How to Soften a Black Leather Couch?

Although a leather sofa is functional and attractive, you might not like how soft the surface is. Using common home items, you may dampen the leather of a leather couch without purchasing expensive leather products. Since some products may darken the leather, it is always preferable to first apply to soften agents to discrete areas. An appealing method to incorporate elegance and comfort into your living room is with a Pet Smell Couch Cleaning. The following are the best methods for supplying a black leather couch:


One of the easiest ways to soften a black leather couch is to apply vaseline. A drop of vaseline, about the size of a pencil eraser, should be used on the leather couch in a tiny area, about 2 by 2 inches on the back and the lower side. Wipe the vaseline into the leather with a soft, clean cloth. Allow the vaseline to dry completely before cleaning the surface to remove any last bits of residue. Feel and test the surface to confirm that the desired outcome has been attained. Apply the same procedure over the entire sofa after enlarging the spreading to 6-by-6-inch squares and using vaseline the size of a cent.

Mink oil

Another method to soften leather is mink oil, which is made of milk fat and contains natural acid. Apply the mink oil as indicated on the can, let it dry with a clean cloth, and store. Mink oil somewhat darkens the leather, so test the outcome on a less noticeable area before applying it to the entire sofa.

Shaving cream

The second best method for softening leather is shaving cream. Apply some shaving cream in a tiny amount to a soft, damp cloth. One thing to keeps in mind is that the cloth should only be slightly damp since too much moisture might harm the leather’s surface. To evenly distribute the shaving cream, move your hand back and forth along the leather’s grain. Depending on the finish and sucking characteristics of the sofa, you may need to reapply the shaving cream. Always use small amounts of shaving cream, around the size of a dime or a quarter, rather than sprinkling it straight on the leather.

Saddle soap

This popular, traditional method works for suede and nubuck as well. To use it on your sofa, take an old toothbrush or other brush and apply a small amount of saddle soap. Then rub in circular motions into areas of your couch where there are stubborn marks or dryness. This works for areas that need conditioning after you’ve cleaned them with steam and areas you missed. The soap should be slightly damp when you apply it—if it’s too wet, allow it to dry first before brushing in.


Lanolin can be used to dampen a sofa to soften the leather. You will get Lanolin at several bargain stores, drug stores, and internet beauty sites. In addition to being used to soften leather, lanolin, a natural wax typically found in sheep’s skin, is primarily utilised to moisten skin. A dime-sized amount should be applly to a soft, dry cloth and brushed into the leather. Its waxy construction may leave a thin residue, so polish the region with a fresh, clean towel after application. Linear, horizontal strokes are used to rub lanolin into the leather. Small circular application methods usually produce observable stroke marks that are difficult to buff away.

Avoid the sun

If you have black leather furniture, keep it out of direct sunlight. Leather absorbs light, so if your leather furniture is in direct sunlight, it will dry out more quickly and potentially leave unsightly white spots or cracks. It’s best to store your leather items in an area with few windows—or cover them with curtains if they get sun exposure. When you need to clean your sofa or car seat, be careful not to use strong cleaning products on them as those can further damage a damaged item of upholstery. Instead, opt for mild detergents and avoid rubbing too hard when cleaning so that you don’t scrape off more material than necessary.


Black is classic, timeless, and often loved in the world of fashion, but it’s not necessarily appealing to pet owners with furry friends. Pet Smell Couch Cleaning does exactly what it says on its tin – removes pungent smells from pets, gets rid of black pet hair on furniture, and restores that all-important ‘new leather’ sheen. Use soap and warm water for best results. If water alone isn’t cutting it, grab your sponge!