Tips to Use Text Messages for Recruiting

Text messages enable a more convenient and faster recruitment process for both the recruiter and the candidates. Millennials and Generation Z make up a big part of the workforce these days. That makes text recruitment a must. The younger generation wants instant communication. The easiest way to get your message across is via text. Here are useful tips for when you are recruiting through text.

1. Get To The Point

Texting candidates is not the same as texting your friends. Most candidates are anxious when they receive a recruiting text, don’t keep them waiting. Go straight to the point; avoid irrelevant information or multiple text messages. Squeeze what you want in a single text. 160 characters are what most people stick to. It’s enough to convey the message without getting the readers bored. Texts don’t do well with complexity; you don’t want your message to get lost between the long walks of text. Remember to greet them and introduce yourself before you get to the matter at hand. Don’t assume they will know who the text is from. It’s always nice to tell them the next steps to follow after they receive the text. You can send a link to the interview scheduler.

2. Stick To Business Hours

Texting your candidates at odd hours is annoying. Since it’s an official text, it’s better to send them during business hours. A text alert system can allow you to send urgent texts and notifications to your recipients so that the information reaches them at the right time. Text recruiting is an effective tool when you do it right. The candidate will not take you seriously when you send them a message late at night or early in the morning. It’s also easy for them to ignore such messages thinking they aren’t important. When you stick to business hours, you are more likely to receive feedback. Some job seekers are okay with you texting any time, but don’t assume that everyone is. If it helps, schedule the time to send the messages so that you don’t forget.

3. Make The Text Personal

Text recruiting doesn’t have to feel any less personal than interacting with the job seeker in person. Make the candidate feel like you are taking an interest in them, even if the message doesn’t contain good news. Most people opt for text recruiting because they can text a large number of people at once. But you don’t have to give all your candidates a standard template. You can address their name or personalize the message for each one. It makes them feel connected to you. If they get to work at your company, you would have already established a great relationship. A personalized message shows you actually read their qualifications or resume.

4. Use Two-Way Texting

The recipient may not reply when you redirect them to a website. The best way to get quick feedback is by using two-way texting. The candidates can communicate directly with your recruitment team. Taking time to reply to candidates will keep them engaged. They will also be more enthusiastic about the position you are offering. Give them a chance to ask questions about the application process. It’s easy to lose great candidates that would have been amazing additions to your team when using a one-way texting approach. Also, a direct conversation can be a great way to determine someone’s character or personality. You can know if they will be a great fit for the company or not.

5. Be Quick To Respond

People expect quick responses when they are using texts. It might seem like the job seekers are the ones in need, but it also shows a good image of your company when you respond quickly. You don’t have to keep them waiting before they hear from you when they pose a question or agree to the interview. You don’t need to have the answers ready, but you can reply to them and tell them you will get back to them later. Many candidates lose their chance because they never hear back from their recruiters. This is your chance to set clear expectations about response time at the recruitment stage.

Final Thoughts

Text recruiting is effective, easy, and convenient for both parties. These tips should help you make the recruitment process problem-free. Improve your hiring process with quick text messages and make the application more engaging.