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Subnautica Mods

Subnautica is an incredible game which permits players to investigate a submerged world. Read about best Subnautica Mods of all time.


Subnautica is an incredible game which permits players to investigate a submerged world loaded up with perilous monsters and enticing privileged insights. And keeping in mind that the game is without a doubt amusing to play, there are mods accessible that make it far better. Here are the best Subnautica mods you can’t survive without.

More Quickslots

You get a ton of opportunity and alternatives to do as you wish in Subnautica. It’s bizarre, at that point, that the game just gives you six quickslots to play with, particularly when you can assemble near 10 usable devices.

This mod permits you to build the quantity of quickslots up to a significantly more valuable 12, each with a hotkey name to make it simpler to recognize from the rest.

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It’s a generally little switch yet genuinely saves the time you’d normally spend looking for a thing and it is unquestionably a standout amongst other Subnautica mods.

No More Vehicle Attacks

Subnautica’s Creation Mode permits players to investigate the profound dim seas at their own impulse.

They can construct and mess about in the sandbox without the concern of propelling the story.

Materials and Blueprints are not needed for creating, and vehicles and Sea bases don’t expect Energy to work and can’t be harmed.

Issue is, you can in any case get assaulted in this mode, which is the reason the modding local area included an imperceptible mod.

This is just fine in case you’re hoping to stay outside of your vehicle yet for those needing to investigate further, this mod will prevent foes from assaulting steered vehicles.

Base Clocks

As a rule it’s the more modest mods which have the most effect.

This is totally the situation with the Base Clocks mod, one of our best Subnautica mods, which adds two new buildables to the territory developer.

In ordinary time mode a check will show the in-game time, and in framework time mode it will show your present framework time.

It requires QMods and Modding Helper to run, so make certain to introduce them prior to adding the Base Clocks mod.

Custom Food

Subnautica offers a quite fair degree of assortment in its in-game things, however there’s consistently opportunity to get better.

This mod adds 12 Customizable Consumables: six juices and six cakes.

The cool thing about this mod is that you can change their names, water, food, tooltips, shadings and plans.

It goes a little method to improve the food decisions in the game, and adds another layer of customization for the player.

Prawn Upgrade Access

The Prawn Suit in Subnautica is a bipedal mechanical walker intended for use in extraordinary pressing factor and zero-gravity conditions.

It permits players to move rapidly across the ocean bed and accompanies its own guide.

The suit includes an assortment of tradable arm-instruments from drills to catch snares.

Customarily, the player needs to leave the vehicle to make redesigns and trade out the arms, which can be a torment thinking about how frequently you will in general go among drill and catch instruments.

With this mod, players can change prawn overhauls and arms while guiding the prawn suit, saving a great deal of time.

Squeezing space 1 or 2 will raise the overhauls PDA.

Another illustration of a little mod that makes the game a more charming encounter. This guide mod adds a guide to the PDA on the “Reference point Manager” tab, making access significantly quicker, and is one of our decisions for best Subnautica mods.

The guide opens with the M key, and the Ping Manager with N. You can add followed symbols to the guide including those for wrecks, warmth, and vents, with distant guide room filtering additionally accessible.

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There are a few sorts and levels of guides (geological, biomes, Jellyshroom, Lost River, Inactive Lava Zone, Active Lava Zone), and furthermore the capacity to dole out shadings to specific regions.

Docked Vehicle Storage

Stock administration is a major piece of Subnautica, with the riches of an exploratory run generally eliminated from the docked vehicle by hand.

This mod adds another storage that naturally separates the things out of the vehicle’s stockpiling when you dock it in your base or your Cyclops.

Furthermore, it adds a docked vehicle the board terminal into the Moon Pool.

It’s a colossal efficient device which kills one of the more insensitive parts of the game.

Lively Shader

Useful mods are fine and dandy, however now and then you simply need to make a game look prettier.

I say prettier on the grounds that Subnautica is now an excellent looking game, giving a rich submerged world a particular and light workmanship style.

This mod adds significantly more energy to the world, making it look shockingly better, and is certainly extraordinary compared to other Subnautica mods with regards to visual upgrades.

It can without much of a stretch be flipped on or off utilizing F10, so it’s not difficult to check whether it’s a shader you need to oblige.

