How To Organize Baby Clothes In A Small Space?

Whether you have just welcomed a new addition to your family or are expecting one in the near future, you may be thinking about how to organize baby clothes in a small space. 

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You don’t want to store all of your infant’s clothes in one big box because they will get wrinkled, but you don’t have enough room to keep them folded neatly in dresser drawers. To keep your baby’s clothes organized, try these 5 tips and tricks.

1) Use wall hooks

One good use of wall hooks is for baby clothes. Wall hooks are great for small spaces because they take up very little space. Place wall hooks high up on your walls so that baby doesn’t have access to them and use them for hanging up baby clothes, jackets, hats and other small items. 

2) Roll-up Bins

If you have empty space on a wall, or in an unused corner of your home, use it! Use clothing bins that are meant for under-bed storage to hang above the ground. 

Each bin can roll out when it’s time to access baby clothes, and then be rolled back up for out-of-sight storage when it’s not needed. By placing bins directly on your walls, you create more shelf space and increase accessibility without taking up any floor space at all.

3) Store on shelves, or hang on hooks

It might seem counterintuitive, but storing clothes on shelves can actually be more space-efficient than hanging them on a rod. 

All you need is enough clearance so that clothes are easy to get off of shelves and back into your closet; most organizers work well if they’re mounted between 12 and 24 inches above your child’s crib or changing table. You may want to find some sturdy wooden dowels (or even hangers) before taking up valuable shelf space.

5) Stretch Between Pegs

Folding is one of those organizational skills that can seem like black magic—that is until you master it. Folding things properly makes them so much easier to store and helps keep all your little ones’ clothes neat and tidy. It’s not hard; it just takes some time and patience. Hang baby items between pegs on hangers using simple hair elastics as bands.

4) Attach with Velcro

One way to organize baby clothes is by attaching accessories with Velcro. This includes hats, pacifiers, blankets and toys. It’s simple and easy because you can easily take them off and hang them up or store them in baskets for later use. So if your baby is always on-the-go or you are always out of space at home, you have no problem keeping everything together.

5) Set up a system for staying organized

Whether you’re dealing with your kid’s baby clothes or your own closet, it helps to have a system in place. If your kids are still too young for the talk, try focusing on yourself first – then model what organization looks like by packing for trips and keeping up with dirty laundry (or dirty diapers!). If you have more than one kid (or partner), enlist their help.