Best Mods For Skater XL That You Must Try in 2021 – Mods Diary

Skater XL Mods

A ton of skating match-ups have been delivered throughout the long term. Read about Skater XL Mods of all time everyone must know.


A ton of skating match-ups have been delivered throughout the long term. However, barely any improved the class as much as Skater XL, straight up there with the THPS arrangement.

With its extraordinary control conspire that maps the skater’s feet to the two simple sticks, there’s a great deal to adore about this title.

And keeping in mind that the support games may not accommodate actually a good time for everyone, things are altogether different on PC.

With a vivacious modding local area offering bunches of new highlights, there’s weeks (if not moths) of enjoyable to be had here. So how about we plunge into probably the best ones to get your hands on.

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There’s not at all like having the option to play out the entirety of your number one stunts in your most loved skatepark, all while tuning in to your #1 track. On interminable rehash.

MusicMod gives you better control of the Skater XL BGM music by adding mix, delay, and play choices. These are shockingly not present in the game’s vanilla settings.

The capacity to add your own music is as yet far away later on, tragically. So this should accomplish for the present, similarly as in-game melodic changes go.

Grizzly Griptape Pack

Time to make your load up thunder with every single pound!

While the Grizzly Griptape Pack will tragically not let you do as such in any way, it will in any case make you a considerably more sharp skater by giving you admittance to 12 new hold tapes for your board.

I for one like the yellow and dark one: it truly shouts risk, isn’t that right?

Nike Gradient Shorts Pack

You see that rail over yonder requesting a granulate?

Get it done! One of the best Skater XL Mods.

What’s more, what preferred route over wearing some decent Nike shorts? This Nike Gradient Shorts Pack presents 6 distinct shorts that look fabulous. Ideal for that blistering summer skating climate.

Crude Clothing Pack

In Skater XL, as throughout everyday life, there’s nothing of the sort as looking excessively cool.

Continuously take things to the following level.

This Primitive Clothing Pack is another arrangement of custom garments. So you can look cooler than any time in recent memory with new shirts, caps, and hoodies that can be utilized to alter your character.

They will not make you a superior skater in any capacity, however. So you would be advised to continue to rehearse: don’t have any desire to be viewed as a pretender, isn’t that right?

Nike Air Force 1-3 White

Barely any shoes shout “skater” like the Nike Air Force plans.

Furthermore, the opportunity has arrived to allow them to shout Skater XL!

This mod brings the famous shoes into the game, total with a very unwavering plan that will make you the discussion of the virtual skatepark.

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Skate Dice

Betting is awful, people. You can never know when your best of luck will turn terrible.

Well the Skate Dice mod, while still in beta, adds some intriguing turns to the game.

It’s essentially moving you to finish stunts picked aimlessly, and bet any measure of cash on your prosperity. Things are still somewhat cart here, so a portion of your stunts may not get perceived.

In any case, the rushes you get while playing with this introduced will be more than worth the testing time.

Macintoshes’ Camera Utils

A playable photograph mode? Where do I pursue that?

Macintoshes’ Camera Utils mod gives you full control of the in-game camera.

This way you can initiate an assortment of choices and impacts like Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, Lens Distortion, Fog, and numerous others.

The drawback is that you may get some exhibition drops. So explore different avenues regarding the mod to track down the correct equilibrium, and cause Skater XL to get a style it never has!


Recall old fashioned Skater XL beta days?

You certainly will, with this mod introduced.

Those sharp looked at perusing this who upheld the game since its initial days will without a doubt perceive the RainSet, a minuscule yet lovely spot that depends on the first SnowSet… yet with 100% less snow, 100% more downpour and peril. Tricky when wet.

Schoolyard Day

Schoolyards make for astounding skating spots.

Furthermore, they make it simple to isolate the quality goods from the debris: the individuals who can’t avoid a couple of school children reserve no privilege to call themselves skaters.

The Schoolyard Day skate park is a magnificent custom skate park map loaded up with huge loads of components that will allow you to communicate your inventiveness without agonizing over harming anybody yet yourself.

XXL Skin Pack

Skater XL has now advanced above and beyond, turning out to be Skater XXL!

This XXL Skin Pack is a gigantic skin pack that adds huge loads of customization alternatives for your character.

