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The year 1986 was marked by a terrible catastrophe which marked the whole world and which unfortunately still makes people talk about it today – and it will last forever – and which affects more particularly the nuclear field.

 As you will have understood, I am talking about the Chernobyl disaster , the explosion of the core of reactor number 4 which will subsequently wreak innumerable havoc on nature: almost lifelong radiation over kilometers, a city that has become a ghost (Pripyat)and many other consequences. I

I won’t go into the details, I’m in no way an expert, but you will find various documentaries videos or texts on the internet If you are interested for a while in this disaster which occurred years ago, and you want to walk there without risk to your health and visit the surroundings of the ghost town, the game Chernobylite is likely to interest you.

We therefore find ourselves in afk tier gaming where the main terrain will be the surroundings of Chernobyl , with various extremely well-made buildings, just like the environment. But what kind of game is it exactly? Chernobylite is a mix of genres between an FPS, RPG and above all, sprinkled with survival; we can also count on a story that remains rather fascinating. We will not embody an overtrained super soldier, but a former physicist working at the time for the power plant, who had taken a day off that day: this is Igor Khymynuk. But why return years later to the scene of the explosion.

 Our dear Igor simply has visions of his late wife: Tatyana, during his dreams or in very specific places, and which encourage him to return to the place of his disappearance to learn more. In addition to paying attention to the radiation which will be more or less high depending on certain environments, it will also be necessary to pay attention to the enemies: the NAR , a paramilitary organization that wants to exploit the power of Chernobylite , a strange material that appeared after the disaster, and which allows to control time and space (creating a parallel world). 

The NAR therefore kindly guards the surroundings and will therefore not hesitate to attack on sight.But that will not be all, you will also have to face enemies or rather creatures coming straight from the time/space world.

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