Star Swim Schools Pty Ltd

Star Swim Schools Pty Ltd, is an Australian business located in Niagara Park and operating within the Sports & Entertainment sector. At Star Swim Schools we believe water skills & safety lessons for babies are priceless life lessons; therefore we aim to create an enjoyable learning-to-swim atmosphere that delivers quality training sessions with positive outcomes.



Swimming Class Cranbourne was established on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons for Babies, and is dedicated to offering quality training sessions with significant results in a developmentally appropriate learn-to-swim environment. Their state-of-the-art facilities, which include year-round heating for their heated swimming pool and temperature-controlled changing rooms, make an ideal learning environment. Furthermore, Star Swim Schools are members of Swimming Coaches & Teachers Australia providing best practice guidelines, aquatic qualifications and ongoing professional growth opportunities to their members.

Star Swim Schools Pty Ltd are located in Normandy Street in Narre Warren South & Cranbourne Victoria.

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Star Swim Schools Pty Ltd provides baby swimming lessons to children as young as four months of age at its private facility in Normandy Street, Cranbourne. Their expert instructors deliver quality learning-to-swim classes year round at this school with warm pool water, play space and changing rooms onsite. Customers also rave about its superior customer service – not to mention weekly infant swimming lessons held in a clean temperature-controlled environment! GlobalLinker serves this business for its marketing and customer acquisition needs while major competitors include State Swim School Leopold Swim School and Brooke Withers Swim School among many more!

Health Benefits For Kids – Why Swimming Is Good For Kids

Swimming is an exceptional cardiovascular exercise with multiple health benefits for kids, including improved strength & flexibility, greater balance and coordination, as well as developing superior cardiovascular endurance.

Children who learn to swim develop confidence while building lifelong positive habits of exercise through swimming. Plus it makes for an entertaining activity for all!

Improves coordination

Swimming is an excellent form of coordination activity because it requires both legs and arms to move through the water, as well as using muscles from both sides of their body to kick and move their arms. Swimming helps children build balance as they grow older and become more physically active.

Studies have demonstrated that children enrolled in swimming lessons often outstrip those not taking lessons by months or even years in terms of visual-motor abilities and oral expression performance. This phenomenon is especially apparent for infants and toddlers taking swim lessons.

Kids looking to become proficient swimmers must be disciplined and devote a substantial amount of time and energy into training, which teaches them perseverance and how to overcome challenges, as well as patience – essential skills both academically and socially. Swimming may also help build healthy appetites so their bodies get all of the nutrition necessary for healthy development.

Strengthens muscles

Swimming is an effective way to build strength in all major muscle groups in your body and increase cardiovascular fitness, endurance and health. Furthermore, this low-impact form of exercise makes swimming an ideal activity for children with joint injuries or pain.

Learning to swim also teaches kids the value of dedication and hard work. As they spend more time practicing at the pool, their swimming improves as a result – teaching them how to push themselves harder in other aspects of their lives as well.

Swimming can also serve as a meditative activity that reduces stress and promotes relaxation, and increases endorphins (feel-good chemicals in the brain), making kids happier and healthier overall.

Increases confidence

Swimming requires both physical and mental coordination to perform efficiently. Children who take up this sport need to focus their minds solely on leg kicks, arm pulls, breath control and any necessary technique – this teaches them the value of concentration! Performing at this level helps kids realize just how powerful concentration can be! Swimming provides them with an incredible opportunity to grow both their physical fitness as well as develop important life lessons that teach them that focused effort does make an impactful difference!

Children may initially feel intimidated by water when beginning swimming lessons, but as they gain experience and overcome their initial fears they quickly come to enjoy swimming – creating positive associations between physical activity and social interactions later in life and loving water! This boosts confidence & self-esteem which contributes to lasting & successful lives!

Swimming also teaches children the discipline required to achieve goals through hard work and perseverance, helping them become more disciplined when dealing with schoolwork or other projects. Swimming provides children an opportunity to bond with both friends and instructors as they spend time practicing swim strokes and water safety techniques together.

Reduces stress

Children are notoriously hyperactive, so it’s essential that they find productive outlets for all that energy. Swimming is an enjoyable exercise that not only strengthens skeletal muscles but also the part of the brain responsible for learning & remembering things – research shows that children who swim have better memories compared to non-swimmers.

Swimming can help reduce stress levels in kids by offering them an outlet to express themselves and relax – it releases endorphins which reduce cortisol.

Swimming requires dedication and discipline from children, teaching them disciplined dedication that will carry through into later years. Furthermore, physical exertion such as swimming helps children sleep better at night ensuring adequate rest for healthy growth and development.


Swimming lessons Cranbourne are designed to be engaging and stimulating, helping the student progress through a series of structured activities. Our small class sizes, private facilities that remain warm throughout the year, dedicated staff, and friendly environment make us an excellent place for children learning how to swim in Cranbourne & Narre Warren South. We pride ourselves on delivering quality training sessions that produce significant results while being accessible and welcoming – catering for beginners as well as advanced swimmers! Our program meets everyone’s needs from novice through expert swimmers alike!