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Cashmere, or simply cashmere, has been used to make clothing since the 3rd century BC. The more modern cashmere industry was founded in the 15th century by Zain-ul-Abidin. current ruler of Kashmir Whatever start date you use So long nothing happened. So what makes Kashmir so special?

The wool comes from the cashmere goat or “Capra hircus laniger” (remember this quiz!) Now no one knows if the goat’s name is fiber or goat. In any case, the receipt of cashmere wool from cashmere goats is easy to remember. But then again, what makes this fur so special?

Cashmere goats produce two layers of wool. The top layer is straight and coarse fibres, which must withstand the elements. The second layer is the soft undercoat and this “under” produces the soft cashmere we know well. It must be separated from the rough outer layer before being dyed and spun into yarn for wool gloves, sweaters, scarves, etc.

Cashmere wool is harvested once a year in the spring. And each goat produces more than 150 grams, or just 5 ounces, of wool. Compare that to a merino sheep that produces 6-13 pounds of wool per year, or a good quality Pippin merino that can produce up to 35 pounds of wool per year. year! It takes two goats to make enough wool for a double-layer sweater (according to the CCMI Manufacturing Institute [published]), so you can see why cashmere sweaters are more expensive. If you are going to buy Fingerless gloves visit our store.

Is it worth the money? I think so. Cashmere is lightweight yet very warm and soft. Other coats are heavier and cheaper coats can sometimes scratch or itch. Pure cashmere travels well because it does not wrinkle and softens with age. They rarely form granules (the annoying little spots that appear on your shirt after washing) and should last with proper care.

The fingerless cashmere gloves are as soft as a sweater on your hands! When shopping, look for pure cashmere to get all the benefits. If you’re on a budget Try mixing cashmere with silk. Because silk adds a little more shine while providing most of the benefits of cashmere at the same time.

Test: (be warned)

– Where does the name Kashmiri goat come from?

– Does the cashmere goat give you two layers of fleece or “golden fleece”?

– Jason from the famous movie “Golden Fleece”?

Gloves are clothing that covers your hands. This is a custom made collar with a separate sheath or opening for each finger and thumb. There are many kinds of gloves such as fingerless gloves, gloves, long gloves, glitter gloves, etc.

Gloves that have openings but do not have a sheath for each finger are called finger gloves. Fingerless gloves with only one large opening instead of separate openings for each finger are known as gloves. Gloves that cover the entire hand but have no finger holes or sheaths are called gloves. Long gloves cover the hands and arms Gloves are generally made from a variety of materials including fabric, woven wool or felt, leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, etc.

Glow gloves are gloves that glow in the dark. Night dancers or performers often use glowing gloves to attract the attention of the audience. Glowing gloves look beautiful in the dark.

Ravers also wore shiny gloves. Shiny gloves are an essential part of rave culture.

Ravers is a quirky modern man who organizes and joins the madness. A fun carousel makes for an entertaining dining experience all night long. Electronically synthesized rave music is a key feature of this bash. In fact, these are not known for their addiction to alcohol, drunkenness and drug addiction. This is an open party and sometimes dirty sex games.

Excellent gloves are often worn by both sexes. Passionate young boys and girls wear bright and eye-catching outfits with sexy singers, cartoon characters, scenes from Star Wars or WWE wrestlers, and adopt childish fashions such as glow sticks, whistles and bracelets. Shiny hands, glitter necklaces, glitter earrings, glitter glasses, glitter gloves , etc.

Shiny gloves are an emerging trend developing in Europe, Canada and America. Shiny gloves come in different styles and exude different colors. The magnificent gloves can be ordered or purchased online.