25 Best Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods of all Time – Mods Diary

Xenoverse 2 Mods

We’ve had somewhat of a brilliant age for Dragon Ball games. Read about some popular Xenoverse 2 Mods ever created for players in 2021.


We’ve had somewhat of a brilliant age for Dragon Ball games. What’s more, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is among the most interesting titles lately. One of the best mod in our list of Xenoverse 2 Mods.

Created by Dimps and distributed by Bandai Namco, XV2 allows you to make your own character and set off on an experience that will take you through the biggest, most itemized Dragon Ball open world at any point made.

An incredible method to make this game far and away superior (and keep it new subsequent to playing it for quite a long time) is trying different things with mods. Also, trust me, there’s a ton out there.

Regardless of whether it’s a fix, a cheat, another character, or a whole upgrade, our extensive rundown covers the very best Xenoverse 2 mods worth looking at.

Remember that modding XV2 is somewhat harder than different games, so in case you’re experiencing difficulty (particularly after a significant update) this video makes certain to help.

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All Characters and Stages Unlocked

How about we start with the most essential mod you could require – All Characters and Stages Unlocked.

As the name proposes, this mod by Becks7 essentially permits you to get to each and every unlockable character and stage without meeting any of the prerequisites.

It’s particularly helpful in the event that you lost your save record, or on the off chance that you simply need to make a plunge directly into No-Level Matches.

Remember that you may have to clear in any event one instructional exercise mission in the Story Mode for this mod to work.

PlayStation Buttons Mod

I’ve been a Sony fanboy for as long as I can remember.

Which implies I for the most part utilize my DualShock PS4 regulator as a gamepad for my PC games also.

On the off chance that you do likewise, you’ll love the PlayStation catches mod.

It replaces the in-game catch portrayals for the exemplary square, cross, circle, and triangle.

Ideal in case you’re experiencing difficulty learning the combos because of the befuddling Xbox-driven images, or to quit feeling like a peasant due to your gamepad inclinations.

It’s likewise extraordinary to meddle with your companions who play XV2 on PS4 by showing screen captures of your modded “PS4” game, which is really rock solid.

They’ll go crazy.

PS5 Perfect Cell

As I said, I love Sony. Also, the plan of the new PS5 is the sort of cutting edge rubbish I love to see.

I additionally love the images encompassing the highly contrasting console.

This mod by Calikingz01 plays into the image by giving Perfect Cell a total makeover dependent on what might occur in the event that he assimilated a PS5.

It includes a high contrast shading plan with shining blue features, very much like Sony’s cutting edge reassure. What’s more, he even has the new DualSense on his back for added impact.

It’s really senseless, however I’m certain heaps of you will value this absurd mod.

Saitama ft. Genos

Talking about absurd things, have you at any point considered how Saitama from One Punch Man could passage against DBZ characters?

On account of modder gathering The Beyonders and their Saitama character mod, you can discover.

In addition to the fact that he looks actually as he does in the show, yet he has custom abilities, including a Serious Punch Ultimate Skill.

As a little something extra, you can likewise tap in companion/rival Genos in a battle.

On the off chance that you preferred this mod, you’ll be glad to discover that The Beyonders likewise have a mod to add Mob Psycho 100’s hero Shigeo Kageyama to XV2.

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DBZ X2: Director’s Cut Music Mod

Actually, I wouldn’t fret Steve Aoki’s creations for XV2.

However, I know a ton of you would lean toward a more conventional soundtrack.

This mod by Nekomaster replaces the game’s unique tunes with a hand-picked rundown of tunes from the Tenkaichi, Budokai, and Ultimate Tenkaichi arrangement. One of the best mod in our list of Xenoverse 2 Mods.

Most clients suggest you get this, and I think the blend is quite damn acceptable. Then again, you can download the Ultimate Tenkaichi OST replacer by a similar creator.

Road Fighter Ultimates

In case you’re a devotee of contenders, you’ve undoubtedly played something reasonable of Street Fighter titles.

Maker CaliKingz01 brings a portion of the exemplary contender’s appeal to Xenoverse 2 as two new Ultimate Skills for CaC dependent on moves from Street Fighter.

The new Tornado Kick depends on Ryu’s Senpukyaku, and the Ultra Rising Fist is a XV2 variant of the well known Shoryuken.

Xenodimension Neptunia U

Here’s one for the weebs out there.

The Xenodimension Neptunia project intends to bring a lot of stuff from the renowned comfort war spoof RPG arrangement Hyperdimension Neptunia into Xenoverse 2.

This incorporates haircuts and adornments like full-body mecha defensive layer and boss wings – all in a few gaudy, gleaming tones.

You’ll discover this and more in the venture director’s profile.

