Interesting Games to Plan for Your Next Get Together

Whether you are meeting with old friends or someone for the first time, it is always lovely to think of exciting games so that everyone enjoys an informal get-together and have fun. 

Games are an excellent way to bring people together and break the awkwardness of silence. While you may come up with your own choices, here is a game tables guide that you can use when you are organizing your next gathering. 

Board Games

No matter the age group, everyone loves a good board game. If you have children at your party, look for games that will challenge them mentally. And for Adult game players, strategy-based board games will be best to bring out everyone’s competitive spirits.

If you are tired of playing traditional games like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, then maybe it is time for some exciting alternatives that are just as fun and engaging. Look at options like Battleship, Taboo, or Pictionary.


Whether at a house party or a gathering in the open, charades is always a good game to play with friends. Charades is fun for all age groups because there are so many ways to play it. 

If you do not know the rules of charades, here is a quick explanation:

  • Charades is played in teams. The total number of teams gets decided by the size of the group. Each team has one guesser and one actor. The guessers cannot talk to each other or give away any clues. Guessers can only act out the words through gestures and actions.
  • If their team guesses correctly, then they get an agreed-upon number of points.
  • Each round has a time limit. The time limit makes the game challenging for both the guessers and the actors because they have to act out their words/phrases with fast exaggerated gestures or movements for their team to guess and win.  
  • The game continues till everyone has a turn at being either the guesser or the actor.

Beer Pong

It is a fun game that gets even the lazy people up and moving around. Beer pong can be played just about anywhere with just cups, water and beer.

To play the game of Beer Pong, you need 10-20 plastic red solo cups that are half-filled with water. Arrange the cups in a triangle formation at one end of the room. Fill the spaces between the cups with water so that no one can sneak their hand in to steal a ball. Now divide your group into two teams and give each team six plastic balls. The first team begins by throwing a ball across the room and hitting one of the solo cups at their end. If they make it, that cup is removed from play, and they get to throw another ball. But if they miss, then the other team has a chance to shoot next. The game continues until all of one team’s cups are gone. That team is then out of the game, and the other team starts with a fresh set of solo cups.

Card Games

Card games are fun for those who love playing cards. You can incorporate different types of card games into your get-togethers so that it does not get boring. Some of the popular games are Spoons, Egyptian Ratscrew, and Bullshit.

However, if you are hosting an adult party, you must try at least once to play strip poker or blackjack.

With the plethora of options available for making your parties exciting and memorable, the above options were just for getting you started. Hope you find something in this game tables guide to use in your next event! Try different types of games with your guests so that everyone can have a joyous time.