These incorporate new facial overlays, tattoo overlays, better eyes, and surprisingly some frightening looking contacts that will have each skater in the recreation center admiring you, even before you begin skating. Compelling. One of the best Skater XL Mods.

Regulator Rumble Mod

How about we prepare to thunder!

I mean with modding, obviously.

Regulator Rumble is among the most clear Skater XL mods grew up until now.

Introduce it utilizing the Unity Mod Manager, press F9 while in-game, and change your regulator’s thundering however much you might want.

Skate’s Cyber Spot

A skatepark with a strong workmanship course?

That is by and large what Skater XL required.

Skate’s Cyber Spot sports a stunning climate that nearly feels cyberpunkish. It has huge loads of neon lights, electronic bulletins, and numerous different items that you can use to play out the most astonishing stunts this side of Compton.

The degree of detail is strange to such an extent that the wide range of various skate parks will feel like beta variants, trust me.

The Open Road

Skate parks have changed a great deal since the absolute first skating computer games.

Who might have believed that a recreation center set on an expressway would have been so cool once upon a time?

This Open Road skatepark is a stunning looking and enjoyable to-play custom park set on a major expressway.

It highlights all that you would need from a decent park like decks, rails, and lines. Thank the skating divine beings for trucks: they truly get the unimaginable going.

Mechanical Zone

An exemplary among works of art, roused by one more work of art.

Mechanical Zone may not feel especially imaginative, since it’s just the 10,000th skatepark set in a neglected modern zone.

However, in case you’re a skate game fan, you will cherish it in any case.

Not only for the stunts you’ll have the option to pull off here, yet additionally on the grounds that it’s vigorously roused by the exemplary Skate games by EA.

Is that a tear gushing down your face? Should be the wistfulness.

Park Compilation – Revamped

Not one. Not two. Not three.

Be that as it may, four custom skate parks, at the cost of none!

The Park Compilation incorporates four diverse skate parks: two tore directly from the Skater portable application, a totally new one planned without any preparation, and another tore from True Skate.

These parks don’t attempt to do anything genuinely progressive here. In any case, their strong plan will keep you occupied for quite a long time.

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ChromaFix and MotionBlur Fix

Chromatic distortion is really regular in present day games.

Also, most titles these days come directly out of the crate with a choice to turn it off. Skater XL doesn’t, unfortunately.

In truth, there’s not something to be dismal about. As the ChromaFix and MotionBlurFix allows you to kill chromatic variation, yet additionally movement obscure.

I for one can’t bear motioning obscure by any stretch of the imagination, so engineer M4cs will have my undying appreciation from this point until the finish of time. One of the best Skater XL Mods.

Stuff Utils

You don’t have the foggiest idea about the importance of genuine customization until you download the Gear Utils mod.

This mod, which works with the most recent form of the game, gives you undeniably more authority over your character’s highlights.

You can change their facial hair and hair, adjust their shading decisions, and add a huge load of various stuff to your character.

Among the accessible choices are Obi Wan and Van Dyke, which I will not mention to you what they do here. Download it and check it out to perceive what this child can do.

The Sanctuary

The sacred places of skaters overall is here, only a single tick away.

Safe-haven is among the best custom parks made for Skater XL.

Roused by the Skate arrangement and a couple of other skating match-ups, the Sanctuary includes more dishes, lines, and rails than you can shake your board at.

Also, they stream unfathomably well with each other, permitting some astonishing combos or lines that will properly impel you into skating fame.

Hollywood High

Skate parks don’t generally should be muddled to be acceptable.

Actually like Hollywood High.

This custom guide is tiny. Yet, what it needs size, it compensates for it with style, as it highlights astounding lighting and the popular Hollywood High step.

It may not keep you occupied as long, however there’s simply such a huge amount to do here. Also, who wouldn’t wanna skate in LA?

Enormous City Remake

Gigantic. That is the situation for the Big City Remake map.

There are such countless things that make th

Details Menu

Visual customization is fine and dandy.

Be that as it may, what might be said about tweaking genuine details? No concerns, modders have us covered by and by.

Details Menu puts some genuine customization power in your grasp, permitting you to change practically the entirety of your skater’s details with some simple to-utilize sliders.

This makes the game a lot simpler, or more troublesome, contingent upon your inclinations.