Toppo and Dyspo

In the event that you’ve stayed aware of the Dragon Ball Super story, you know Toppo and Dyspo – two individuals from Universe 11’s Pride Troopers.

Depicted by mod creator TheGuyFromBehind as “Walmart Beerus and the Lorax”, these two characters are savage heroes who battle to shield their universe from obliteration.

The two of them accompany custom abilities and are among the greatest character’s I’ve seen made for the game.

Sage Mode Goku

The 2014 title DBZ: Battle of Z might not have been the best game ever.

However, it had some decision parts – this DLC ensemble for Goku among them.

In case you’re not comfortable, this is really a coordinated effort with Naruto Shippuden that spruced up Goku with Naruto’s savvy robes.

This mod by Kendorasage makes it a stride further, enabling Goku to utilize Ninjutsu like the Rasengan, and enter Kyuubi Chakra Mode as a change.

Altogether, it incorporates four new abilities and two changes. Also, you can even utilize the abilities in CaC.

Certainly better than simply carrying Naruto into the game.

Goten and Trunks – End of Z

We proceed with the line of awesome new characters with Goten and Trunks.

Explicitly their young person renditions from the End of Z manga, also called the Peaceful World Saga.

These characters don’t typically stand out enough to be noticed. What’s more, it’s truly ideal to see them reproduced for XV2, as these are among their most unordinary looks contrasted with the rest.

The mod incorporates a few outfits. The greater part of them can reach up to SSJ2 structure, yet their Training Gi adaptations can likewise accomplish SSJ Rage mode.

Maker Nephilim additionally offers Super Saiyan 4 variants of Goten and Trunks in their Future and GT structures.


On the off chance that you’ve at any point watched Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you know DIO. For hell’s sake, you may know him regardless of whether you haven’t watched the arrangement, since he’s been the object of a few images consistently.

Productive maker TheGuyFromBehind brings the nemesis of the Joestar family into XV2, complete with a few custom abilities and surprisingly his stand – The World, which you’ll see show up close by DIO during specific combos. Or on the other hand at whatever point he utilizes his Ultimate Skill.

He can even change into his more grounded “total structure”, as seen on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, however utilizing his Ultimate Skill will return the change.

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Competition of Power Stage

You’ve assembled characters from all over the multiverse – even some from various establishments.

What’s more, there’s just a single landmark that will do them equity.

This mod by BlackTheAlpha presents to us the stage for Grand Zeno’s Tournament of Power – a conflict with the most grounded contenders from every one of the 12 universes.

It’s actually similar to the one in the anime, complete with characters from every universe on the observer seats drifting over the stage.

Redone Accessories Shop

Making my own character in the DBZ universe is among my #1 pieces of the Xenoverse establishment.

The more customization alternatives, the better. One of the best mod in our list of Xenoverse 2 Mods.

This mod by Loriscangini goes far toward extending the make a-character framework by acquainting a few new frill with the shop.

These incorporate another holy messenger radiance, Bardok’s bandanna, the Time Breaker Mask, and considerably more.

Time to make another character, am I right?

Vivified Saiyan Tail Accessory

Before you run off enthusiastically to make your new character, you ought to get Tesla2015’s Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory.

Indeed, you can utilize the exhausting old static one effectively accessible in the vanilla game. In any case, for what reason would you do that when you have this impeccably enlivened mod simply a tick away?

This likewise incorporates some extra minor embellishments as a little something extra, for example, a SSJ4 Goku hairpiece and loads of new scouters for your character.


Caulifla is quite possibly the most fascinating characters to emerge from the Tournament of Power curve, and furthermore one of the most grounded.

This Saiyan pack pioneer from Universe 6 isn’t just the main group female to accomplish Super Saiyan structure, however she did it not long after learning it even existed – a demonstration of her incredible potential.

Her threatening glare and huge haircut are two of her best highlights.

They’re reproduced magnificently on this custom character by modder Nephilim, which can likewise change into a Super Saiyan in-game

Goku Ultra Instinct

There have been such a large number of Super Saiyan stages and structures consistently.

Be that as it may, none of them are pretty much as devastatingly incredible as Goku’s Ultra Instinct structure.

Subsequent to relinquishing his musings and feelings to let his prepared body and endurance nature deal with the battling, Goku is a few times more grounded in this structure than he is in SSJ Blue.

Modder gathering Pride Troopers have exceeded all expectations to make this character consistent with his portrayal in the first material. This incorporates tending to a few unobtrusive subtleties, for example, changing his running movement to be more in-accordance with the anime.

Obviously, his moveset and the entirety of his abilities are altogether hand crafted.

