Understanding Hat Etiquettes to Don a Cowboy Hat


Of all the precious items belonging to the western fashion, the cowboy hat is the most vital. There are various colors, shapes, sizes, and pattern options. The exquisite style has grabbed attention in modern times. Ever since its inception, it has come a long way and caters to distinct categories of society. Although it was primarily meant for a functional purpose, it has slowly grabbed the position of glamorous headwear.

Today, cowboy hats get extensively used in the fashion industry, and they have become an expensive accessory used among women and men. Talking specifically about male cowboy hats, they have a distinct appearance with a curved brim and well-structured crown. The hatband is another distinguishing feature of cowboy hats that makes the headwear appears attractive.

While wearing cowboy hats, you have to be cautious of a few etiquettes. These manners speak tons about your personality and sense of style. Hence, you have to be careful of the following points:

• While entering a building, you must remove your hat.

• If you are in an informal gathering, you may put the hat on your head, but that does not go with formal events.

• When sitting at the table for your meal, you must remove your hat and place it on the table or somewhere else where you can ensure its safety.

• When introducing yourself to a stranger, it’s better to keep the hat away or hold it in the other hand.

There are some crucial points that all hat wearers must keep in mind while wearing the headwear. These etiquettes have come down from one generation to the other and impact society at large.

A few standard points of hat etiquette

Originally, straw hats were ideal for the summer season and felt hats for the winter. Although there was logic in that, things have slowly changed. The erratic fashion rule dictated that felt is worn by the labor class, while straw hats are for the sophisticated section of society. Although there is less logic in this, the hat’s material was a major deterministic factor. If it is super-hot, you may want to go for straw hats that are breathable and easy to handle. If it is cold, felt hats would be a comfortable option compared to straw hats. Moreover, if you attend a formal event, you would probably want to go for a felt hat rather than a straw hat. So it’s common sense that guides you in styling hats correctly.

Discrete points of view

Two specific schools of thought originated in the area. One school believes while removing or putting on the hat, holding the headwear by the brim just next to the crown is ideal. Another school accepts handling the brim as not an option as that affects the stature. Remember that hat handling that causes bending or flexing of the crown or rim will weaken the fabric in the long run. The more severe the bend or flex is, the sooner the headwear will lose the natural ability to maintain shape.

While traveling with hats, people use hat boxes that come with a handle. These solid containers protect the headwear from environmental and physical damage, but it is somewhat expensive. If you feel that you cannot purchase it, simply carry it in a plastic bag but do handle it with care.

When would you take out your cowboy hat?

As mentioned earlier, there are a few instances when you have to remove your cowboy hat as a matter of etiquette. Apart from the above-given points, experts have put forward a few other situations, which are listed below:

• During a pledge, national anthem, while in the church, during a prayer session, or indoor wedding, you must take off your hat. Hold the hat in your left hand while placing the right hand over the hat. You can also do it the other way if you are comfortable. Either way is acceptable.

• When introducing yourself to a person, it’s better to remove the hat. Remove the headwear with the help of your left hand while shaking your hand with the other person.

• You must remove your headwear when you speak to an elderly individual or a person of high position like a priest, pastor, or clergy.

• When you initiate a conversation with an individual.

• Generally, disbelieved to be a kind gesture to remove the head while in the private room unless others want to keep you wearing the hat.

If you want to impress others with your headwear, you have to be cautious of these points. Only wearing a hat is not enough. The way you handle the headwear says a lot about your personality.

Go for the correct size

When purchasing a cowboy hat, you must get the correct size. Too big or too small shall never be appropriate for you. If you buy oversized hats, they will blow away even in a light breeze. On the other hand, too small a hat will squeeze your forehead and give you a headache. For understanding which head size is appropriate for you, you can refer to the size chart available in the local stores. They are also available in online stores where you have a guide to assist you. You may learn more about cowboy hat from digital media, a free resource that can add to your sea of knowledge.

Hold the hat correctly

Proper handling of the hat is essential when you are in public. The way you remove your cap, how you hold the crown, hold it not to expose the lining as it says a lot about your etiquette and manners.

Now that you know so much about hat care and selecting the cap, it’s time to run down to the market. If you are not comfortable purchasing a hat from local stores, you can take the help of a digital forum. You have multiple retailers operating online to assist you in this regard. When purchasing a hat, you have to be cautious of the material because that dictates various things—the occasion, your taste, budget, or other deterministic factors will influence material selection.

Last but not the least; you have to be cautious of selecting the correct size because that will give you a distinct appearance with an exquisite touch.

By Michael Caine

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