few times and need a difference in pace, mods are the most ideal approach – and I’ve assembled the best ones to help you make a plunge directly once again into the ongoing interaction.

Soft Manager 5000

We should move the details first.

Introducing mods for the Resident Evil 2 Remake isn’t just about as basic as dropping a few documents in the game’s root organizer.

You’ll require something that can change the game’s PAK documents, and the Fluffy Manager 5000 is only the thing.

With this current, it’s just about as straightforward as relocating RAR design mod documents into the program, and it’ll deal with the rest. The whole modding local area upholds it, so it’s impossible you’ll run into any issue or contrary records.

It’s likewise the main mod supervisor for Devil May Cry 5 as well!

RE2 HUD Tool

A few group need to have all the data.

Perhaps they’ve played League of Legends for a really long time, or simply certain JRPGs, however they’re ravenous for information – and I discovered the thing for them.

The RE2 HUD Tool adds a DirectX11 overlay onto your game, giving information on foes like their leftover HP and how much harm every single one of your shots is managing.

It even backings hitmarkers, and it’s an extraordinary device in the event that you need to comprehend where flimsy parts start and end with more exactitude.

PlayStation Button Layout

Bunches of us appreciate utilizing our PS4 (or even PS3) DualShock regulators for our PC games, notwithstanding the overall absence of help in all cases.

While Steam permits you to utilize a DS4 to play Resident Evil 2 Remake, it doesn’t change the on-screen button prompts to accommodate Sony’s gamepad.

It’ll keep on showing the Xbox ones – except if you introduce this mod.

A few group may not discover it particularly inconvenient, yet for us Sony fanboys, this sort of Quality-of-Life enhancements are a gift from heaven.

Dio and Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

In case you’re a fanatic of the memetastic anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – particularly its third season – you’ll cherish our next section. One of the best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods.

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This entertaining mod replaces Leon S. Kennedy with Jotaro Kujo, and the threatening Mr. X with as a matter of fact DIO from the Stardust Crusaders adventure.

The two of them may glance a little strange in the game’s photograph sensible conditions. Yet, every time they associate, it simply feels right.

Of course, they will not have their Stands. Furthermore, you will not hear any “ora” from Jotaro.

However, these models from Jump Force look extraordinary, and it’s a destined match you can’t miss.

Beachboy X

In the event that you were unable to think often less about DIO however find changing Mr. X’s model interesting, I have an especially upsetting mod for you.

Beachboy X gives the hunter following your means a provocative arrangement of tight Umbrella-gave bathing suit that hotshot his conditioned abs and solid quadriceps.

The easygoing swimwear set is finished by agreeable flip-lemon and shades that you can shoot off his face.

Clever, correct? Sure.

It’s all pointless fooling around until you see this 2m-tall Speedo-clad titan drawing nearer down a dim hall.

X-Treme Nightmare

On the off chance that you at any point felt like RE2R wasn’t testing your distraught gaming abilities, the X-Treme Nightmare mod might be what you need.

This crazy extra will supplant a progression of foe types with – you got it – Mr. X.

It’s exemplary modding absurdity of the best kind.

You’re allowed to pick which adversaries to supplant, including canines, ivys, and G-grown-ups. In case you’re ready for making the game difficult to understood, you can even supplant every one of the zombies with this transcending hunk of a B.O.W.

Join with the past mod at your own danger.

X No More

While a few group will seize the opportunity of topping off their game with Mr. X clones, the vast majority would prefer not to need to manage the person by any means.

That is to say, would you be able to fault them?

Mr. X is startling. What’s more, it tends to be difficult to continue proceeding onward in case you’re a restless gamer.

The X No More mod can facilitate the circumstance by totally eliminating him from the game. He’s not simply imperceptible – he isn’t there, and he can’t hurt you any longer.

Presently, you can return to investigating Raccoon City and getting a charge out of the air at your recreation.

Claire – RPD Military Outfit

Among the most well-known and famous mods for RE2R, new outfits, adornments, and even hairdos for both Leon and Claire are extremely common.

We’ll cover the absolute best!

This RPD Military Outfit is a re-skin of Claire’s vanilla military-themed outfit intended to make her resemble an individual from the Raccoon City Police Department – actually like Leon.

It incorporates a few tones for the, two or three distinct jeans, and a sleeveless adaptation that makes Claire resemble a complete boss. Also, it eliminates the problematic bandanna.

Claire – Darkside Chronicles

Another fabulous visual redesign for Claire is her Darkside Chronicles look, which presents her DSC equips as well as changes her face to be more like what she looked like in the rail-shooter.

You can keep the base game face in the event that you like.

However, I’d suggest betting everything with this mod.

She glances incredible in the dark turtleneck top, and the entire thing gives her all the more a boss air than her vanilla look.

Claire – Liz Katz Look

Here’s one for the oddities out there.

This mod is a finished redesign of Claire’s in-game model, transforming it to take after scandalous cosplay model Liz Katz – complete with her notable and improper arm tattoo.

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Her outfit is additionally fittingly uncovering, however you can restrain it a piece by picking the adaptation with a skirt… as opposed to the more, um… lightweight one.

Truly, this is no real way to be dressed during a zombie end times.

In any case, hello! You could’ve been trapped in a stream or a hot photoshoot, and that doesn’t make you any less equipped for enduring – as Claire is prepared to demonstrate.

