Why Call Quality Monitoring is Essential in Your Call Center?

Call-quality monitoring support is listing and monitoring a business’ entire customer-agent interaction. Most call centers perform this practice at fixed intervals if not all. With more than 160,000 call centers operating worldwide, the sole objective is to improve customer experience, thereby, their loyalty. 

37% of companies have successfully unlocked the potential of call-quality monitoring support. In contrast, the remaining 63% are still struggling. Furthermore, around 80% of call center leaders believe that their professionals offer satisfactory services, while at the same time, only 8% of the customers feel the same. 

The results reflect that businesses and companies should acquire and impart relevant knowledge addressing call-quality monitoring support. 

To help in the process, here is the complete guide to providing call quality monitoring support and why it is essential! 

Why Call Quality Monitoring is Necessary? 

Call centers continuously remind their people that their calls are constantly recorded and audited by higher authorities. Have you ever wondered why there is a need for call quality monitoring? Here’s why the calls should be monitored:

  • Enhances operational efficiency 

Call quality monitoring minimizes the chances of errors and dissatisfaction among existing customers. Businesses can formulate better decisions based on collected insights leading to growth and profitability. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that call quality monitoring contributes greatly to gauging customer satisfaction and excelling business operations. 

  • Quality assurance 

All businesses have their own QA or quality assurance departments. Call monitoring is one of the major activities of the QA department, which helps in offering added experience to the customers. 

QA managers are responsible for auditing the recorded calls to judge the support agent’s performance and provide feedback to enhance customer delight.

Several software solutions help in call quality monitoring. They help check the pace of talking, tone of voice, and an agent’s approach to finding scalable solutions. 

If the agents successfully meet the pre-set expectations, their chances for growth are high. Several call monitoring software features customizable QA call monitoring forms. These forms collect the following details: 

  • Soft skills
  • Compliance
  • Process
  • Outcomes

Call center service providers are expected to meet their criteria and deliver the best results to increase conversions. 

  • Ensure data security and compliance 

There are specific rules and regulations that call centers are supposed to follow around the globe. This intuitive feature helps businesses in the entire compliance process. 

From identifying sensitive data to stopping a recording automatically, the call monitoring feature can do it all. Also, these recordings are stored carefully in a cloud server, which can be retrieved by the organization in the future if needed. 

  • Workforce productivity 

Based on acquired results, improvement programs and corrective training options are suggested. To boost the company’s productivity, the team leader decides to share results within the department. 

How to choose the right call center with an efficient call quality monitoring system?

Choosing the right call center to achieve better results to enhance customer experience is imperative for a business. Here is the list of questions to ask while outsourcing call center services:

  1. What steps will they take to protect your customer’s personal information? 
  2. Where will the data be stored? 
  3. How and who can access the customer’s data? 
  4. Is their system well-maintained and updated? 
  5. What does their recruiting, training, and maintaining procedure look like? 
  6. Has the call center vendor ever faced issues like data breaching? If yes, how did they solve it?

Set up quality standards 

Setting up quality standards is of utmost priority for a business to enhance customer delight and satisfaction. Of course, this will be managed by the quality assurance department of the call center. However, even the strongest QA team sometimes struggles to achieve better results. 

Therefore, it is imperative to choose standards that work in favor of customers and the organization. Here is the list of quality standards you can consider while choosing the right call center services provider:

  • Effectiveness at problem-solving.
  • Customer sentiment and satisfaction.
  • Agent attitude and tone of voice.
  • Overall competency.
  • Overall brand experience.


Most call center service providers understand the importance of call quality monitoring. Therefore, they engage tools and software, which help perform this activity at its best. The first encounter with your business will leave a never-fading mark on your customers’ minds. Hence, it needs to be on-point. A robust call quality monitoring practice will minimize the chances of pitfalls and address quality issues effectively.