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HyperHealing, is a book written by Avigail Gimple in which he wrote a story of a child with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). He discussed the importance of parenting and parents’ responsibilities. At the OnlineBooksClub you can read the full review about this fantastic book. This book is beneficial in parenting and training of a child with ADHD. It discusses the problems faced by a child with ADHD and the duties of parents of such children. If you want to read the full review of this book, you can enter the Online Books Club and read reviews and discussions.

It is not easy to write a good piece of art, but an artist has a God gifted talent to write great works of art. The Online Books Club provides an opportunity to discuss books and write book reviews. If you are an artist and you have written any good piece of art, you can post it on Online Books Club to get it reviewed by other art lovers. If you are good at reviewing, you can post your review about other art pieces and books.

Why you need an online book club or platform

An online book club is like an alternative to traditional book corners and discussion platforms. Art lovers used to sit in clubs and art societies to discuss books and different art pieces in the past. Now these clubs have turned into online clubs. The value of traditional book clubs cannot be ignored, but online clubs are a haven for art lovers who cannot go outside most of the time. There are different opportunities for art lovers to discuss books and art pieces. These clubs are great places for art lovers to write and discuss poetry and books etc. Therefore they are necessary for the promotion of art and link between art lovers.

How to make a connection between art lovers

If you read the review of Hyperhealing, the book, you see a connection between child growth and parenting. Online Books Club offers the members to discuss in different categories of art and present their ideas about the content. In this way, a connection develops among members of the art group, and people start to know about each other’s interests. The Online books club therefore helps to make a connection between different art lovers.

The forums and categories

Other than books and book reviews, you can also discuss poems and poetry. The different categories on which you can post your discussions include:

  • Classic books
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Overall, you can discuss about any category of art on Online Books Club. It is a great platform for art lovers.