The Step By Step Guide To Editing Your First Video

Editing Your First Video

You might be afraid of working with video content, but you will have to start somewhere. You might struggle a bit when you make your first video, but you will ace the art of making and editing videos with time and practice. Several things go into making a video, and you must be aware of all of these essentials. 

Learning to edit videos is not that difficult. You can use an online video editor to edit the videos you shoot and make them worth uploading. There are several tools to aid you with the video editing process. You can try your hands on all of these tools. A video maker also gives you a choice to choose from several templates to make video editing a lot easier. Before you start editing your videos, you must refer to this guide to get an overall understanding of how you can approach video editing.

Essentials of Video Editing

There might be chances that you haven’t edited a video before. Don’t rush through the entire process. You can start with understanding the software first, and then you can use the tools that the software has to offer. Let’s move on to the steps that go into creating the videos.


Before you start editing your videos using an online video editor, you must organize all of your equipment and figure out what you need to create and edit the video. It would be best if you had your computer in front of you. It would help if you also had a camera and a microphone with you using which you will capture the video and record the sound or the voice you want in the video. Decluttering the space where you will be recording your video is extremely important. You must also create a dedicated folder on your laptop where you will store all the files related to the video content that you are making. 


Recording a video can be considered one of the essential steps in the video-making process. It would be best to have an excellent camera to record a good quality video. If you do not have a professional camera, you can also use a smartphone to record the video. Smartphones these days have excellent quality cameras and can record videos in full HD. Also, record the right length of video so that at a later stage, you don’t have to make a lot of edits. Once you start recording, make sure that your video is consistent and there are no background noises where you are trying to record your video. You should also make sure that your video is of the optimum length. 


Once you are done recording your video, you will have to prepare the video maker where you will be editing your video. You can start with a blank template to upload your raw file and begin editing the video. There are high chances that the video editor you are using might have some pre-designed templates. You can also use an existing template that blends well with your video. Once you have decided on the template, you can trim the video. You can remove the unnecessary parts of the video that do not fit well with the content or have not been recorded correctly. 

Editing might take time, and you must be patient while editing your videos. You can also cut the parts of the video that are not desirable. Generally, there is some additional footage at the beginning and the end of every video. You need to cut those parts to start editing your video. Once you are done with these basic steps, you can keep editing the videos furthermore and you can make them ready for social media and make them more shareable.

Add Audio

Any video that you create is incomplete without audio. All the video editors out there give you an option to add audio to your videos. You can mute any unnecessary noise coming from the background and then add an audio track that compliments your videos. 

You need to be very careful while selecting your audio track. You cannot add a rock music track to a serene video that focuses on the beauty of nature. It would help if you experimented and then browsed some audio tracks that you can add to the video and then decided on the final track you will be using. 

Get the viewers’ attention.

If you want your viewers to click on your video and enjoy it, you will have to put in that additional effort. Adding audio to your video clip is not enough. You will have to make your videos so engaging that it becomes a piece of art. Your video must have a coherent script that makes some sense to the audience who is watching the video. You can add a compelling monologue or some beautiful shots to make your video impressive. You can also zoom in on the screen to focus on a particular object and show some details to your viewers. You can also shut any audio and add your voiceover to convey your message to your viewers. There are plenty of videos out there, but only those making an impact that uses the elements of effective storytelling. 

Do not overdo

A video editor can be fascinating if you use it first. You might want to add all kinds of effects and use all tools while editing your first video. However, it is imperative to do everything in the correct proportion. It would be best to go overboard with your video editing. Overdoing things on your video can negatively impact all of your viewers. Therefore, you should use editing to an optimum.


Video editing can be an intimidating process, but you might start enjoying it with practice. If you focus on creating great content, the video editor will aid you through the entire process. You must follow all of the steps listed above to create great content.

By Michael Caine

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