Azura’s Aura Pack

Quite possibly the most prescribed approaches to improve your game must extend your program of emanations for CaC.

Azura’s Aura Pack incorporates numerous emanations, including a few Ultra Instinct re-colors, in addition to airs seen distinctly in cutscenes, and some more.

This mod likewise fills in as a superb asset for modders making new characters, and you’ll have to introduce it for a few of the most famous ones – remembering some included for this positioning.

Another incredible quality mod that you’ll require also is Pride Troopers’ Aura Expansion – which is utilized by practically the entirety of their fabulous custom characters.

CaC Transformation Pack

Azura’s Aura Pack is additionally an essential for the CaC Transformation Pack: an unquestionable requirement have apparatus for anybody genuine about character creation in the game.

It utilizes a few of these atmospheres in new changes and includes numerous new ones top of that.

The pack likewise accompanies some new characters by maker DOUGDIMMADAB, including Ruby Frieza, Ruby Cooler, and numerous new structures for Goku Black.

Winged serpent Ball Super – Manga Pack

The Dragon Ball Super manga brought a few new characters and changes into Dragon Ball.

Yet, not every one of them are accessible in Xenoverse 2.

This mod by M-Warrior helps support the Dragon Ball Super portrayal in XV2 by presenting some new characters and a few changes not yet present in the game.

These incorporate Future Mai, a few adaptations of Goku Black (counting SSJ Rosé structure), Merged Zamasu, and Super Saiyan God Vegeta – among others.

On the off chance that you loved this, consider their Goku Black Ultimate Beauty Pack, which gives this dull Kakarot a makeover, and furthermore incorporates numerous changes. One of the best mod in our list of Xenoverse 2 Mods.

Save Editor

Perhaps the most fundamental apparatuses anybody needs in the event that they’re modding Xenoverse2 is Lazybones’ Save Editor.

This helpful program will allow you to imagine a few factors in your save document and effectively adjust them because of its straightforward UI.

These incorporate your CaC’s levels, their experience, how much cash you have, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can even import characters from different recoveries!

An unquestionable requirement have utility without a doubt.

FighterZ – Reshading Pack + Resources

I don’t think the characters in XV2 look half-terrible.

In any case, they’re a long way from the incredible style found in the 2018 title Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Fortunate for us, modder Iklaudat volunteered to make this Reshading Pack. It takes most characters in the game’s vanilla list and gives them a FighterZ-like makeover.

That incorporates Kid Gohan, Goku Black, Mystic Gohan, and all of the Buus, among other conspicuous models.

The FighterZ Reshading Pack is additionally a fabulous asset for modders who like the eponymous game’s more anime-like tasteful.

FighterZ – Reshade for CaC

Whenever you’ve given a makeover to the greater part of your program, it would be kinda jostling to keep your cherished CaC’s unique XV2 style.

This mod by Tryzick goes far toward assisting you with tackling that by adding the FighterZ reshade to a wide scope of individual outfits and extras.

While this mod neglects to cover each piece of gear, creator Tryzick considers it a venturing stone and urges clients to apply the reshade to whatever things they need.

In some cases you need to attempt to get what you need!

New Transformations (Added Skills)

Effectively the most acclaimed and mainstream Xenoverse 2 mod is Lazybone’s New Transformations.

This staggering mod will altogether extend your character customization choices by giving you admittance to beforehand inaccessible changes.

Models incorporate Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct, and the sky is the limit from there.

It likewise incorporates some completely new custom qualitys and re-hued renditions of those found in the vanilla game. A major pack that merits testing.

XV2 Revamp Add-On – Vegito (SSG)

Vegito is probably the coolest character in the whole Dragon Ball universe. One of the best mod in our list of Xenoverse 2 Mods.

He’s the result of Vegeta and Goku’s combination accomplished by putting on the Potara hoops, and a significant boss.

The Revamp Team made this Super Saiyan God form of the combination as an extra to their awesome XV2 Revamp, and it’s effectively the best custom character I’ve found in a mod.

He’s even completely voiced!

In addition to the fact that he has all-new custom abilities like the Heat Burst, Ignition Slash, and Blazing Combo – yet every one of them seven are accessible for use in CaC.

XV2 Revamp

In the event that you need to get our past passage, you’ll likewise need to get the XV2 Revamp – the absolute best mod for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

This undertaking by the Revamp Team means to improve each and every part of the game.

Their center incorporates new models, new surfaces, improved ongoing interaction, the rundown continues forever.

It’s a mod made by fans, for fans. What’s more, that is presumably why each change they make is by all accounts acclaimed by most clients.

Also there are a lot of important characters made only as additional items for the XV2 Revamp.

In the event that you have the opportunity to mod Xenoverse 2, totally check this one out.

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