Vaping Weed Outside – The New Trend

Vaping culture continues to grow in popularity among stoners. It is considered a safer option than smoking, and many health-conscious stoners are turning to this method to get their doses of hits.

Vaping devices are easy to use and discreet, making them a perfect tool for consuming weed outdoors. Therefore, it is not surprising outdoor vaping is becoming a big trend. According to statistics, the use of vaporizers leads to an increase in the widespread use of weed.

Additionally, consuming cannabis through a vaporizer significantly increases its potency, making this method of consumption a top choice among stoners.

Why is Outdoor Weed Vaping becoming a New Trend?

Vaporizers are gaining popularity in the uncharted legal territory of marijuana. Twenty-eight states in the United States have legalized cannabis for medicinal use, while nine states legalized it for recreational use.

Although many states in the United States have decriminalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational, it is still not widely accepted in the community. This makes the discreet consumption of marijuana the best option for many people.

Also, vaping is considered a better way to consume weed than smoking pot because it protects stoners from the toxic impact of cannabis smoke. According to the University of California in San Francisco, vaping protects users from the inhalation of toxic elements in smoke, which can lead to lung ailments, including cancer.

While removing the danger of inhaling harmful toxins, vaping delivers a more potent hit and is devoid of the strong smell associated with smoking pot.

Top Reasons Vaping Weed Outside is a Trend

Beyond the legality and potency of vaping, there are other reasons responsible for the new trend outdoor weed vaping has become. Here are some of them:

  • Vaporizers are More Discreet

Unlike the bulky devices used for smoking weed vaporizers are smaller. They look more like small cell phones and large pens. You can use a vaporizer in public without worrying about getting noticed. Vaporizers are also perfect for traveling.

When you plan to travel with your smoking device without calling attention, a vaporizer is a great choice. It can fit snugly into a compartment in your backpack. You can also use it discreetly anywhere, including outdoors.

  • It does not Emit a Thick Odor

You can perceive the thick smell of cannabis smoke from a distance. This makes smoking marijuana outdoors a bad idea. You will attract unnecessary attention even with a discreet smoking device because of the smell.

However, a vaporizer does not emit a thick veil of odorous smoke. Instead, it releases scented puffs that cover the unpleasant smell of cannabis. Vaporizers are also noiseless and can be as discreet as you want when using them outdoors.

  • Vaping is Healthier

When compared to smoking, vaping is a much healthier version. Many users attest to the fact that they do not feel as tired as they do after a smoking session. Since it does not involve inhaling toxic smoke, it is also believed to be a healthier version. This has invariably led to its popularity among young adults and college students.

  • Possessing a Vaporizer is Legal

Bongs and pipes are weed paraphernalia. They are illegal to possess or own by most state laws. However, vaporizers do not necessarily fall into this category. People can buy, carry, and use them safely without worrying about breaking the law, irrespective of the local law on cannabis possession and use where they live.

These are some reasons vaping weed outdoors is becoming a new trend. Also, people who love smoking but are not comfortable buying devices from headshops are more comfortable with vaping. Individuals looking for a discreet way to consume cannabis outside without carrying a cigarette-looking smoking device or a pipe around will also prefer a vaporizer.

Tips for Vaping Weed Outdoor

Vaping outdoors is fun but can be tricky. Whether going on a hike or joining an extreme outdoor sport, having your cannabis device can motivate you to forge ahead. Unlike smoking, vaping removes the need for a flame, which means you do not have to worry about the wind.

However, this method of smoking also has its challenges. Here are some tips to help mitigate these challenges and ensure you enjoy seamless outdoor vaping.

  • Use the Lanyard

Every vaping kit usually comes with a lanyard. It is not a useless accessory. Therefore, do not leave it in the box. Lanyards are included in the package to help keep your device safe when outside. A vaping device is vulnerable to scratches, falling, and breakage. However, when you attach it to the lanyard, it stays safe through your rigorous activities.

  • Keep the Batteries Charged

Vaporizers rely on electricity and flavor. If you run out of one, it becomes impossible to vape on the go. Therefore, ensure you pack enough flavor and charge your batteries. Charge and refill your vaporizer before leaving the house to maximize your vaping experience. It may also be a good idea to bring a battery pack or spare batteries.

  • Get a Drip Tip Cap

The drip tip is the primary part of your vaporizer. It is vulnerable to elements, and to keep unwanted gunk away, it is best to get a drip tip cap. You can opt for a silicon drip tip cap, which is a cheaper option and great for the job.

The only downside to silicon caps is they can get lost easily. You can go for a magnetic drip tip cap if you are not bothered about the price tag. This will keep your vaporizer safely attached and safe on the lanyard.


Outdoor vaping is gaining momentum in popularity and becoming the new trend among stoners. Vaping devices come in different designs with numerous add-on solutions. You will find some of the highest-functioning and modern mega-mod designs to satisfy your luxury needs.

There are also cheaper options if all you want is a smooth vaping session without the frills and accessories. For seamless and powerful outdoor vaping, we recommend you prepare and have your devices and accessories in hand.