What to Include in Your Vehicle Magnetic Advertising Signs to Make Them Effective

Small business owners find local advertising more effective than blowing up their budgets in expensive mass media advertising. Vehicle magnetic signs are arguably the best among the several ways by which small businesses can advertise cost-effectively to potential customers. They are highly visible, cost very little, and you can boost your brand awareness greatly because the vehicles keep moving around all over the place at different times, thus maximizing the brand reach. However, for the exercise to be productive and deliver superior ROI, you must know what content to include for achieving the best impact.

The Need for Streamlining the Content in Vehicle Magnetic Signs 

As a small business owner, it is natural that you will have much to say about your business and your products and services to convince potential customers to buy. However, given that the magnetic signs are not too large, the vehicle is invariably on the move, and that the target audience is distracted, it will be too much to expect the signs to get more than a fleeting glance in which they will need to get their message across. To make this happen, you must not clutter the sign with too much information but restrict yourself only to the essentials to ensure people can read and understand your signs quickly.

Essential Content of Truck Magnetic Signs 

Business name and logo: The first thing you need to hold up to your customers is your identity, which comprises your business name and logo. It is vital to include them to make sure that your target audience recognizes you and starts building trust in you. Even if people remember nothing more than your business name, they can go online and search to find what you sell. Your business identity helps you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition.

Attractive visuals: Even if the space available is relatively small, you must use a colorful and attractive visual to grab the attention of potential customers. If the photo or graphic is interesting more people will tend to notice your advertisement. Ideally, you should use your product photos in the main visual.

Product highlights: You must give an idea to your audience about the products or services you provide and why they should consider you. Highlighting the USP is invariably the best tactic. The function of the USP is to differentiate you from your competitors, according to Forbes. You should not make the mistake of going into details but instead, provide the main benefit the customer will get.

Contacts: You must provide the address, website address, and phone numbers of your business so that interested people can contact you if they need to. Giving these details also adds to your credibility. Providing a toll-free number can help a lot to elicit phone queries.


Since your main intention of investing in a magnetic vehicle sign is to boost your brand awareness and drive footfalls, in addition to the above information, you must make it a point to provide a compelling CTA. It will encourage the audience to do what you want them to do.