What kind of packaging options are available for shipping?

Custom Shipping Boxes

     What kind of packaging options are available for shipping?           

Custom Shipping Boxes are an ideal way of packing and transferring things when it comes to sending them over distances. As the world has progressed a lot and so has the connectivity. And thus packaging and Shipping have never been this much versatile as it has become now. Custom Packaging Boxes come in different forms, designs and sizes depending on the nature of things inside them. Hence

There is a little bit of magic in every box.

Kinds of packaging Boxes:
1. Tuck Boxes
2. Kraft Boxes
3. Cardboard Boxes
4. Corrugated Boxes
Although Tuck and Kraft Boxes are light in their stuff and material and are used for lighter things ,yet they are strong in matter. Whereas Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes provide better cushioning and compression resistance.And so Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes are commonly used for shipping purposes over large distances and for heavier materials. Hence Custom Packaging Boxes have the following things on them; Name of the Company, Logo of the Company, Instructions and Specifications of the material inside.
There are many benefits of Custom Shipping Boxes;
1. Safety Boxes
As  Shipping Boxes are meant to keep the things inside them safe and secure. And so the corrugated material used in packaging boxes is the best thing to keep the shipped material in its best form and condition. Whether its some kind of eatables and food, something to wear, any kind of home décor or some light machinery, all the things are transferred securely because of these packaging boxes. They are easily manageable and protective.
2. Easy to handle:
The shipping boxes are not heavy weight in themselves. This saves them from adding onto the weight of things inside them. The corrugation of boxes in form of ‘flutes’ saves them from any kind of damage like breaking or getting burnt etc. The flutes make these boxes the most used form of transport packaging at a percentage ratio of 95%. They are the most durable way. And the more the flutes, the more the thickness and thus the protectivity of the packaging boxes.
3. Customized Boxes:
The biggest quality of the shipping boxes is their customization. Now one can get his box designed according to his wishes. If it is a birthday box and carries a gift for the receiver, one can put the birthday wish on the box and beautify it with some designs and colors. Customized boxes come in many sizes in accordance with the size of things inside. They come in different forms as Tuck Flap Boxes, Double Tuck Flap Boxes, Punch Boxes, Gable Boxes, Pillow Boxes and Sleeve Boxes and many others.
4. Eco Friendly Boxes:
Customized Shipping Boxes are eco friendly boxes. The environmental factor is a major concern in the present times. And in order to be compatible with environment and to keep it favorable, eco friendly material is used in shipping boxes. They have no hazardous effects.
5. Affordability:
Another benefit of customized shipping boxes is their affordability. So when shipping is done according to size, no excess packing material is needed and no extra weight is put on. This thus enhances the affordability and reliability of these boxes. And for every business saving on shipping is a valuable asset indeed.
6. Customers’ Choice:
So the Customers are always attracted to the thing that is as beautiful from outside as it is from inside.And they go for presentation of the things as first impression is the last impression. And same goes for packaging boxes. Not only a decent and neat packing not only attracts the customers but also earns their valuable favors. This in fact enhances the connection with one’s customers. Therefore, providing your logo and company tag on custom boxes can give your customers an awareness and a possibility for next orders. Providing information on how these boxes can be reused and recycled without any environmental hazards grasp your customers’ favors and increases the use of these packaging boxes along with being economical.

Benefits of Custom Packaging:
Custom Packaging holds the following benefits;
1. Distinguishing one’s brand:
Custom Packaging with proper label and outlook can make your brand a trend tag and prominent from others and enhances your influence. Hence , Customizing your packaging boxes represents your creativity and efficiency and let your brand stand out among all.
2. Designs and muses market your products:
As attractive shapes and designs give an edge to your business and so bring in more customers who really know the value of presentation. As it happens often that you go to some shop and buy a particular thing just because it was looking nice from outside even though you did not intend to buy it in the first place. And so the alluring look and design of the box actually attracted you. This is the use of the design.
3. Labels represent the quality of the product inside:
Putting the company’s name, logo, and address along with necessary instructions is an easy and affordable way of lifting up your company’s name and nature of working. As stickers and stamps attract the attention of the customers and they then may come to you for more orders in future. Viewership is directly proportional to customer ship.
4. Description increases reliability:
When you give instructions and descriptions on your packaging boxes for the products inside, it thus automatically gets the attention of the customers and receivers and earn their trust and reliance on you. The more expressive and co operative one is in his business; the more people will get to him for fulfilments of their needs.
5. Secure Packing saves the things:
As Gone are the days when packing and transferring things from one place to another was a great deal, so now people prefer to transfer them in the best form and the best way possible. No matter what the quality of the products is, these secure packaging sustains it. Even the wax of the candle does not melt in these packaging boxes when you provide the best quality material to the customers.
Hence all these are the benefits of Custom packaging and shipping and are thus the reasons why to deal in custom packaging boxes.

By Michael Caine

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