The 10 Best Slushies at Sonic, Ranked

Experiencing childhood in Texas, I have distinctive cherished recollections of pulling up late to Sonic at night (Sonic is open until 12 PM or later in the mid year) and requesting a frozen, sweet, sugary slushie. Whether you’re tasting up that sweet frigid nectar in the late spring’s night heat, utilizing it to chill around mid-afternoon, or getting one some other time for an all year treat, newbies and specialists the same can feel overpowered by Sonic’s 1,063,953 beverage choices, so I limited it down to the 10 best slushies at Sonic.

10. Green Apple

Getting going with a work of art, green apple slushies are tart, sweet, and help me generally to remember a Jolly Rancher. It doesn’t taste similar as genuine organic product, yet that radioactive green tone ought to most likely tip you off on that.


POWERADE® Mountain Blast® Slush | Sonic, Drive-In. A scrumptious, slushy combination of squashed ice and POWERADE® Mountain Blast® flavor.

Perhaps this is cheating since it’s POWERADE poured over ice rather than a flavor one of a kind to Sonic, yet I couldn’t realistically imagine a superior method for getting your electrolytes than a sweet, pungent, Blue Mountain POWERADE slushie.

8. Blue Coconut

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This one was a #1 of my experience growing up. It tastes more coconut than blue (blueberry?), however this flavor is invigorating, tropical, and a genuine Sonic work of art.

7. Frozen Sweet Tea

Inexpensive FOOD NEWS: Sonic Frozen Sweet Teas – The Impulsive BuyPublished bywaes christel

As a Southern young lady, I positively am inclined toward sweet tea: yet this is a two sided deal, as I am likewise generally a sweet tea epicurean. I’ve had my portion of sweet teas, and Sonic’s frozen one would rank toward the first spot on the list. It could actually be the world’s ideal equilibrium of sweet, tea, and frozen.

6. Watermelon Lime

This one was roused by a Pinterest post I saw quite a while in the past. Like any red-blooded American I frequently wind up needing watermelon in the mid year, however I viewed the syrup at Sonic as altogether too sweet for my enjoying. On one occasion I chose to toss some sharpness in with the general mish-mash, and from that point forward, I won’t ever think back.

5. Lemon Berry

This is the first on my rundown that is really made of genuine organic product. While lemon berry isn’t on the menu any longer, I’m almost certain any laborer at Sonic will recall how to make this optimal blend of genuine strawberries and lemons. My main thing from this slush is draining the strawberry pieces out of the lower part of my straw.

4. Frozen Classic Limeade

As may be obvious, I love the ideal equilibrium of acrid and sweet. Limeade for me is superior to lemonade since it’s somewhat more tart, and pouring anything over slushie ice has been deductively demonstrated to make it 10x more delightful.

3. Pineapple Real Fruit

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Caroline Liu

While pineapple has been getting some regrettable press recently, it will constantly be an ideal organic product in my book. It’s tart, sweet, tart, splendid, tropical; all that you might actually want in an organic product. Sonic plainly has had the option to perceive its flawlessness, which is the reason they utilize genuine pineapples in this must-attempt slush.

2. Frozen Cherry Lemonade

Like the watermelon syrup, cherry is an exemplary flavor that will in general be all in all too sweet for me in its regular structure. Include lemonade, and you’ll wind up dependent on this summery combo.

1. Frozen Peach Tea

I battled briefly attempting to track down the words to satisfactorily convey the flawlessness that is the frozen peach tea, yet all I could concoct is… you need to attempt it for yourself.

Those are my ten top choices, however the various mixes are almost perpetual! Whether you adhere to the works of art or embarked on a mission to turn into a Sonic mixologist, no late spring is finished without a yummy slushie to beat the intensity!