The M1 home broadband is the best for fast networking

The M1 home broadband provides a fast, reliable and affordable internet connection for your home. It starts with the installation of an M1 broadband modem in your home to provide high-speed wired or wireless connections throughout your property.

The type of connection you require will depend on the number of devices that connect at once, which rooms need WiFi coverage and what speed is required for each device – from laptops and smartphones through to tablets, smart TVs or gaming consoles. Why consider M1 home broadband:

You can then make the most of your internet connection with the internet-ready M1 home routers. This includes:

An M1 WiFi modem for those devices that require a wireless connection, such as laptops or smartphones. You can connect a range of other devices to it, including smart TVs and gaming consoles. We have wifi services routers with built-in USB ports so you can also share this internet connection – smartphone users can plug their phones into the router to access their media content while PC owners have access to files on their PC.

M1 4G+ fixed broadband offers a faster, more reliable home internet connection using 4G mobile or fixed broadband plans. You get the same benefits as our Wi-Fi router, but without having to install new WiFi equipment in each room of your house. If you’re looking for greater speed than what our standard broadband offers, we offer plans starting from £15 per month for an M1 4G+ faster service – perfect for online gaming and streaming when used with our Wi-Fi modem router and an M2 fiber connection at home or office.

You can select a speed that will suit your needs, with different speeds available depending on the type of device you want to connect. If you want to maximize your range, any of our WiFi routers come with a maximum range of 300-400 meters (1,000-1,500 ft) and are ideal for use in small apartments or home offices where multiple devices need to be connected.

For bigger homes, an M1 fiber broadband connection could work better for you. This is the ultimate broadband connection – something that’s not available from your cable provider and comes with:

No throttling of your speed, meaning that you’ll never be left waiting while you download a file or use the internet.

A faster internet speed than others, with download speeds usually around 80Mbps and uploads of over 40Mbps. This is ideal for streaming and online gaming, plus it connects all your devices in an instant – so you can connect a range of devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

M1 fiber broadband also offers video on demand (VoD), high definition downloads and more advanced speeds that make it ideal for online gaming consoles like PS4 or XBox One. Plus we have plans from as little as £15 per month for our M1 fiber broadband – perfect for larger homes or business customers looking to stream movies and videos on the go.

If you’re more tech savvy, you can even watch porn with us. Our new M2 fiber broadband service offers download speeds of up to 300Mbps – which is about six times faster than average broadband speed in Singapore. This means you’ll be able to download a movie in less than one minute and upload a large file in less than 30 seconds if you have an M2 fiber connection with Virgin Media’s top tier package.