FOOX Claire Customization Pack

For something a touch all the more good and changed, consider the FOOX Claire Customization Pack.

This pack gives us a more extensive determination of alternatives to customize Claire however we would prefer, including a lovely cowhide coat that makes her look somewhat more ensured against the components than her default gear. One of the best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods.

It upholds soil develop, so you don’t need to stress over it watching strange after an especially unpleasant segment of the game.

The mod additionally adds spots to her face and chest, which is a quite engaging subtlety.

It additionally makes her hair rosy and turning her eyes green – on the grounds that is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t?

FOOX Leon Customization Pack

On the off chance that you enjoyed our past section, you’ll love its twin – the FOOX Leon Customization Pack.

There aren’t exactly as numerous new outfits and visual changes for Leon as there are for Claire. Be that as it may, this jewel of a mod compensates for it with its assortment.

It incorporates an all the more unpleasant facial hair with legitimate profundity and earth develop, another easygoing outfit with a few varieties, and surprisingly another RPD uniform.

These look awesome when combined with Claire’s new look, particularly the easygoing outfit.

The facial hair is effectively the mod’s best component – and there three varieties to look over.

First-Person Camera

As the past passage in the Resident Evil establishment, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard changed the game by presenting a vivid first-individual camera point of view that is significantly more startling (particularly in VR).

In the event that you preferred that transform, you should evaluate the First-Person Camera mod for RE2R.

Given the game isn’t made to be played in the main individual, it’s not exactly as essential as its archetype. What’s more, a few scenes are somewhat off-kilter.

In any case, it truly changes everything around, and I’d say it makes the game somewhat more frightening.

It might require some push to make it work, yet it’s great.

Headshot-just and Reduced Items

One of my greatest annoyances with the Resident Evil establishment has consistently been the way zombies can make a few efforts of most weapons when you’re playing, however bite the dust of a solitary headshot in each cutscene.

Indeed, the Headshot-just and Reduced Items mod offers players an alternate encounter where zombie skulls are similarly however delicate in-game as they may be in cutscenes.

It additionally eliminates most recuperating things and limits the quantity of projectiles you’ll discover lying around to adjust things.

Obviously, it influences zombies, yet the remainder of the game’s adversaries. Making their shaky areas considerably more fragile.

You’ll must be extremely exact, however you’ll feel like an absolute boss.

HDR ReShade

This HDR ReShade mod was one of the absolute first changes delivered for Resident Evil 2 Remake, and it stays perhaps the best one right up ’til today.

This visual improvement eliminates the dim/green grainy channel present in vanilla and escalates the tones on-screen, letting the delightful calamity that is Raccoon City radiate through.

Dull shadows are likewise considerably more dark instead of dim. Also, all that looks somewhat more keen as a rule.

I get what Capcom was attempting to accomplish with the marginally cleaned out look, yet I lean toward this.

Exemplary Inventory and Health Bar

Numerous RE2R clients are returning veterans that affection the first 1998 Resident Evil 2 to bits.

What’s more, some modders have made it their lives’ work to bring a portion of the old-fashioned appeal into the change. One of the best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods.

The Classic Inventory and Health Bar mod does what the title proposes, and does it well.

It replaces the game’s base stock screen with a changed one suggestive of what was seen in 1998. This incorporates changing the wellbeing bar, which might be my number one component.

It likewise replaces the game’s logo on the Start Screen with the first 1998 one. Strangely, everything fits together pleasantly in the redo.

1998 Weapon Sound Effects

In the event that you loved our past mod and need to go somewhat more profound, these 1998 Weapon Sound Effects are prepared to rewind time by years and years around there.

This replaces most weapon audio effects for their 1998 partners tore directly from the game’s records. The fall to pieces succession sound has likewise been supplanted by the exemplary 1998 one, making it a genuine oldie but a goodie.

This mod makes an incredible combo with the fabulous 1998 Zombie Sounds.

Unite every one of them and you’ll have a time-traveling experience that could have been an unlockable in the base game.

Claire-ish Claire Face Model

I believe Claire’s new face model for RE2R is exquisite.

Yet, it’s very not quite the same as the thing we’re accustomed to finding in her exemplary manifestations.

The Caire-ish Face Model plans to fix that for certain changes that make her face a bit more ladylike. It gives her somewhat more sensitive highlights more suggestive of the really young looking zombie executioner we’ve become used to finding previously.

Claire – Beautiful Reality Face

Another energizing alternative to make Claire’s look more engaging is the Beautiful Reality Face, which applies plastic medical procedure all over model to make her nearer to Jordan McEwen – the entertainer who does her voice and movement catch.

It looks pretty normal, and it doesn’t quit looking like Claire.

Maybe than 100% McEwen, it appears to be a center ground between the exemplary character and the skilled entertainer behind the “veil”.

RE Immersion ReShade

Out of the relative multitude of incredible mods we’ve covered up until this point, I think the one that gives the most unbiasedly amazing improvement to the base game is RE Immersion ReShade.

Like the HDR ReShade I referenced before, this mod eliminates the dark/green channel and grainy look so you can more readily like the game’s delightful areas.

It additionally dials it up a score by adding more volumetric mist, dynamic Depth of Field, and more sharpness in the frontal area.

This really makes the game considerably more engaging and vivid, which is basic in an environmental game like Resident Evil 2.

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