Why PUBG Is the Best Battle Royale Game

As the runner-up for 2017’s game of the year, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, earned second place. A hundred players drop onto an island at the beginning of the game, which is a battle royale game. As soon as the players land on the island, they can loot as much as they like for weapons, armor, weapon attachments, ammo, and healing items. In the midst of scrambling for equipment, a massive battle royale takes place around players, and they must face off against each other to emerge victorious!

By being realistic and full of tension, PUBG stands out from other battle royale games. Nine reasons to love PUBG as a battle royale game. Rajkotupdates.News Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India.

Long Games

There is no end to PUBG games within ten minutes, unlike Fortnite. It can take around thirty minutes or longer to win a game if you have a bad strategy or pick the wrong rooftop to scale. Players can develop and enact long-term strategies if they are able to play longer games. It is one of the things that makes PUBG so appealing that it allows you to strategize.


Jeeps are available for players in PUBG! There are other appealing vehicle options available to players in PUBG, if that doesn’t convince you that it is the best battle royale game. In PUBG, you can drive many different types of vehicles, such as:

  • Motorbikes
  • A Jeep
  • Buggies for sand
  • In cars
  • Vehicles
  • Floats

It’s one of my favorite things about PUBG vehicles that they can be used to get across the island quickly, while also being easily destroyed. To ensure that a vehicle is not usable by the next person who might come along, I give it a few shots when I’m done. The ability to disable a vehicle after it has been used provides a great opportunity for an opponent to set a trap for you. When someone is distracted while trying to use a vehicle, a player can quickly set a trap by shooting out 2-3 tires on the vehicle.

It’s Realistic

All of these factors add a sense of urgency to the gameplay-realistic graphics, realistic physics, realistic maps, and realistic weapons. Physical responses to the game are literally triggered by the sense of urgency. During play, your heart rate may increase or you may sweat a little. There is something more appealing about PUBG’s realistic quality than Fortnite’s cartoonish, over-the-top style.

PUBG Is Addictive

It’s highly addictive to play PUBG because of its high tension level. The fact that only one person (or squad) will win each game, long matches, or the possibility of a great shot or a brilliant strategy are what make the game so thrilling. I always enjoy playing this game since it is so dynamic and stimulating.

There Are Multiple Ways to Play and Win

In PUBG, the game’s tactics vary by map, so there is no single style of fighting that guarantees success. Weapons are no different. The best shotgun is all players need to succeed in Fortnite. As the situation changes in PUBG, the best weapon will change as well. Looting and hiding, or camping out and sniping are two ways to win. You can also go beserker as well

It Is Great on Both Mobile and Console Platforms

Mobile should not be able to play PUBG. Especially on mobile devices, it shouldn’t perform better than some console games, but somehow it does.

Occasionally, when I have a spare thirty minutes, I wish I had my gaming rig at hand and wish I could play a serious FPS on my mobile device. It is a blessing to be able to play the same game on my phone that I have been grinding at home. There is nothing complicated about the mobile game. Playing it on a mobile device is just a bit more simple than playing it on a console.