Improved Alien Containment

The Alien Containment is an enormous, barrel shaped aquarium which can be loaded up with Fauna that has been gotten or brought forth by the player.

It very well may be utilized to raise creatures of similar species, with it bit by bit topping off with up to 10 creatures. Vegetation can likewise be added in, and can effectsly affect the regulation’s occupants.

This mod adds a degree of profundity to the Alien Containment, adding a prerequisite that particular plants are available in the regulation’s grower before eggs can be laid or incubated.

It likewise permits players to control the base utilizing caught Ampeels contained inside the Alien Containment.

Hard Mode Shader

Subnautica has a wide range of trouble levels accessible to the player. Endurance Mode is the game’s ordinary setting, with almost no punishment for biting the dust.

In-your-face makes everything a stride further, confining assets like food and oxygen, adding up to a significantly more troublesome experience. An extraordinary method to sit some place in the middle of the two is to utilize this mod.

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It adds a dull shader to the game, making investigation more risky and requiring the player to utilize a spotlight.

It adds a creepiness to the procedures which definitely adjusts the tone and feel of the game, causing it to feel more outsider and antagonistic thus.

Overhauled Vehicles

To shake things up a smidgen from the mid-game stage ahead, this Upgraded Vehicles mod adds a couple of new vehicles to your game to mess with.

These are somewhat more strong and some of them don’t need any overhaul modules.

The mod additionally adds a couple new things to improve your survivability and better harm decrease, and is quite possibly the most helpful, and best Subnautica mods you can download.


As the name proposes, this mod smoothes out the creating interaction in Subnautica so you don’t need to burn through as much time jumbling around in menus.

With this mod, you can naturally create things from a diagram, while utilizing fixings and assets that you may have in close by capacity units.


This is an exceptionally straightforward personal satisfaction mod that should make it simpler for you to find the materials you need to create a thing.

You should simply stick a plan of the thing you need to create, and the game will monitor what different materials or assets you need to finish the making cycle. It’s not much, but rather it takes care of business.


Nothing in more baffling than getting back to your base, and afterward attempting to look through your capacity holders for a specific thing you need at that point.

This AutosortLockers mod will consequently clean up the entirety of your garbage in your compartments, making it a lot simpler for you to discover what you’re searching for.


One more personal satisfaction mod, this one permits you to fix your vehicles effectively directly from the Moonpool!

You should simply dock the vehicle in the Moonpool, and the mod will wrap up.

No issue by any means.

Seamoth Storage Access

This is a lovely basic, yet powerful, mod.

To give players more noteworthy straightforward entry to their inventories, and simply make things more helpful generally, the Seamoth Storage Access mod allows you to get to the Seamoth stockpiling compartments from inside the Seamoth itself, which implies you don’t need to go outside to cooperate with them.

Fish Overflow Distributor

In the event that you like having fish in Subnautica, you should seriously mull over introducing this mod for your next interactivity meeting.

At the point when you breed fish in the outsider control, they will be naturally moved to bio reactors inside a similar base once the actual regulation is full.

This will permit the reproducing cycle to proceed without you doing any additional means.

Improvements Mod

This mod is for the individuals who love enriching. It adds a fabricator, which allows you to make new things for your base.

The accompanying things will be accessible to make:

5 unique banners

7 diverse glass compartments

3 distinctive lab types of gear

3 diverse lab furnishings

3 distinct PCs (adjustable)

10 diverse circuit boxes

5 distinct jugs

2 distinct cups

3 distinct dishes

7 diverse office supplies

6 distinctive leviathan dolls

6 distinct skeletons parts

3 unique embellishments

4 distinctive toys

Vehicle Module Fabricator

In case you’re worn out on going to the Moonpool all an opportunity to redesign your vehicles, this mod eliminates the entirety of that problem and bother.

The Vehicle Module Fabricator adds another fabricator to the game for vehicle modules and overhauls so you can update your vehicle anyplace you need.

Sensible Recipes and Increased Difficulty

This mod is for players who need a greater test in Subnautica.

As the title proposes, this mod will change costs for all outlines to make them a smidgen more sensible, and furthermore make the game all in all really difficult, yet in addition fun in another way.

We don’t suggest this for newbies obviously, however veterans may be keen on this.

That does it for our rundown of the best Subnautica mods you totally can’t continue to play without! Tell us any we may have missed down beneath.

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