Why getting a home in Dubai should be your next project

A home is a blessing. If your home is located in a city like Dubai, then it’s too good to be true. It is a city of multimillionaires and you can be a resident of it by buying property in Dubai.

Now the question comes why only Dubai? The reason behind this is Dubai real estate market is raising day by day. The first reason is a constant increase in the market. Over 80 k transactions worth AED 300 billion were recorded in the single year of 2021. Now this gives a clear image of how fast this market is getting accelerated every year.

The second reason for getting some property in Dubai is Dubai is one of the highest economies in the world. The country offers high capital appreciation as a plus. All these facts make Dubai a dream to flourish the business and increase your property. It is surely the best investment to make.

So let’s have a look at how it’s so convenient to buy property in Dubai. This city has something for every property investor be it the local community or foreigners in most convenient ways.

Availability of property in luxurious areas

The availability of property in such areas is a real attraction for investors. You can get apartments in highly luxurious areas such as Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. If we compare it to other top cities of the world, getting property in luxury areas is a hard nut to crack.

Affordable luxury homes for sale

According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report for 2019, Dubai offers home that is cheaper than other metropolitan cities such as Hong Kong and New York. These homes surpass the standards of both of these cities. Whether you want a fully furnished luxurious apartment to lavish villas such as Sobha Forest Villas and premium penthouses, Dubai offers an unmatchable and top-notch portfolio.

Affordable off-plan property

The projects with no construction yet are available at more affordable rates. Not only the prices are low in Dubai for projects which are not been constructed yet, but attractive payment methods and feasible offers also make this investment easier than the constructed developments. Even if you are buying property in Dubai for the first time, you can get benefit from the financial flexibility through off-plan real estate in the city. This adds more convenience and investor friendly environment.

Freehold areas, the opportunity for foreigners and citizens of Dubai

Some areas in Dubai are designated as free-hold areas. These areas include business bay, Arjan, Barsha Heights and Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, DIFC, and last but not least Discovery Garden. Foreigners can invest in these areas.

So don’t invest in buying property in Dubai and getting your dream home in the city. They offer a flexible payment plan that will suit your needs. Executive villas and luxurious townhouses are available. We hope you won’t regret the investment you made.