As though the material science based interactivity wasn’t in-your-face enough, correct? A few group very need a test…

XXL Map Editor

At any point needed to be in all out control of your skating fate and get the opportunity to flaunt your guide creation abilities?

Well here you go my companion. The XXL Map Editor for Skater XL is a direct and simple guide supervisor mod.

It permits you to bring forth all sort of articles inside any guide, allowing you to make the best custom guide to share online for the idolization of thousands of skaters everywhere on the world. Simply make a point to show restraint here: the supervisor sets aside some effort to stack every one of the accessible articles. Also, going too quick will bring about calamity.

Or on the other hand rather, things not working as expected. Or on the other hand slamming.

XL Menu Mod

This Skater XL Menu mod is the personal satisfaction add-on that each player ought to download immediately.

This changes the guides menu, presenting better arranging for custom guides and in any event, showing a review picture, if accessible.

This likewise has an improved stuff menu and huge loads of new choices that let you conceal all authority gear from the character menu, giving you faster admittance to modded gear.

Furthermore, you can even turn on Dark Mode for all menus. A boon for your drained eyes at 2AM.

Quebec Skate Plaza

Skating match-ups are incredible. In any case, here and there they just can’t measure up to the genuine article.

Here and there, notwithstanding, they unquestionably do. One of the best Skater XL Mods.

Quebec Skate Plaza is a practically ideal entertainment of the genuine Quebec Skate Plaza around there, Canada. It includes every one of the items found in the genuine rendition of the skate park, and surprisingly a practically ideal proliferation of its environmental factors.

All in all, actually figure this game can’t measure up to reality?

Board Utilities

In Skater XL you can tweak basically anything however you would prefer.

In the event that you introduce the correct mods, that is.

Board Utilities gives you all out control on your board. Actually like, all things considered, eh?

This allows you to change length and width of your deck, in addition to its shape, and arrangement of your trucks. Also, your wheels as well, obviously.

Time to make the leading group you had always wanted a (augmented) experience.

XL Graphics

XL Graphics ought to have been called XXL Graphics, for the sheer measure of choices it gives.

This is the mod to download on the off chance that you have an exceptionally incredible PC and need Skater XL to exploit it.

Inside you’ll discover huge loads of various illustrations alternatives, just as camera changes that will allow you to make the game put its best self forward consistently.

Furthermore, you can kill on and a few impacts which are not every some tea. Stuff like focal point bending, vignette, or movement obscure.

Berlin XL

At the point when a skate park is excessively little for a custom guide, the lone activity is to reproduce a whole city.

Berlin XL is certainly among the most eager custom guide at any point made for the game.

It means to make Berlin’s road spots and stops playable in Skater XL. As consistent with life as could be expected, as well.

The guide is amazingly changed since it permits different skating styles, so download away if the game is beginning to feel somewhat lifeless for you.

Applewood Park

This Applewood Park map, similar to the Berlin XL guide, is one more one that all Skater XL players should test.

While the Berlin XL guide prides itself for being huge in size, the Applewood Park map is somewhat more modest. In any case, it actually accompanies an exceptionally close plan that will scrutinize your skating abilities.

In the event that you ace the guide and all the skate deceives you can deal with, at that point you can properly say you have become a Master XL. This is an absolute necessity attempt map as I would see it.

XL Multiplayer

With this XL Multiplayer mod, Skater XL gets one of the conclusive skating computer game encounters… and it’s straightforward why. One of the best Skater XL Mods.

After introduce, you’ll have the option to join any of the accessible public workers and play with different players everywhere on the world.

Even better, the mod additionally includes replay and replay-saving help. And surprisingly 1:1 activity, implying that all your custom stunts will be appeared to different players, regardless of whether they don’t have similar mods introduced.

A component for the genuine hotshots out there. Yet in addition an incredible method to skate with companions, essentially I mean.


The best way to fulfill your crave custom stunts is to introduce the XXL Mod.

While this additionally incorporates a few highlights found in others on this rundown, similar to the capacity to alter details, what separates the XXL Mod from all the others is the capacity to land pressure flips, one foot snatches, one foot manuals, and some different stunts that are not accessible in the vanilla game.

New ground stunts are consistently welcome.

You can even tweak how your legs move while playing out a portion of these stunts, showing an extraordinary meticulousness.

An unmistakable must-need to get more deceives taken care of for your next meeting.

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