Does football betting include extra time?

Football betting is a very popular entertainment game. However, first-timers will often encounter some problems, such as whether or not the bet has extra time. In the following sharing, 22Bet will help you better understand this issue.

According to football rules, each ball game will have two official halves within 90 minutes. That is each round, which only lasts 45 minutes. In addition, in some matches, there are also extra periods. It will be based on the organizational rules of the tournament as well as the decision of the referee whether overtime will take place or not.

Usually in knockout matches, if the two teams cannot decide the winner in the first 90 minutes, they will play two extra periods. Each extra time will usually run for 15 minutes with no breaks in between.

The team that is kicked off to serve in the first half will be continued by the referee to serve in extra time. At the end of the first extra time, the two teams will switch courts to play the rest of the extra time. After two extra periods and still no winner, both teams will go to a nerve-wracking penalty shootout.

                                 Betting with extra time or not?

According to the general rules of most online football bookmakers currently in effect, football betting results will only be calculated during the official playing time of the match. It will include injury time but not extra time.

However, depending on the different types of bets, the house will have the most appropriate calculation method.

             Betting on football will include extra time, or will it be

In the event that there is no notice of unexpected changes, the betting results that the bookie has given will only be counted in the official 90 minutes plus extra time, excluding extra time as follows:

  • 1×2 bets are in play.
  • The team scored first.
  • Scorer that takes the lead.
  • Bet on even or odd scores in each match.
  • 1st half or full game bets are even or odd.
  • Total minutes of goals.
  • Bet on the player to score at any time during the match.
  • Bet on the top player to score in the match.

The team with the highest score against the market relates to the series of matches played on the specified date.

      The case of football betting results that include extra time

Most football bets apply only during the official match time; however, there are still some special cases. When match results are calculated in overtime, then the reputable bookmakers will open overtime bets for players, and at this time, the betting results will include extra time:

Overtime Yes/No: The content of this type of bet is whether the match needs extra time to determine the winner or loser.

Overtime/Goal Bet: With this bet, the player bets on how many goals will be scored in the extra time. Participants playing at the house need to take note: this bet will be void if the match is abandoned before the match is finished in extra time; however, this is quite rare.