Why Gratitude Is So Motivating – 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits 

Gratitude involves reflecting on the positive things in your life. It may also include being thankful to people for their help rather than being ungrateful. It is one of the most discussed topics in positive psychology.  

Positive psychology shows that gratitude encompasses graciousness, grace, or gratefulness. People can appreciate the goodness in their lives with gratitude. As a reward for being grateful, people can connect with larger individuals or things.  

The act of gratitude is continuously and strongly associated with happiness. It touches many aspects of our lives and does not require much time. Appreciation includes many benefits like better sleep, increased happiness, a strengthened immune system, and increased physical and emotional health.  

Expressing gratitude improves one’s outlook on life. Being thankful for what you have will make you feel contented, optimistic, and less regretful or frustrated. Gratitude increases confidence.  

Why Gratitude Is So Motivating – 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits 

Do you crave more from your life? 

What if I told you that one strategy could improve several areas of your life? 

That strategy that can help you is developing the habit of gratitude. An act of gratitude does not require a considerable cost. In this civilized era, various games have emerged to help people stay happy, thereby making it easy to develop a habit of gratitude. One of such games is playing gratitude deck cards.  

Playing deck cards is more than just a fun way to unwind. It offers several health benefits like alleviating stress, encouraging socialization, and keeping our minds sharp. The joy of playing deck cards helps reconnect with the childlike aspect, thereby improving your psychological outlook.  

Suppose you are someone who would appreciate that your style reflects in your playing cards. Why not? Treating yourself to a beautiful card decks is an excellent thrill that you can enjoy for many years when you spread out your cards on your table.  

Here are seven scientifically-proven benefits of gratitude: 

Boosts Happiness 

What is happiness? 

Happiness is a persistent feeling of how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel.  

Being conscious of what we have makes us feel optimistic about our lives. It makes us reflect less on the ones we don’t, which helps keep negativity at bay.  

Making a daily gratitude journal for five minutes can boost your well-being and enhance long-term happiness. Equivalent to the same impact as doubling your income.  

Gratitude Improves Our Friendships And Creates New Ones 

Gratitude can help you win new friends and improve your relationship with old ones. Acknowledging your friend’s contribution can increase your chances of working on a problem of particular concern with them.  

Saying “thank you” is a suitable manner that may lead to new opportunities.  

Gratitude can make an acquaintance seek a relationship with you, thus helping you to win more friends. Being thankful dramatically contributes to your relationship with friends and acquaintances.  

Boosts Mental Strength

Research has shown that gratitude plays a significant role in boosting mental strength. It further reduces stress and helps to overcome trauma.  

Recognizing everything you have to be thankful for fosters resilience, therefore making gratitude a great contributor to resiliency.  

A high level of gratitude will positively impact your depression. This means we can increase our mental strength and psychological well-being by embodying gratitude in our lives.  

Boosts Physical Health 

Expressing gratitude is associated with a host of physical benefits. People who kept a gratitude journal reported fewer pains, aches, congestion, and we’re healthier.  

Interestingly, grateful people tend to take care of their health. They are more likely to go for check-ups and exercise more often, which will likely contribute to further longevity.

Being grateful facilitates positive emotions. Gratitude keeps envy at bay. What could a grateful person possibly be envious of? Nothing! 

Gratitude can reduce a multitude of toxic emotions. Conversely, positive emotions can be improved.   

People who express gratitude are more likely to behave prosocially irrespective of other people’s behavior. They are less likely to retaliate and reflect more empathy.  

Boosts Self Esteem 

Practicing gratitude can help you to feel better about yourself. People who express their gratitude are more satisfied with their lives and have greater self-esteem.  

Grateful people appreciate other people’s accomplishments rather than resent them. This is an essential factor in self-esteem.

Gratitude makes you more social, pleasant, appreciative, and trustworthy, increasing your social capital. It will help you make more friends and grant you access to more social support.  

People with more extensive social networks have access to the social support they might need to get through difficult times. Several other social benefits encircle this.  


Everyone has the opportunity and ability to practice gratitude. Rather than complaining about the things you lack, focus on the ones you have and take a few moments to appreciate them. Developing a grateful attitude is one of the significant steps to being satisfied with your life.  

Choosing to express gratitude is an easy way to increase happiness. There is a link between gratitude and joy. When people choose to be thankful, it positively reflects their psychological and physical health. Our bodies release wonderful hormones when we feel happiness.  

By Michael Caine

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