10 Of The Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods in 2021 – Mods Diary

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods

There are many fantastic Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods that makes the game more enjoyable for players that give them a try.


Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) is a continuation of Electronic Arts‘ effort to change the darling Star Wars Battlefront games from longer than 10 years earlier. The game was disputable for some reasons, and gamers had a few grievances about how the game ended up. Fortunately for PC gamers, they have the way to amend a few highlights that they felt were either absent or distorted in this Star Wars shooter.

All things considered, PC gamers are inclined to modding the games they like also, and large numbers of the mods for Battlefront II are a work of affection. These mods are also great for gaming online, and will certainly help you stop wondering how to get Twitch followers. The following are ten of the best Star Wars: Battlefront II mods accessible on mainstream modding center, Nexus Mods.

No Holograms

This is an apparently minor adjustment that is in any case well known among players and modders the same. It replaces the default bring forth screen from Battlefront II, which utilizes multi dimensional images to address the character the player will produce as, with a high-constancy portrayal of a similar character as they will show up on the war zone.

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There are a few adaptations of this mod on Nexus, yet this specific rendition was made and transferred by client derwangler.

Deggial’s Jango Fett 2020

This mod viably presents the unbelievable abundance tracker Jango Fett to Battlefront II by adding him as a substitute skin for the prior Boba Fett model of the game. A great deal of work was placed into this one. Modder Deggial Nox even went similar to changing movements for Jango and adding his brand name blaster gun into the game to supplant Boba’s rifle.

The screen captures of this one look out and out shocking and show a devotion to reproducing the in the realm of the most up to date Battlefront II. Eminently, Jango Fett was a playable character in Battlefront II, yet even that game supplanted Jango’s blaster guns with an alternate weapon.

Ortho’s 4k Clone Legions And Clone Commandos

These are really two mods for Battlefront II zeroing in on redesigning and modifying the appearances of the Clone Trooper models. The primary, “4K Clone Legions” is the base mod made by Nexus clients Orthohex and Slypear. It improves the Clone Trooper defensive layer appearance and surface just as adding skins for well known Clone characters from the films and shows like Commander Cody, Gree, Bly, Captain Rex, Fives, and others. The one proviso is that Nexus gives this mod the “grown-up content” tag for bareness, yet it’s indistinct why this is the situation.

The “4K Clone Commandos” mod requires the “4K Clone Legions” mod to capacity and expands upon it with particular Clone Commando skins dependent on popular Commandos from Star Wars, prominently Boss, Sev, Fixer, and Scorch from the Star Wars: Republic Commando game and books.

Tricky’s Cinematic Lighting Overhaul And Cinematic Firefights III

This is another pair of visual redesigns coming from Nexus client Slyspear. The “Realistic Lighting Overhaul” knocks up the lighting on all guides to more readily coordinate with the movies, incredibly improving the visual nature of every region and causing each fight to feel slightly more terrific for the player.

The “Artistic Firefights III” mod lifts the tone and size of the blaster bolts shot from each character’s weapon in the game. It likewise gives a large number of the blaster bolts a one of a kind shape contingent upon the weapon that shot them. This one doesn’t need the lighting redesign mod to utilize, yet it is prescribed by Slyspear to match the two.

BetterSabers X

This is another style redesign that improves the visuals of the lightsabers in Battlefront II. It expands the brilliance and sparkle impacts while scaling back the movement trail left by the sharp edges. It additionally gives exceptional consideration to improving Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

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This one comes from Nexus modder Dulana57

Darth Malgus

This is another Deggial Nox mod that brings the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Sith Lord known as Darth Malgus to the battlefront by supplanting Darth Vader’s skin with Malgus.

Exceptional consideration was paid to this mod too, ensuring the computerized parts, fabric surfaces, and livelinesss are fit to Darth Malgus rather than Vader.

The Mandalorian

This mod is a gathering joint effort between Dulana57, AlexPo21, and a small bunch of other Nexus Mod clients that brings the famous Mandalorian, Din Djarin, to Star Wars: Battlefront II. This is an entirely novel character with particular capacities separating him from other saints in the game. This mod replaces the space recently taken up by Han Solo in the game.

Djarin’s forces incorporate the utilization of his Beskar skewer, flamethrower, Whistling Birds, and his heartbeat rifle. What’s more, the beat rifle is likewise a force that can be prepared by attack class characters in the game.

Man-made intelligence Arcade Overhaul

This is a far reaching improvement to the game’s AI characters that make for more ongoing interaction customization just as more astute adversaries. Among the enhancements incorporate running for the AI adversaries, better accident evasion in dogfights, and the capacity for AI to prepare any of the starcard redesigns.

It additionally presents a 25 versus 25 mode for arcade mode and permits players to modify the full loadout for the two players and AI characters. This amazing and intensive arcade overhaul comes to us from Nexus client krazivan777.


This mod is pretty much as clear as its name recommends; it once again introduces split-screen mode to the PC form of Battlefront II. Notwithstanding being a capacity in the comfort ports of the game, it’s not really an alternative in the PC cycle of the title. Be that as it may, Nexus mod clients Otherbenji and CadeVsGaming have corrected this exclusion.

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Playing split-screen with your companions was a darling component of the first Battlefront discharges, and numerous players justifiably need it back with the more up to date games. On account of these two modders, you can have splitscreen once more.

Moment Action Improvements

At last, we have the Instant Action Improvements mod, which is a tremendous and thorough move up to the Instant Action framework in Star Wars: Battlefront II from clients Mophead and Cade just as a huge number of other modders.

This is a gigantic mod task that handles everything from visuals to skins ongoing interaction mechanics to menu reordering to even extra classes usable in the game. This is a monster of a mod that hugely supes up your Battlefront II experience and shows a noteworthy measure of enthusiasm and difficult work from the improvement group. Hope you love reading “Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods”


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