Modern Technology Affecting Human Development

Technology is more than an esoteric idea connected with advanced tools and systems used by organizations and end-users to simplify and automate complicated operations. It also influences how societies and individuals behave, grow, progress, and develop, both within their own lives and in their interactions with others. 

While technology has evolved over millennia, from simple tools like the wheel, water systems, and chariots to complex tools like computers, cell phones, the Internet, and aero planes, the last century has seen an outburst in technology that has influenced subtle but critical changes in how humans see the world and interact with others. The Online and smartphones devices in particular (i.e. mobile phones, personal computers, phone game consoles, etc.) have radically changed the way people interact with one another, as one of the major impacts of technology is the continuous improvement of communication systems . 

It consists of telecommunications and networking. While the Laptop Computer and other electronics had an impact on human contact, it is arguable that they did not have such a significant impact on human sociology until the advent of mobile computers. Because of the natural nature of always being linked to the digital world via a simple device that one takes around, mobile devices brought about best dissertation help revolutionary change in human connection


The sheer nature of all technological systems has transformed human behaviors and relationships in some undesirable ways, but it has also created new chances for positively influencing human behaviors.

When compared with untreated technology systems established in the last few centuries, computers and the Internet have arguably transformed human interactions in the most significant ways. The changes in how humans communicate with one another in the present period – primarily through smart apps and the Internet/WiFi – have both positive and negative repercussions.

Because of the widespread availability of Internet-capable smart gadgets, loved ones may now stay in touch no matter where they are on the planet (assuming that WiFi is available). The introduction of VOIP also enables for near-instant communication over the Internet, even when cell phone connectivity is unavailable. People can now stay closer (digitally) to their loved ones even while they are physically separated. Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Calls, Viber Calls, and WhatsApp Calls all provide users with powerful tools for using the Internet as a worldwide communication platform.

This also applies to the business sphere, where it is not commonplace for multinational corporations to conduct customer or potential employee interviews via VOIP and messaging applications. Furthermore, social media, forums, and interactive Web 2.0 enable individuals from all over the world to connect, meet, learn, and grow together through a digital medium. Certain basic habits linked with learning about the globe and communicating with individuals all around the world have been modified by technology. Pen friends, for example, have mostly been supplanted by “key buddies,” and instead of travelling to language centres to study a language, people are increasingly turning to YouTube or podcasts to learn about various cultures and languages. However, the impacts are not all good. 

The Beneficial Effect

During the age of globalization, technology (including both computational and non-computational systems) has aided in bridging a worldwide divide. This bridge has enabled millions of people to learn about the world and interact with others in previously unthinkable ways. Traveling across the world by purchasing tickets and a hotel from one’s smartphone also enabled for the rapid, convenient, and efficient fulfilment of a desired job (travelling), which, unlike previously, does not require the use of a travel agent, making the task more streamlined.

Online and mobile banking, as well as ATM machines, have essentially replaced the requirement to engage with a bank teller for monetary transactions, saving time, resources, and overhead while boosting job efficiency and efficacy.

The Internet has also given a seemingly limitless supply of resources, instructional materials, and learning methods enabling people to learn or work from the comfort of their own homes, without having to contact anybody.

This has resulted in a rise in digital nomad word/telecommuting and length learning education systems, which has resulted in increased convenience for those on the go, but also has the unintended effect of students, workers, grown ups, and kids losing social skills as they become isolated from others.

Communication will be faster and easier.

With the introduction of aircraft, trains, buses, vehicles, and computer/mobile message and social media apps, contact, transportation, and interactions with people are faster than ever before. Such difficult activities are not only faster, but they are frequently more efficient. 

Traveling from one end of the planet to the other, or simply communicating with someone on the opposite side of the world, would have taken months, if not years, in antiquity. Today, such duties may be accomplished in a day or minutes, making contemporary life more easier and more efficient Because “time is money” for people who lead a hectic lifestyle and for enterprises, saving time and enhancing work efficiency is vital.

The Negative Impact

Technology has both filled and created gaps. Virtual distance is the phenomena in which people are physically present yet disconnected from one another due to their entire engrossment with their technical equipment, such as a laptop or smartphone/tablet (mobile device). 

Couples, parents and children, and all other sorts of human connections are being pushed to the sidelines as individuals are preoccupied with interacting with others in digital space via their electronic gadget.


Many individuals nowadays choose to live in the digital world to the physical world.

Technology has influenced how children see and interact with people and with the world, which has a significant impact on their development.

However, when used effectively, technology has the potential to bridge gaps. It has tremendously enhanced global communication, increased the efficiency of transportation and other personal and business duties, and so provided individuals all over the globe with the ability to connect with others in a strong, albeit different, manner. Assignment writing service is available at Assignment Sky.