5 Common Health Conditions That Require an Urgent Care Doctor

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Emergencies and incidents happen unannounced, and you never know when you will need to be rushed to a doctor. But what do you do when it’s late at night, or your family doctor is unavailable? Say you have twisted your ankle, and your primary care physician has already left. What do you think is the best course of action – should you make a call and get an appointment for the next day, or should you rush to the emergency room, which is very expensive?

Well, in most cases, people end up going to the emergency room without realizing how much it will cost. This is why in such a situation, you need a third option, which is urgent. If you have an emergency and find yourself in need of medical attention after normal business hours, it’s best to go to an urgent care clinic.

If you don’t know what urgent care clinics are and when you can go to an urgent care virtual doctor, then this article is just for you. Keep reading to learn more about this!

What is an Urgent Care Clinic?

An urgent care clinic is basically a medical facility where patients who require urgent care and medical attention can approach an urgent care doctor and receive prompt medical treatment. An urgent care clinic requires no appointment to meet a health care provider – in case of an emergency, you can avail medical attention on a walk-in basis at any urgent care center.

These facilities are designed to aid patients in seeking help with little to no waiting time. Unless it is a severe life-threatening condition – where you might need to go to an emergency room instead, an urgent care clinic is the best option for patients. They are cheaper and easier to access. If you are unsure what common health conditions can be treated at an urgent care clinic, you are at the right place – let’s find out when you can seek help from an urgent care doctor.

5 Health Conditions that Require Urgent Care Doctor

1. Allergies

Allergies are the most common health conditions that require urgent care. Many people around us have anaphylactic reactions to various kinds of triggers; for example, they can be certain food items or just some particles we can find in the air.

While some allergies do bring out severe reactions that require patients to be taken to the emergency room, in other cases, urgent care doctors can provide adequate medical treatment to help reduce the severity of the symptoms. Hence, in case you experience allergic reactions, such as itching, rash, hives, etc., you can seek an urgent care doctor.

2. Strains, Sprains, and Suspected Broken Bones

Strains and sprains are extremely common, especially in kids who are physically active and love playing sports and games that put their bones in danger. This is why it’s best for parents of young kids or even enthusiastic young adults to always know the location of their nearest urgent care clinic where they can get their minor injuries, strains, and sprains treated.

Urgent care doctors can also do an x-ray to help you determine if you have broken a bone and put you in a cast. Or they tell you if you require more attention – in which case they refer you to the nearest emergency room for complex conditions like fractures that may require surgery.

3. Cold, Cough, and Flu-like Symptoms

Catching a cold or bacterial infection that may cause cough and flu is so common it can get annoying to rush to an emergency room every time you have similar symptoms. Moreover, there are so many conditions with the same symptoms that sometimes your self-diagnosis can also go wrong – is it a sinus or a viral infection? How to find out? Well, it’s easy; go to your nearest urgent care clinic and get your diagnosis. And unless it’s something serious like pneumonia, you can get treatment for our flu and cold from here as well. No need to go to an emergency room!

4. Nausea and Diarrhea

Another common occurrence for most people is diarrhea, and nausea is a health condition that often requires urgent care. While diarrhea and nausea are separate issues that can be treated on their own, in some cases, they may appear together, in which cases people rush to an emergency room.

But you don’t have to because urgent care specialty doctors can also treat these issues. Urgent care clinics can help determine the cause behind diarrhea and treat symptoms like nausea, whether it’s an infant or an adult, issues like dehydration can become life-threatening and lead to recurrent diarrhea. If that’s the case with you or your child, then you must rush to an urgent care clinic. But for your children, always make a follow-up appointment with their pediatrician.

5. Wounds and Lacerations

Have you cut your finger with a knife in the kitchen? Or have had a bloody incident in the garage while trying to hammer a nail? Well, there’s no need to waste any more time to make an appointment with a doctor, it’s best you rush to the nearest urgent care clinic.

Urgent care doctors are qualified to treat all kinds of cuts, skin wounds, and injuries. Whether you need stitches or just the same bandage to block the bleeding, they know it all. In fact, they also can run an x-ray and help you determine whether you need bone treatment as well or not. Moreover, skin cuts and wounds can often lead to infections, which is why they can also prescribe you the required antibiotics.

Online Urgent Care Doctor at Your Service!

Urgent care clinics are a blessing for people as they can help you in emergencies and do not even cost as much as emergency rooms. However, what’s better than this is that you can now find urgent care doctors online as well.

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