Top 6 Tips for Perfect Netgear Extender Placement

Installing a Netgear extender might not work as you expected without proper placement. It means you can’t just set up an extender in a remote location. Rather, you should know how it is going to affect the extender’s performance. So, when you have the right knowledge about the Netgear extender placement, you can rest assured to have the best WiFi range and signal strength.

This article gives you a brief insight into proper Netgear extender placement. Make sure you go through each point to know what changes you can make. Keep reading to know more about extender placement tips for the best internet experience.

Netgear Extender Placement Tips

Central Location

The most common mistake users make is that they choose a corner for extender placement. You might want to keep the extender away from children. However, that is going to negate the purpose you got the extender for. So, the best way for Netgear extender placement is to choose the central location.

It also depends on the area of your house. Moreover, if you need WiFi signals on the first floor, the placement will be different. So, you should place the Netgear extender after thoroughly considering each aspect of your WiFi range. 

Proper Height

Not choosing the proper height further has the worst effects on your home WiFi network. The Netgear extender radiates WiFi signals as a wave. Thus, this unidirectional movement of signals can’t reach you if you are not at the same level. In short, your wireless devices should be at the level of the extender.

Therefore, you should choose a decent height to place your Netgear extender. After that, you can easily access the mywifiext web page to either login or set up your device. Do not place the Netgear extender on the ground or close to the ceiling if you have only a single floor to cover.

In Router’s Range

The Netgear extender amplifies the internet connection received from the router. However, for that, you need to know the router’s range. Hence, you should consider that while placing the Netgear extender. 

It should not be too close or far away from the router you are using. In either of the cases, the Netgear extender won’t receive proper WiFi signals. Moreover, with the weak reception of WiFi signals, you can’t experience the best internet connection.

Avoid Windows

One of the most common mistakes people usually make is that they place the Netgear extender close to a window. That is going to waste half of the WiFi signals emitted from the Netgear extender. The uniform WiFi radiance moves equally in each direction. Therefore, placing the extender in a window will move signals in an unwanted direction.

Hence, you should avoid the Netgear extender placement close to windows. When you try to access the Netgear Genie setup wizard, there could be internet fluctuations with poor extender placement. Hence, always do a physical inspection about things that might hamper WiFi signals.

Beware of Reflexive Surfaces

Reflexive surfaces include mirrors, polished metal surfaces, and glass installed inside the house. All these objects reflects WiFi signals back creating a chaos. Placing the Netgear extender close to these objects ensures your wireless devices won’t receive proper WiFi signals.

Mirrors or other reflexive objects change the direction of the WiFi signals emitted. Hence, you might face a lot of difficulty in having strong internet connectivity. That is why you should never place the Netgear extender close to mirrors or other reflexive surfaces. 

Avoid Heavy Electrical Appliances

Every household has a variety of heavy electrical appliances. A few examples are microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. All such electrical appliances radiate 2.4 GHz signals that could hamper Netgear extender’s WiFi signals.

While placing the Netgear extender, you should keep a check on such electrical appliances. Otherwise, you won’t get a stable internet connection. If there is no other option, you should change the extender’s WiFi signals from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. 

Wrap Up

So, all the tips given above are going to come in handy when you place the Netgear extender. Your goal should be to have the right place for your extender. Otherwise, you might even face issues while accessing the IP address. 

Numerous issues arise when you don’t do the proper placement. Hence, installing the extender or even logging into the extender becomes a hectic task. To ensure that does not happen, you should follow the above-given placement tips. After that, you can be assured to have strong and stable WiFi connectivity throughout your house.