Best Pizza In Kansas City

Best Pizza In Kansas City

While some might contend that the cheeseburger rules as America’s food – I might want to place in my decision in favor of pizza. I realize it has Italian roots yet listen to me. What is the food you can in a real sense get all over the place? When it’s Friday night, what are we requesting? OK, to be exact, pizza has been the third most well known food requested of late, however not every person eats chicken (#1) and only one out of every odd town has a Chinese café (#2). In Kansas City we love our BBQ, however we likewise love our pizza. Hot discussions proliferate about who has the best pizza in Kansas City, however we take care of you across the state lines.


Assuming you’ve watched neighborhood Kansas City TV or paid attention to the radio starting around 1976, the words “Connoisseur, and going to remain as such” infer one spot.

With 18 areas across the metro, you’ll handily find this connoisseur style pizza bistro close to you. They serve their pizza on various hulls including honey wheat, slender, cauliflower, yam, and without gluten. In the event that you’re searching for more than pizza, they additionally serve a lot of different things like wings, mixed greens, pasta, and cheesesteak sandwiches.


Whenever I first experienced d’Bronx pizza I was amazed by the size (gigantic), cut shape (square), and taste. It was very much like the Staten Island ship terminal pizza I ate as a youngster, which is quite great.

(For those of you who are curious about the precincts of New York, you take the Staten Island ship to get to the Bronx.)

Celebrating 31 years of business, you can appreciate pizza, calzones, and store pleases that will ship you to The Big Apple at three d’Bronx areas.

Joe’s Pizza by the Slice

This next stop on the pizza visit is one of my top choices. Not exclusively is the pizza delightful and hot, they offer reasonable feasts. Joe’s is open from 5 p.m. to 12 PM or 3 a.m., contingent upon the evening. They used to be open for lunch yet presently they are offering conveyance.

The pioneer and proprietor of the spot, Joe Addington, is a sort and liberal person. At the point when I worked midtown I used to go so frequently, generally two times every week, that they knew my request. Furthermore, it’s toward the rear of an Irish bar, so you can get a 16 ounces with your cut.

Il Lazzarone

Neapolitan pizza was brought into the world in Naples, Italy in the last part of the 1600s. Il Lazzarone (articulated “lazzaˈroni”) opened in Kansas City close to the River Market in March 2015. With their flawless Neapolitan pizza broiler, they can concoct your air pocket crusted pizza in 90 seconds.

On the menu you’ll find creative and delectable fixings like new spices, Italian meats, new mozzarella, and balsamic vinaigrette. They additionally have 30 brews on draft, wine, and mixed drinks to go with your pizza and scrumptious servings of mixed greens. On the off chance that you’re ever in St. Joseph, Missouri they have a second area there.

Waldo Pizza

Situated in the Waldo area of Kansas City for over 30 years, Waldo’s highlights pies with various outside layers including hand threw, honey wheat, meager covering, and cauliflower. The café likewise has a famous self-service counter, extraordinary pasta dishes, sandwiches, and a great brew list.

At the point when you visit you can partake in some exemplary stylistic layout like the neon “Pizza Nymphs” who were important for their unique logo, and are intended to portray “Pizza raised to an artistic work” tracing all the way back to 1987.

Pizza 51

Close to the University of Missouri, Kansas City grounds, you’ll find Pizza 51. While this previous service station at 51st and Oak was at first planned to take care of hungry understudies when it opened in 2004, you’ll find people from everywhere the city coming by.

Whether you snatch a pie to go or appreciate it on the enormous covered deck, you’ll cherish their pizza, or calzones, or pitchers of neighborhood brews.

Fortune Pizza

In the event that your number one style of pizza comes from New York, Sicily, or Detroit, you’ll need to go to Providence Pizza. They present pizza by the cut, garlic hitches, and cannolis.

The group behind Providence Pizza and siblings from Providence, RI. They opened their most memorable area in Grandview, MO and have since added two additional areas in Kansas City. One is in The Parlor and the most up to date area is in Westport.

The pizza is flavorful, yet they additionally have staggering plates of mixed greens that you can arrange in entire or half sizes.


In addition to the fact that Grinder’s serves up extraordinary pizza, however they are likewise one of the most blazing music settings in midtown Kansas City. They have a major, closed in terrace in the core of the Crossroads where groups come to play to an outside swarm.

Back to the menu, you’ll find a major assortment of things notwithstanding pizza like Death Wings, sandwiches, burgers, and a pleasantly organized brew choice.

On the off chance that you haven’t gotten on yet, Grinder’s is a piece weighty metal and a ton of rock and roll. The proprietor, STRETCH, is likewise a notable stone worker.

1889 Pizza Napoletana

The couple group behind 1889 Pizza Napolentana both concentrated on abroad in Italy independently. The two of them became hopelessly enamored with the way of life and the pizza there and acquired it toward the Westwood area 2016. You’ll find the wood-terminated outside layer supporting different garnishes including new pear, simmered wild mushrooms, smoked pulled pork, and truffle oil.

By Michael Caine

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