Window Box Packaging and Display Boxes Packaging: Which One is for You?


Packaging your products is an important part of the selling process. If you want to make money, you need to package your products well and sell them at a competitive price. There are many types of packaging available today, but two very popular types among retailers are window box packaging and display boxes packaging. Which one should you choose? Read this blog post for more information!

Window boxes and display boxes are both types of packages that can be used to package your products. The custom cartridge packaging is an example of this kind. However, they offer different benefits and disadvantages. For example, window boxes offer a more appealing appearance than display boxes. This is because you can see the product through the box, but this packaging is heavier and less sturdy than its counterpart–display boxes.

On the other hand, Display Boxes have as eye-catching an appearance as window boxes. Since they’re not transparent, but it is much lighter and sturdier than window box packaging, making them more suitable for shipping purposes. 

Ultimately, it depends on what you want to achieve by choosing one type or package for your products that determine which one would best suit your needs. In this blog, I will tell you about both types of packages. So, keep reading!

Window Box Packaging:

Firstly, window box packaging is one type of package with a transparent front that allows you to see your product through it. This type of package can be designed in different shapes and sizes depending on your products.

Moreover, this kind of packaging also gives more space for branding purposes than display boxes because you can print more information.

Display Boxes Packaging:

The second type of packaging that I want to tell you about is display boxes. Display boxes are a kind of package without an opening for a window. This is transparent so that people can see the products on the inside. It has your company logo and contact information on it too. Moreover, this kind of packaging protects your products from damages during transportation better than a window box does too!

Similarities between Window Box Packaging and Display Box Packaging:

Because both types of packages offer an adequate area for branding, you may combine them with other marketing materials such as leaflets and so on. Some other similarities are:

Increased Customer Attraction:

Both types of display boxes provide a way for customers to be attracted to your products. This is because they can easily see the actual size, color, and shape of the product inside them. That is why you will have a better chance of getting people’s attention with these kinds of boxes because they have been designed to attract more visitors.

Protection and Organization of Goods:

Both types of packaging boxes help to protect your products and keep them organized. You can also use these kinds of packaging boxes for various purposes like storage, display, and transportation too! Window boxes are used to protect your goods. They are good because they allow you to organize your things. You should use window boxes when moving things from one place to another so that the other person does not scratch them.

Aesthetic Appeal:

With their beautiful designs based on nature, window box packing boxes and showcase packagings provide a stunning aesthetic appeal that attracts customers’ attention to them. In addition, they have an eye-catching design which is the key factor that attracts potential customers to your products.

Differences between Window Box Packaging and Display Boxes Packaging:

Some differences exist between the window box’s packaging and the display box’s packaging, too, apart from being similar. Let us talk about each difference separately here:

Size Difference:

As we know, there are two sizes of boxes. This might be a problem for you. It would be better if you went with the bigger size box because it can fit all your items and is more suitable.

Quality Difference:

Both varieties are made up of high-quality material. Still, their manufacturing process is different from each other, too, so there might arise a difference in quality at times because window boxes undergo injection molding. In contrast, a rotational molding technique features display boxes.

This causes an impact on the durability and strength of the packing materials. Sometimes they shrink or are uneven, which is why we use plastic rather than PET resin. It can be used more than once and doesn’t change shape as easily as other plastics.

If you buy cheap materials, you might get something that is not safe. Customers care about safety and durability. So, spend some money on good material to make the customer happy.

Which Type of Box Should You Use for Your Products?

As I mentioned earlier, both types have their pros and cons, but if we compare them, then display boxes are better than window box package. Here are few reasons behind my statement:

First of all, display boxes offer a wider range of colors while designing. In contrast, there is less variety in colors available for window boxes which affect their look, especially when they enter e-commerce platforms or other online stores leading towards low sales figures due to poor customer experience! When it comes to wholesale display boxes, the lead time for production is low compared to window box packaging, where it takes a long time.

Secondly, glass windows are more durable and reliable than plastic windows. Plastic windows are not good because they break easily. Glass is a better choice for outside use. When you have a product on an exhibition or outdoor event, display boxes look better than window box packages because customers can see the contents from both sides. Display boxes work well for outdoor events.

Use these boxes as per your product needs and requirements. It is up to you which one will suit your products in the best way! I hope this blog has given some meaningful information the window boxes and display boxes. Thanks for your anticipation!

By Michael Caine

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